Kefir mask for hair dandruff, growth, and lightness: recipes and reviews

Kefir is considered to be a valuable lactic acid beverage which has a positive effect on the work of the organs of digestion. However, it has an unwritten cosmetic purpose. They are saved from sunburn, nourish dry skin, and care for the hair and scalp. Kefir mask for hair helps in the treatment of dandruff and supplies the epidermis with vitamins. But not dyed brunettes, because it lightens hair washes and dyes.

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Cosmetic properties of the drink has earned many positive reviews from owners of the different types of hair. Kefir “consume” not only pure, but also can create a composite natural masks, which have a more versatile, profound impact. Masks of dairy drink attracts with its simplicity and availability. But in order to prepare high-quality natural remedy for curls, you need to consider many factors, including the quality of the product and individual characteristics to the hair.

Kefir hair mask: 8 reasons to try

What useful substances in the composition of yogurt is useful for hair and scalp? It is possible to allocate at least eight components — four reasons to try a tool.

  • Lactic acid. This component is part of many store-bought shampoos, conditioners and hair conditioners. It promotes the breakdown of dirt and fat on the surface of hair and minimizes their electrification. Thanks to the lactic acid the yogurt has bleaching properties.
  • Yeast. Rich in essential for hair trace elements such as selenium, iron, manganese. Help in the treatment of seborrhea and dandruff.
  • Protein. Is an important building material for the hair shaft and all body cells.
  • Calcium. Makes hair strong and healthy, is a building material for the hair shaft.
  • Vitamin e Increases blood circulation, improving the supply of hair follicles with nutrients. Has a positive effect on the scalp involved in the protection of skin from UV radiation, improves the barrier function. This vitamin is often purchased in capsules to increase thickness of hair.
  • Vitamin PP. Activates the cell regeneration processes, promotes cell renewal of the hair follicles. Activates blood circulation, thus stimulates the growth and rescues hair from falling out. Helps to eliminate dandruff.
  • Vitamins of group B. Have a complex effect, strengthen hair follicles, improves nutrition and cell renewal.
  • Vitamin A. Controls the function of the sebaceous glands, reduces the oiliness and dryness of hair. Fortifies hair shaft, protects it from exposure to sunlight.
  • Together, these components have a complex effect on the scalp and hair shafts. The amount of each element in the yogurt is balanced, so the product has on the hair is a mild effect, and the mask of yogurt for hair have the minimum number of contraindications.

    When the yogurt is “assigned” strands

    Kefir hair mask is a universal way to improve any head of hair that is easy to apply at home. Kefir mixture nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles. But he has specific indications for which means will be most effective and useful. Yogurt mask applied in the following cases:

    • the treatment of dandruff and seborrhea;
    • increased greasiness;
    • dry, dull hair;
    • very slow growth of hair;
    • brittle, thin, weak hair.

    The effect of kefir masks can be called cumulative, with each treatment the hair follicles get more nutrition and moisture, improving blood circulation, the follicles begin to grow more strong and healthy hair.Contraindications

    Yogurt has very few contraindications, even for internal use. But that homemade mask is safe, you need to rule out any unwanted effects. Kefir cannot be included in the mask in the following cases.

    • Allergy or idiosyncrasy. To find out if you have an Allergy to the mask, it is enough to apply a small amount on the sensitive skin of the wrist or elbow. After half an hour you can check the result — if the skin is left clean, no itching or discomfort, then a mixture you can safely apply it on the scalp.
    • Rash, injury, or serious illness of the scalp. In such cases, you cannot use any cosmetic products without consulting with your doctor.
    • Hair. Kefir can wash the paint off the surface of the hair, so hair it can have a strong brightening effect.

    It is believed that yogurt mask can not be done people with lactose intolerance. However, this only applies to heavy forms when food can not be consumed not only milk, but also cheese products, yoghurts, sour milk.

    10 details of the application

    For each home remedy has its own rules of cooking. To kefir hair mask has brought the most benefit, stick to during kefir treatment ten tips.

  • Choose yogurt. If you buy a product in the store, you need to pay attention to the label. The natural yogurt should be yogurt, not kefir product. The drink should be the minimum storage life, only a few days. The smaller the better. In the present yogurt composition should not be infinite, it must contain only whole or skim milk and kefir grains. The percentage of fat you need to choose proceeding from the condition of your locks, for hair is taken 1% kefir. And, of course, the product must be fresh.
  • To make the yogurt with your hands. You will need 3 liters of milk and one tablespoon of regular kefir grains (starter culture). They can be purchased at the pharmacy. Before mixing the milk must be boiled. The boiling prevents the development of harmful microorganisms in the product. Then you need to cool the milk to room temperature and add fungi. Cover it with a thick cloth and leave in a dark warm place. Through the day the yogurt is ready.
  • Preheating before use. For this purpose, a water bath. Kefir should be just warm, at high heat it will curdle and turn into cheese.
  • Do not use the balm before the procedure. The mask is applied on clean strands. But this time after washing the hair do not use conditioner — it leaves a microfilm on the tresses and the epidermis, which can prevent the absorption of substances from the mask.
  • Apply to wet hair. Before use, curls can be slightly moistened with water, but not too much — otherwise the mask will drain along with the water.
  • RUB into the roots. This should be done massage with gentle movements to avoid damaging the hair structure. Massage additionally helps to strengthen hair. Length should be applied from top to bottom, but do not RUB the strands in his hands. For a uniform distribution of the mask on the hair, you can use an ordinary wooden comb with frequent teeth.
  • Cover the strands with plastic wrap and a towel. This is done after applying the mask. So aktiviziruyutsya metabolism and blood microcirculation in the skin, the mask is better absorbed.
    8. To withstand time. To keep need one hour. However, there are recipes to the burning components, in which the time is reduced.
  • Rinse with regular shampoo. You can use a conditioner or balsam after shampooing.
  • Stick to the course application. The course is approximately one treatment per week for two to three months. Then you need to take a break for a month. After him, if necessary, to hold the course again or to do a mask once a month to feed the roots.
  • Kefir, like most other tools, has a major influence on the epidermis and hair follicles. Protective film that kefir can leave on the hair shaft, immediately washed away by shampoo. Curls natural mixture is applied to “close” the cuticle — the top layer of the hair shaft. Due to this the hair immediately after the procedure look more smooth and shiny.Additional cosmetic capabilities

    Hair yogurt is useful not only as a food source and moisture. There are several non-standard assignments kefir procedures.

    Remover paint hair

    Kefir can wash away dyes. Need to treat each strand with plenty of warm drink and hide your hair under a plastic wrap or tight shower cap. On top of the cap to wind the towel. The whole procedure lasts no more than one to two hours, at the end the mask is washed off with water first and then shampoo. The effect is noticeable immediately, but for full paint removers these activities should be done daily for one to two weeks.

    Lighten natural color

    Yogurt can how to lighten dyed hair and natural color strands. He is not able to make a brunette blonde, but he can beautifully brighten blonde curls and give them a Golden hue.

    To lighten strands, you can also clean through yogurt. But there is a way to enhance the effect. You will need to mix half a Cup of warm yogurt, the juice of half a lemon and a couple tablespoons of brandy. To thicken the mixture, you add a chicken yolk. Bring mixture to a smooth consistency and how to handle her hair. Then cover them with tape or hide it under a shower cap, and top with the warm towel. Keep the mask for longer than two hours does not make sense — the yogurt dries quickly. Rinse product first with water then with shampoo. Lightening effect hair visible after just one treatment.

    5 recipe variations

    The most obvious recipe yogurt mask for hair is the use of the beverage without any additives. For more intensive and nutritious care, you can prepare a composite mixture, choosing the most suitable products for you. This should take only fresh ingredients that will not harm your hair.

    Classic mask with honey and olive oil

    How does. These components have a strong nutritional capacity. Bee Nektar anti-inflammatory oil nourishes the skin, smooths the hair shaft. Hair mask of yogurt and honey are universal and suitable for use at any age and for any condition of hair.


  • Measure out half a Cup of yogurt.
  • Put one small spoon of honey and more olive oil.
  • To combine everything into one texture and apply on hair.
  • An hour later, finish the procedure by washing your hair.
  • Nutrient with egg and burdock oil

    How does. Supplies epidermis with nutrients, refreshes and smoothes the hair, seals the hair scales.


  • Measure out half a Cup of yogurt, pour it into a bowl and add the beaten egg.
  • There also put a small spoon of bee nectar and half a spoon of burdock oil.
  • All mix to a uniform consistency.
  • Duration is one hour.
  • Yeast for hair growth

    How does. Yeast improve blood circulation, supplying hair follicles with a lot of “construction” elements. The mask of yogurt and yeast is not only for hair growth but also for effective elimination of dandruff.


  • Fill the glass half high-fat drink.
  • Stir in to it a little spoonful of raw yeast, stir and put in a warm place to infuse.
  • An hour later, re-fermented stir the mixture and apply to roots and length of hair.
  • The procedure lasts about an hour.
  • Castor oil for damaged hair

    How does. Castor oil tightly envelops the hair shaft, making it smooth and silky. Lemon juice boosts the brightening as well as helps to eliminate dandruff. Suitable for oily strands.


  • Whipped egg yolk put half Cup of fermented milk beverage.
  • Add to the mix a large spoon of castor oil and a little spoon of lemon juice.
  • Carefully RUB with a mixture of scalp and the entire length of the strands. For the wraps will fit on the battery warmed towel.
  • To finish the procedure in half an hour.
  • “Nuclear” with onions

    How does. Bow used to stimulate blood supply to the follicle. Due to this accelerated cell renewal, improving their supply of nutrients and the strands become stronger and move faster to the shoulders.


  • Grind onion in a blender or grater. Put the onion pulp in a cheesecloth and squeeze the juice.
  • Half a Cup of yogurt pour into prepared bowl, add onion juice.
  • There also pour one big spoon of burdock oil and a fresh egg to “bind”.
  • To apply product and rinse off no later than half an hour.
  • Stimulates circulation “nuclear” mixture like onion, with mustard or pepper, need to be applied very carefully. They can not keep longer than half an hour, otherwise it can be a slight burn.

    Yogurt is known for its moisturizing properties, no wonder it’s used to treat sunburn. The same effect it has on hair, napitia moisture in their Foundation, so that later strands grow thick and healthy. Therefore, hair mask with yogurt particularly beneficial to those with dry hair and those who suffer from dandruff very often “snow” on your scalp appears it is from lack of moisture.

    Reviews: “an hour of the procedure, the yogurt is washed away from the head black paint”

    Of course the mask has dried her hair, as kefir is an acidic product and therefore it has a brightening effect. It opens the scales of the hair and washes away the pigment, comparable in effect to lemon. The smell was washed off for two times and then it is advisable to make a moisturizing mask.
    Conclusion: it makes sense to use it on dry hair only for the purpose of clarification and it is desirable to still add a little oil.


    Yogurt is advised to take not fresh, but at least yesterday or the day before yesterday. It was recommended to keep the mask from one hour to eight — I tried both — the effect is the same, so you can confine an hour! In General, I went to wash the yogurt out of my hair — the girls, head dripping black paint! I could not believe my eyes at first, but it’s a fact! Paint that stayed on my head for almost 4 months, beginning to get off after hours of sitting with yogurt!


    Yogurt nourishes and moisturizes dry hair, eliminates hair loss. A hair yogurt mask becomes Very light)
    Castor oil and honey mask for better nutrition of the hair. Cinnamon is added for a delicious smell and it causes a rush of blood to the scalp thereby stimulates growth.
    All of which I mixed and heated. Your hair from the roots to the hair ends, wear a bag and winter hat.


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