Kids Halloween: make holiday with your own hands!

Today is the last day of October, which means spooky and fun Halloween! For children — a reason to rejoice, make some noise and scare each other ?

You may not count this day as a holiday, but if you have the need to organize a children’s Halloween party for friends of your son or daughter, then will be happy to help!

What if the child wants to invite guests, and you have neither the time nor the financial ability to make a great show?

On the website “” today – how to organize kids Halloween quickly and inexpensively!

We “googled” ? and selected for you the most simple and low-cost options for treats, costumes and ideas for children’s Halloween.

What to cook on Halloween? Options children’s menu

A hearty snack for a large children’s companies with a Halloween slant.

Take the pizza (purchased or homemade) on it in several places, spread the slices of sausage, top with cheese and half olives to make “eyes”. If the pizza purchase, place it briefly in the oven or microwave to melt cheese.

Pizza with eyes

Hot dogs in the form of mummies – carefully cut part rolls closer to one of the edges and “looked out” from under her sausage draw drops of ketchup or mayonnaise dots-eyes.

For Halloween pumpkins everywhere, but it’s more an American tradition — the Russian people pumpkin house just not found ? Offer to replace them with tangerines! To them you will need a black marker.

Type Halloween pumpkin

What to cook on Halloween? Of course, the Halloween snack spiders! The kids will love it!

These spiders are made from halves of boiled eggs and sliced rings of olives.


But these were a dessert version – made crackers and raisins, and the legs can be “mangled” from the dry thin pretzels.


Of these glasses the kids will gladly drink any drink, even juice, even juice, at least a milkshake!

Halloween cocktail

But we recommend for children’s Halloween submit orange juice. After all, the main Halloween colors – black and orange!

Orange juice — the Halloween drink!

Decorations for glasses, you can cut the pattern from black paper and stick on the tape.

Simple baby Halloween costumes

If there is no time and opportunity to buy authentic kids costumes for Halloween, then you can make the simplest of materials.

The palm is irrevocably gone “suit” ghosts. Take an old white sheet or large white towels.

Ghost — a sheet with painted eyes

Eyes can be cut out or draw – tastes of the character.

Ghost — a sheet with cut out eyes

Not harder “suit” zombie. A little black paint on the face (you can even shade your podwodny pencil) and any black fabric on the shoulders in the form of capes. Ready!


A little more complicated cap –bat.


For it you need an old knitted black hat your son cut from blue or black paper and pasted on cardboard wings, eyes too black and white paper. The wings can be sewn or glued to a cap depending on the density of cardboard and fabric.

You should get this.

Hat -Bat


By the way, if you got a taste and want to continue the celebration for adults, images for Halloween can be seen here ?

Kids Halloween: ideas for a holiday

And finally – what to do with this eating and dressed Horde? Suggest several entertainment options for kids Halloween.

The best Halloween artist

Give them black markers and items to paint: it can be anything from toilet rolls to paper cups.

Can paint that’s

But at least the same like that. Most importantly to many, and cheap!

… or that is the main thing is to have fun!

Declare a contest for the best drawn character of Halloween.

The best Halloween face art

To do this you need, of course, a special harmless paint for body art, which are then easily washed away.

Divide the children into pairs “model-artist”.


With younger guys, you may want to discuss in advance who they will represent, and what this character’s distinguishing traits.

Rabbit Bunny

And let will win all (each pair in its category)!

The children can hold contests for the most terrible story (of course, it is necessary to tell, with the lights turned off, with lit candles), on the most successful pantomime (the child must portray a character from horror stories, and the others to guess), the enumeration of the attributes of any selected “terrible” character (for example, a Ghost lives in the castle, white, rattles chains, and so on, who has the last say – and he won).

In General, go ahead ? Boring you and your kids this Halloween!

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