Lamoda is the lookbook prom dresses

After the exams and graduation prospective graduates expect the final test — the choice of outfit for prom. Wanting to ease the lives of the Schoolgirls and female students, the online store Lamoda has prepared a lookbook, which includes evening and cocktail dresses.

In the collection there popular this season clear silhouettes, geometric shapes, asymmetry and futuristic motifs — only elegant and classic, appropriate at all times. The basis of the lookbook made luxurious dresses: lace, chiffon, intricate embroidery, pleating and translucent inserts. These models are, in the opinion of stylists Lamoda, capable to decorate any girl and best of all perfect for prom. And for those who prefer a more versatile and practical models, stylists suggested that exquisite dress MIDI length.

Fashionable fabrics, colors and accessories

The most fashionable and popular color in season. prom 2015 blue, pink, purple, light emerald. Ballroom dresses in the fashion we seen 2015 in store as the deep blue and plain black color. Corsets for these models, encrusted with glittering large beads, and tied a large bow of scarlet.

The dresses in the floor you can use a tiny rhinestone. And for those who prefer a more versatile and practical models, stylists suggested that exquisite dress MIDI length. The outfit will fit girls who prefer active dancing all night romantic school waltz.

Dress made of silk symbolizes elegance and luxury. In the hot summer it cools and allows the body to breathe. This season fashion silk dresses have an open fitted top, wide sleeves, halter neckline, long hem. Popular models styles “Raglan”, “mermaid”, “Fish”.

Adorned these dresses with peplum. Special popularity of the 2015 season are shades: red, yellow, white, aquamarine, blue, coral colors. A good addition to silk dresses to the floor are the accessories: bracelets and striking necklaces, massive earrings, hats and glasses.

Sparkly precious colors

Feature fashion trends 2015 – colour metallic. This trend invaded the fashion world and touched prom dresses. Designers have proposed many models of dresses gold, platinum, silver colors. Precious texture causes the fabric to shimmer and sparkle in the sun.

In terms of twilight dress exudes a mysterious twilight. Styles of dresses from precious fabrics allowed absolutely different: bodycon, casual, fitted, long. But look especially spectacular gowns – romantic and feminine.

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