Laser hair removal reviews good and bad results

Until recently, laser hair removal (LE), about which we will talk today on the women’s website ““, was considered the most popular cosmetic procedure. But as often happens, the opportunity to earn money, including a new procedure to their list of services in beauty salons, led to the fact that very often laser hair removal reviews is negative. Why does this happen? Because the laser hair removal, judging from the commercials, pretty simple procedure?

It just seems that it is simply to set the parameters and to direct the beam on the problem area.

In fact, all is not so simple. Not everyone fits laser hair removal bikini area, although the reviews say that this service is considered to be the most popular, and hair removal in other areas. The laser beam has a limited range of validity. We’ll talk about that in the article.

The features of the hair removal laser

Getting rid of excess hair with laser hair removal, reviews about which you will find in this article, it would be considered a medical procedure and to treat it with extreme caution.

It is not for everyone and has a number of limitations.

Very important, in whose hands will get a laser, because it requires certain skills and experience. Ultimate success depends on how well prepared the person who will do hair removal, and most importantly — does laser hair removal for your skin phototype or better to choose another method, for example, electrolysis or a photoepilation.

In the clinic or salon where a woman of integrity, a patient can ask for medical records or to send to a preliminary consultation of the doctor, who will give an opinion as to whether you should avoid the client of the procedure.

In addition, the master who conducts the procedure, has the right to refuse it if he sees problems related to health of the client.


Laser hair removal reviews you would think it has a lot of contraindications. In addition to the standard restrictions, which are included in any list of contraindications to hair removal, such as pregnancy, skin disease, certain stages of diabetes, increased skin sensitivity, cancer, coronary disease, varicose, LE has other constraints to implementation.

Treat them withcannot skin pigmentation, allergic to the sun medicines that increase the sensitivity of the skin to optical radiation, antibiotics for 2 weeks before conducting LE and other contraindications, which you should present before conducting.

It is also important for 2 weeks before the procedure and after the conference don’t tan, do not go to the Solarium. Although today there are devices that do hair removal on tanned skin, but still experts recommend more secure ways.

How does the laser beam on the hair?

To make sure that you will not have the negative effects from such treatments as laser hair removal, negative and positive feedback which you could find on the Internet before the procedure, you can ask the specialist to give you a tolerance test laser beam. After the test with no visible consequences you can start laser hair removal reviews say that in this case the risk of burns, pigmentation is greatly reduced.

  • “I applied specifically to a clinic to make a procedure such as laser hair removal bikini reviews convinced me to choose this institution. The fact that the clinic was two of laser apparatus – short-wave and long-wave alexandrite neodymium. Master said that I would try first alexandrite. This unit is more gently removes the hair and if my skin phototype is suitable, it is best to work with him. I’m bright, hair in the bikini area is dark, but not black. 12 hours on the site where we tried, and noticeable complications were not. Neodymium – he has a wider range of influence, but he is more dangerous. I was pleased and convinced of the correctness of the choice of the clinic that the prices were the same on both devices. So the specialist there was no need for me to spin on a more expensive service. Hair removal is successful. I’m happy with. Left me another 2 – 3 times to go to finish off the remnants. Polly”

That affects the quality of laser hair removal?

As you can see from the review of laser hair removal there are several types of slots on which the procedure is carried out. Dwell on their brief characteristics, to know the main advantages and disadvantages of each.

According to the principle of lasers for hair removal are divided into the following groups:


  • ruby
  • alexandrite
  • diode lasers


  • laser neodymium

The quality of hair removal is mainly influenced by the wavelength of the laser beam and the skin phototype of the patient. The laser energy acts selectively. Her target should be the melanin contained in the hairs. Away the laser for a split second gets to the hair follicle, heats it, and burn it, that is ceases to function.

We should not think that the deeper the wave penetrates, the better the effect.

There is such a dependence of the laser energy is better absorbed by melanin of it . The visible part of hair immediately turns into ashes, the skin becomes smooth.

  • “Going to remove the hair this way, like laser hair removal, reviews about which you could find 5 years ago not very often, I felt like a Guinea pig. Decided to start with the tibia. The master briefed me with all the consequences and warned that it will hurt. Girls, was not only hurt, but also the smell of burnt chicken was terrible. The visible part of the hair in a literal sense burned, and as there is a laser operated at the bulb, I don’t know. After the procedure, the feet is well treated Panthenol, redness is gone, and I went home. Felt a burning sensation on the feet, very thick. After a few days the redness was gone, and legs were so smooth. Hair over time, but they were smaller. I went through 6 treatments and the results are pretty. Now I know that I did everything a ruby laser beam, and, as I said to my master, I am the perfect patient with black hair on light skin. Svetlana”.
  • “I decided that to get rid of the antennae will help me laser hair removal upper lip reviews convinced me of the correctness of my choice, and I read them a lot before you decide on this method. As I thought, my skin is suitable to remove the hair laser hair removal. I’m light. But when I came to the clinic, the wizard said with my not-too-dark hair, laser hair removal can’t handle, and advised electrolysis or laser, but some apparatus, which can be pigmentation. She honestly warned about it. I refused. Marina”.

Laser hair removal: reviews on the effects

Complications are in violation of the basic rules and requirements to work with laser devices.

  • The room must be well ventilated, the Windows should be curtained.
  • The necessary protection for the eyes, both for the patient and for the master: the retina also contains melanin, which will react to the laser beam.
  • With proper selection of physical parameters: wavelength, pulse frequency, power density, size of the spot light, the choice of the cooling system to be complications not be. It should be noted that all methods of pain relief based on the fact that heat away from the skin when removing hair using laser hair removal — reviews talking about that, apply cooling gels, cold air, or the device has already a built-in cooling system. Also practice the use of drugs local action of lidocaine.

That the laser only affects melanin, of course, refers to his advantage, but at the same time, it is also its disadvantage. Because the pigment to a greater or lesser extent, is also contained in human skin. If you have fair skin, no tan – that problems should not be.

But even with the slightest tan and dark skin to work with short-wave laser devices is dangerous. There may be burns and pigmentation. Also can cause complications, if you have overly sensitive skin or the specialist is not exposed, the optimal parameters for hair removal.

  • “If you saw what I got pigmentation, when removed antennae with this, as it seemed then, secure method, such as laser hair removal (the reviews I found on the website of the clinic where applied), you would never have decided on this procedure. Now I realize I did everything wrong, and do laser hair removal on the face is impossible for me! It was the summer. In any case, whatever light I was, the skin was tanned. Redness took a long time — I was convinced that it should be. I went there, stood three torture – 3 sessions. At first it was a red burn spots, then pigment, then they became white. Yes, antennae I have now, there is white spots on the lip. Do not recommend laser hair removal upper lip, my negative reviews. Eleanor”.

After hair removal it is important that the laser got to the follicle, and not dissipated.

When he could not get to the goal? When on his way will meet obstacles. This barrier often becomes dark skin, which also contains melanin.

The beam just scatters and gets on the top skin layer and destroys it. For this reason, laser hair removal negative reviews prove it, not suitable for people with dark skin phototype or those who have a tan on the body. As for hair removal, are not removed by the laser light and vellus hairs – they have no pigment, the beam does not see them.

There are side effects:

  • pigmentary changes, including Hyper – and hypopigmentation are the most frequent complications that occur after hair removal laser. Such negative impacts result in incorrect wavelength does not correspond to the pulse duration, the disturbed energy flux density, the tan on the skin.

As a rule, such complications for a long time, but they pass. There are cases of permanent hypopigmentation.

  • Can stay undeleted “Islands of hair” if the wizard misses some places.
  • Can occur the scarring that if not set correctly the parameters of the energy density.
  • The failure in the hormonal system and other negative consequences.

What machine is best for laser hair removal?

First, before you can answer the question of what better camera to do LE, note that an ideal client for laser hair removal reviews, also repeatedly mention this, it is considered a patient with light skin and dark hair. The brighter expressed these signs, the better will be the hair removal. If you have such evidence, then laser hair removal will help you to solve the problem of getting rid of unwanted hair.

It is best to hair follicle sneak alexandrite and ruby laser rays, which belong to high. That is, the wavelength reaches the depth at which the hair follicles – the main target of laser hair removal, reviews about which you read in the article.

  • Laser hair removal the alexandrite beam, the positive reviews which are more common than ruby lasers, says that today, in the salons mainly use laser devices with this range of light radiation.
  • Ruby laser hair removal: reviews, which is a bit on the Internet, confirm that this is the first LE that appeared in beauty services is suitable only for light skin and very dark hair.
  • Diode laser hair removal reviews say that such devices are already in beauty salons, effective for all skin types, even tanned and dark. But it was after this machine doing laser hair removal reviews say about it, there are complications: pigmentation and scarring.
  • Far laser hair removal, reviews about it can be found on the Internet, also practiced in beauty salons and clinics. Rays penetrate deeper under the skin and in addition destroys the hair follicle, also affect the oxyhemoglobin – cells contained in the blood vessels that nourish the hair follicle. Hair no longer receives nutrients and dies.

At first glance it may seem that it is the most reliable and safest method of getting rid of hair using this method, how far laser hair removal — reviews and the opinions of experts, suggest otherwise: after the laser more often than when working with short wavelength devices, meet the side effects.

  • “I’m very sorry that I agreed to laser hair removal with a new device broad-spectrum (neodymium, I think), which is suitable for all phototypes even dark-skinned people. So I said confidently in the salon. Explained that the beam has a long wave, not hurt the skin, penetrates deep. I agreed to the procedure using this laser hair removal and the reviews of the specialists of the clinic have convinced me that. I had such a failure in the hormonal system, that I am being treated for the second year. Indeed, the rays are “deeply infiltrated”. At the clinic where I was undergoing laser hair removal, he said, why I decided that it was from the laser? But in the past I have had problems with hormones was not! Before LE I was endocrinologist, gynecologist all said that hormones in order. Now I understand why on the package to the laser units is the icon of the “Danger! The emission of radiation!” Just have to say it out loud, no one will. Because it’s money. The gynecologist told me that these devices are still new in the market, and no one knows about their effects. Valentina“.

For successful laser hair removal should take into account all contraindications, specialist must understand the principles of safety in work with laser equipment, to competently approach to the selection of the light device, then laser hair removal, reviews about which you learned in this article will be successful.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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