Late preeclampsia: forms, symptoms, prevention

The website “” have been told when you start morning sickness in pregnancy and how it appears as the future mother to alleviate their condition. But sometimes it so happens that in the second half of pregnancy the woman is again faced with the manifestations of toxicity. Only it’s called in this case “late gestosis” , and in the absence of treatment poses a serious danger to the health of mother and baby.

How does late preeclampsia?

Late gestosis doctors call abnormal during the second half of pregnancy. It is scary that disrupted the normal functioning of several organs, which can not threaten the condition of the mother and child.

Distinguish four forms of late gestosis of pregnant women (according to severity):

  • dropsy
  • nephropathy
  • preeclampsia
  • eclampsia

Not trying to scare our readers, let us examine the main signs of preeclampsiato understand, in what its danger.


Generally gynecologists, watching pregnant in the second and third trimesters “make a stand” on the following parameters – the presence of protein in the urine, high blood pressure and presence of edema.

So dropsy pregnancy – it is just swelling. But the urine normal, and the pressure is also not naughty. The dropsy in this case is the result of violations of water-salt balance in a woman’s body. It is the fact that begin to swell up (especially towards the end of the day), hands (especially the fingers), other parts of the body, including the face.

Also pregnant may gain weight more than normal.

If late gestosis is manifested only in this way, but in General, other indicators are normal, your doctor may advise you to reduce the amount of salt in the diet and the amount consumed per day of liquid (any, including soups), appoint diuretic drugs or herbs, correct diet.


If dropsy pregnant is not treated on time, she threatens to go to the nephropathy. As is clear from the first part of the word, is the violation of the kidney (“nephros, meaning” kidney).

If late gestosis in pregnant women manifests itself nephropathy, there is already present and the protein in the urine, and high blood pressure.

Protein in the urine indicates that the kidneys are not doing their function, and high blood pressure may cause damage to the blood vessels.

Nephropathy in pregnant women – iron base for hospitalization.

Eclampsia and preeclampsia

The latter two forms of late gestosis in pregnant women characterized by a sharp deterioration in the health of the pregnant woman. In eclampsia the blood pressure reaches very high values, the woman loses consciousness, she may have cramps, bleeding in the brain. This is a real threat to the health of the mother, it just may not be in time to save him from serious consequences.

A child can die from severe oxygen starvation.

Generally, if late preeclampsia led to eclampsia, birth caused by artificial means, no matter in what period of time.

Preeclampsia is a condition that precedes a severe form of preeclampsia. Alarming is characterized by three main features, which we talked about above, plus may experience stomach aches and headaches, vomiting.

In this case, you should immediately call an Ambulance!

The most frightening thing that the doctors still have not come to a consensus, what triggers preeclampsia and leads to such terrible consequences as eclampsia. Of course, there is the risk group – pregnant women with obesity, diabetes, kidney or liver, burdened by heredity (that is, if in the female line have been cases of preeclampsia).

But it is safe to say that a particular pregnant woman, that are not included in the risk group, late preeclampsia does not occur does not take any one doctor!

So the moral of the article is this: website encourages all the mothers to be attentive to their health. Do not neglect the timely delivery of tests and visits to the gynecologist and doctors, even if you feel that your health is all right and once again to drive to the reception pregnant in the later stages. Preeclampsia is a serious thing and treat its prevention costs, respectively.

You easy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

The author – Mama Puma, site

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