Lavender oil for hair beneficial properties, contraindications, the recipes of homemade masks + reviews

Lavender oil is used in pharmacology and cosmetology, popular in perfumery, used by cooks. And is often present in “beauty Arsenal” of the modern woman. Lavender oil for hair – rescue from breakage and one of the most effective ways of dealing with seborrhea.

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The content of the article

  • 1 Structure and principle of operation
  • 2 Who can and who can not
    • 2.1 Indications
    • 2.2 Contraindications
  • 3 lavender Oil for hair recipes masks
    • 3.1 the properties of the base oils: table
    • 3.2 For Shine and healthy ends
    • 3.3 For growth and against hair loss
    • 3.4 Against fat
  • 4 control of diseases and parasites
    • 4.1 Shampoo seborrhea and dandruff
    • 4.2 Composition from the lice
  • 5 Reviews and results

The popularity of lavender oil in the home and other areas due to the easy and simple combination of this ester with accompanying components. Fragrant means absolutely neoprine and willing to coexist with anything. About buying a bottle of this tool is to reflect the fair sex, faced with the problem of hair loss, dandruff or split ends. Proper use of oils in the home will help solve these and a host of other health problems curls.

Essential oils are volatile oily mixture obtained by extraction of plant material and, because of its high concentration, has a strong Intrusive smell.

The composition and principle of operation

Useful properties of lavender oil for the hair literally depend from each component. It contains substances which in contact with the tresses are able to quickly and efficiently improve their condition. Read more about useful components can be obtained from following table.

Table – Healthful components of lavender oil

Valeric acid– Soothes the skin;
– relieves itching;
– effectively treats headaches
Caproic acid– Has anti-inflammatory effect;
– efficiently heals seborrhea;
– stops formation of dandruff
Cineol– Has antiseptic properties;
– removes toxins
Tannin– Protects hair from negative influence reasonable to combine thermo procedures;
– acts as a protective shield from wind, rain, frost and ultraviolet radiation
Resin– Have a shielding effect;
– protect hair from destructive influence of atmospheric phenomena;
– thicken the hair and make hair significantly bigger
Ursolic acid– Adjusts the production of fat;
– reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat
Citral– A known antiseptic;
– prevents the development of inflammatory processes;
– struggling with the manifestations of seborrheic and dandruff

Citral, a component of lavender air that can reduce blood pressure. Therefore, the mask with its contents is contraindicated in hypotensive patients.Who can and who can not

Before applying a homemade mask with lavender oil for hair need to be familiar with the indications and contraindications. Otherwise, instead of the expected health effect you risk to damage your health.

Indications for use

Lavender air – not just a folk remedy. It is actively prescribed to patients trichologists doctors specializing in the treatment of hair and scalp. So before you use lavender oil for hair, is to consult with the doctor. If this is not possible, the minimum program was to explore the indications for the use of this tool.

Are the following:

  • dandruff;
  • split ends;
  • seborrheic symptoms;
  • itching and burning;
  • rashes;
  • strong hair loss;
  • slow growth;
  • fat strands.

Mask with lavender oil for hair can wear is not curative, but preventive in nature. In other words, you can use this tool even when serious health problems of curls you have. Of course, with less frequency and intensity.Contraindications

The use of ether is contraindicated in ladies who are preparing to become mothers. Such health treatments are better to be postponed to the postnatal period. Other contraindications must be listed for at least a few important things:

  • epileptic seizures;
  • hypotension;
  • concurrent use of drugs with iron and iodine;
  • different mental disorders;
  • intolerance to the components of the oil.

If none of the listed problems does not concern you, you can safely use cosmetic preparations, which includes lavender air. Including cooked in the home kitchen.

After ascertaining the benefits and deciding on self-improvement curls, you should know some important features. One of them is the concentration of oil and its strong flavor. Pungent smell can adversely affect the human nervous system. This is evidenced by the reviews about lavender oil for hair and medical recommendations for its use.Lavender oil for hair recipes masks

Recipes of masks with the addition of lavender very much. But any of them should be prepared in accordance with the main rule: always add live exclusively in the warm base.

None of the ether cannot be used undiluted, too high concentration of active substances. So lavender oil added to one of the base oils, or infused into a shampoo or conditioner.

If you want to add lavender oil in shampoo, drip exclusively in a single dose and then apply. To leave for later completely pointless. All the nutrients evaporate almost instantly.The properties of the base oils: table

As a base for therapeutic or prophylactic mask, you can use any natural oil. For example, jojoba oil or olive. Properties of base oils can be found in the following table.

Table – Properties of the base oils

Peppermint oil– Regulates the sebum;
– strengthens brittle hair;
– returns the bright color
Jojoba oil– Cleans the hair from excess sebum;
– stimulates growth;
– has a regenerative effect
Olive oil– Moisturizes strands;
– corrects the sebaceous glands;
– provides elasticity
Flaxseed oil– Eliminates dandruff;
– eliminates excess sebum;
– nourishes the follicles
Castor oil– Restores the structure;
– leaves curls bright and shiny;
– strengthens the roots
Burdock oil– Stimulates growth;
– restores lifeless curls after Curling or dyeing;
– relieves itching.

Lavender ether is added to the database in a single proportions regardless of the form of the last: four drops of aromatic essences in a teaspoon.

For Shine and healthy ends

Features. This composition combines the healing effect of the ether with invigorating effect of peppermint oil and other natural ingredients for obtaining live Shine and strong roots. Apply a mask if you have problems with the health of the hair it is recommended once a week. Better at night. If this is not possible, the rinse agent can be in an hour.

The algorithm is cooking

  • Add two tablespoons of peppermint oil in a glass dish with pre-separated from the protein yolk.
  • Mix well the components.
  • Add two drops of oily liquid ylang-ylang.
  • After stirring enter as many drops of ether rosewood.
  • Add four drops of lavender air.
  • Applied and worn on the head with a plastic cap.
  • The top is covered with a towel so that the mask remained warm.
  • Apply lavender oil should be on clean, dry hair starting from the roots and finishing tips. The uniform distribution means you need to use a fine comb.For growth and against hair loss

    Features. To revive this growth, damaged hair dryer and regular hair dyeing is necessary every two weeks for six months to make a mask with jojoba oil and lavender. Already after the third procedure, you will notice that the comb was to be less hair. And to paint more often – because the mask for hair growth really works, and the roots grow back very quickly.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Heated in a stainless dish, three large tablespoons of oily liquid jojoba.
  • Add five drops of rosemary extract.
  • Add five drops of lavender air.
  • Add two drops of ether thyme.
  • Apply along the entire length.
  • Wrap the hair in cling film and wait a quarter of an hour.
  • Carefully wash off with shampoo.
  • Against fat

    Features. For oily hair suitable mask made of Apple cider vinegar and flax oil, which copes with the function of the regulator of sebum. The regularity of the application means if there is a problem – on a weekly basis. In the preventive purposes – on a monthly basis.

    The algorithm of actions

  • Pour a teaspoon of dried chamomile warmed to 40°C Apple cider vinegar (one third Cup).
  • Infuse for two to three days.
  • Heated in iron pots with five large spoons of flax oily liquid.
  • Entered into the database previously prepared tincture.
  • A little heated and add four drops of lavender air.
  • Apply for 30 minutes, pre-wrapped head.
  • Lavender essential oil for oily hair works not only as an ingredient this or any other mask. Regulation of sebum is, even when you added a few drops of ether in a daily conditioner or a portion of shampoo. It contains live nutrients work with tresses and scalp a few days after washing.Combating disease and parasites

    Lavender oil also has proved to be excellent in the fight against diseases of the scalp. Therefore, this tool is so popular among people suffering from seborrhea. In addition, the lavender air will help get rid of lice, which sometimes bring home children from school or kindergarten.

    Rinse and seborrhea dandruff

    Features. The main symptom of oily seborrhea is oiliness of the hair, which manifests itself almost immediately after washing. Lavender essence dries the skin and scalp, penetrating deep into hair follicles, acts as a regulator of the sebaceous glands. Enhances the effect table salt with a slightly less pronounced but very similar action. Salt in this case acts also as an emulsifier, that is the connector.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Slightly heated warm water (1 liter).
  • In it dissolve table salt (100 g).
  • Add five drops of lavender air.
  • Opolaskivaniem hair daily after washing.
  • The lice

    Feature. Remedy with lavender oil operates on a simple principle: getting on the skin, the oil coats it, giving lice to breathe, thus, the parasites are killed.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Taking as a base the olive oil in the amount of two tablespoons.
  • Add two drops of eucalyptus ether.
  • Add two drops of ether rosemary.
  • There also send two drops of the ether tea tree.
  • Finally, two drops of lavender air.
  • Apply and wrap hair in cellophane are warmed towel.
  • Waiting for half an hour.
  • Remove the towel and carefully comb out the hair with a small comb.
  • Repeat the procedure for three consecutive days.
  • In order to neutralize not only the lice but also the nits, you must add the mask of wine, table or Apple cider vinegar. An acidic environment will corrode the shell of the nits and give them a chance to hatch.

    Applying lavender ether to prepare home remedies for hair rehabilitation, you should be aware of concentration. If you wear medium length hair, then ether in the composition should not be more than eight drops. And be sure to try aromamassage. The use of lavender oil for hair by applying two or three drops of a comb made of natural materials relaxes the scalp, relieves inflammation and itching and ensure a healthy and sound sleep.

    Reviews and results

    On application of lavender oil, perhaps, lazy not writing, but I want to tell you how I personally use it. Sold in the drugstore, cost about a hundred rubles. Of its aromatic properties have long been known. Now about how I use oil. Rinse their hair, and they have me long. The bottle conditioning I do not add oil and pour the conditioner into the palm, add a few drops of oil and apply on hair. Special Shine it adds — I did not notice a difference, but it was definitely noticed that the hair stays clean longer. Approximately a day. I recommend you this wonderful tool!

    Julia as Julia

    I take a wooden comb. And take the oil, usually lavender but sometimes I take an orange (you can use any favorite essential oil). Often take lavender because it is sufficiently moisturizes and nourishes the hair, after the procedure, there is a natural Shine, and indeed if done regularly, the hair will become better and better. I do a similar procedure every 1-2 weeks. I also really like that after the procedure, the hair is still very long smell essential oil. In General, the most important property of lavender is that it saves you from dandruff. Drip 3 drops of oil on the comb. (top, middle and bottom) Brush my hair for about 5 minutes, from the roots to the ends. From the procedure you will receive a pleasure. If you are afraid that your hair will remain oily, then it is not. Oil we take is not much, so that’s okay. Here is my result after the procedure. And remember the main thing in this procedure, the regularity!


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