Leadership or obedience: what we need from men?

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” will prompt you to answer a seemingly simple question –what do we want from men?” (not to be confused with the famous question “what do women want?”). Of course, each will immediately begin to list undeniable masculine virtues – reliability, courage, mind. That may be so, but often only in theory. But in practice somewhat differently. And this is the main contradiction of the modern woman

“Want to care”

“He’s so caring — admiringly talks about his new beloved girlfriend, he’s even drinking and Smoking prohibited!”

Our rich Russian language are called synonyms of the word “caring” concepts such as attentive“, “caring“. Each of us, saying — “loving” and “caring”, dreams about her.

  • …Zhenya and Nastya working for the same company. Many were struck by the poignancy of their relationship. “Yes they do dust blows away. That would be like Jack! But where to find it!” the thing I have heard. And here I had a chance to meet this couple in person. … And watch Every time he passed her Desk, if she was absent, he asked: “where is my Nastyusha?”. For lunch and dinner, they went for the pen. Not an hour passed that he didn’t call her…

Of course, in our age, when, as they say, spaceships travel through the universe, and the relationship of men and women acquire new forms of women’s worldview is changing. In some countries it changed finally, Russia is only beginning.

Probably the most conservative example, the relationship of men and women still are the countries of the East. Man bears responsibility for the woman and her well-being.

Scientists, demographers and sociologists argue that before the Second world war in Russia was dominated by the traditional way in which the man was the head of the family, that is the Patriarchy. During the war women were forced to work for two or even three. And never lost the habit until now.

But is even the strongest woman sometimes wants to be weak, to feel attention and care? And wants and prickly.

Writing to her friend: “List three main qualities in a man”.

Answer: “Masculinity, reliability, intelligence”

Question: “who should be the boss in your family – you or him?”

Answer: “Better to have it” …

On reflection, adds: “I’m the neck… Where the head will turn, there and watch!”.

Thus, a woman is constantly an internal struggle!

On the one hand you want to relax, and the other – dangerous, unaccustomed to this women for a long time reinforced the struggle for equality.

Imagine just how warm hearing the phrase “Calm down, I’ll decide for myself.” But the trouble is, there is a risk one day to hear: “Shut up, woman! In this house I make the decisions”. All immediately remember the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears”, and continued: “for the simple reason that I’m a man”. Only now, in the movie this man hardly had a reason to say so. Why?

Very well explains the essence of this one phrase, heard, incidentally, from a man’s mouth: “the family is the main one, who earns more“. I would have added: “and who controls the budget.”

One day my wise mother put forward the “undeniable” hypothesis: “the family is the main one who wheels a trolley around the supermarket, not the one who goes back.” And I thought, decided I didn’t want to roll the cart itself.

So, to have caring and reliable, you must:

  • to be less provided financially, that he had motives to be a reliable and caring;
  • in the relationship to play the role of trailing, not leading, that is willing to give the reins to the man, and together with them and responsibility.

“So who would pay?” — many would say with irony in his voice. Not women themselves are to blame for the fact that no one?

“Want to listen”

“… I love it when favorite series. Next, I said!”

  • I once witnessed such a quarrel between the previously mentioned Zhenya and Nastya. She yelled at him and shamed. As it turned out, he brought her not what she asked for, did not meet expectations. “Go blow your nose, finally, and think!” — put it point. And here’s Jack, which is more Nasty twice, looked down at the floor ashamed and went to my astonished eyes, “to think about their behavior”. On closer acquaintance she had been an energetic, meticulous and quite the scandalous woman, and marrying a soft, inert and completely driven man.

The Internet is full of tips on “How to subdue a man?” or “How to make husband henpecked?”. And what to do with that weak-willed husband, not written anywhere.

We have forgotten that the strength of women in her weakness. It cannot subdue, and the ability to affect the man – gently and not noticeable.

Back East? Of Course, The West! After all, in the West originated a well-known feminist (in the XIX century), which can be read on sympaty.net . Initially conceived with the aim of fighting for equality with men, the feminist over gradually grew into a struggle against men and the meaning of their existence.

— “I can pay, — shakes her head-my friend — after all, a man will not just entertain. It is binding to something”.

And what is the result? According to studies in Europe, two-thirds of men agree to equality with their women, but only one-third of men were against feminism. Men, as it turned out, not to give away the lead female half.

But if a penny, and get in the box! Herself make choices that she answer them, and no complaints about the man you’re same home.

And what is equality? This is a situation where in relations it is impossible to allocate without the physiological characteristics of neither man nor woman. Maybe soon we will reach a situation when we will have to distinguish between a physiological peculiarities.

So, to be the main in the relations, should:

  • to understand that all the decisions and responsibility will rest mainly on your shoulders;
  • not to demand the impossible from him (i.e. independence).

“Both, and you can without bread”

“Want a reliable, smart and wealthy businessman, and to do everything I say” – the dream of many modern girls. Not realizing that if a number of them really reliable and self-sufficient man, he will resist the training. Yes it and will not need to train.

And if you decided to be a trainer, then don’t forget the phrase – “we are responsible for those who tamed”.

Already looking West, but still looking to the East, our women can’t really decide what they want from these men. We complained that they were trivial and “this is now the afternoon with fire not find”, then you beat them hands in the manner of the West, in an attempt to show their self-sufficiency.

What to do? Here, of course, everyone decides for himself, and life sometimes throws up surprises. But, let’s also always remember that primarily we are women.

And the woman is weak, but such a beautiful floor!

Author – Christine Resnick, site ToKnow365.top.

Leadership or obedience: what we need from men?

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