Learn how to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy

You live waiting for the little miracle that is growing inside of you? And is likely to have already learned what early morning sickness during pregnancy… unfortunately, this unpleasant condition (namely condition, not a disease), accompanied by 2/3 of pregnant women, regardless of age and sex of the child. But morning sickness is not a death sentence, and it can be dealt with. We will tell you how to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy or substantially reduce its symptoms.

In the scientific world the concept of “toxemia” is interpreted as autocratie of the body. Under complex term refers to the process of self-poisoning: the organism is still not fully aware of what is happening with him changes. And perceives the development of the fetus as a threat and a health threat.

But the process of adaptation occurs rapidly. And usually the question of how long morning sickness during pregnancy, experts say: 6 to 12-16 weeks. After the fourth month of the unpleasant condition doesn’t bother 99.9% of women.

The main manifestations of toxicity

The most striking manifestation of toxicity becomes nausea. It overcomes the pregnant woman not only in the morning (although at this time usually manifested throughout the “glory” with the urge to vomit and dizziness), but also during the day.

Causes of nausea is still not installed. According to popular belief, they lie in the increased level of hormones in a woman’s body, which turns into the whole hormonal storms. At risk are women with inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, endocrine and neurological disorders.

But even if the pregnant is healthy, it might start to feel nauseous from the experience of stress, colds, lack of sleep, overwork. Therefore, in the “interesting position” it is extremely important to not only eat right but also follow the correct mode of the day, know ways to treat a cold during pregnancy.

Very often nausea cause odours, and even those who liked the woman before pregnancy. The smell of soap in the bathroom, Cologne husband, the aromas from the kitchen — all this is easily lead to bouts of nausea.

The degree of toxicity

Before you decide how to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy, it is necessary to determine the degree of its development. Despite the fact that this condition is not a disease from medical point of view, sometimes its manifestations may cause serious damage to a woman’s body. In this case, both mother and future child required medical treatment in hospital.

  • Easy degree. Vomiting occurs not more than 4-5 times in a day, you may experience a slight weight loss. This condition does not harm the health of mother and child and did not require hospital treatment.
  • Moderate degree. Vomiting occurs up to 10 times a day, worsens the General condition of women, she feels tired, listless, lose weight. An increase in body temperature, there is increased heart rate while lowering blood pressure. In this case the woman required medical attention and hospitalization.
  • A high degree. This condition is observed in 1% of pregnant women and is extremely dangerous. Food generally does not stay in the mother’s body. With frequent vomiting (up to 20 times per day) a woman loses lots of fluids, and weight loss is 2-3 kg per week. Toxicosis in a high degree to be treated only in a hospital.

Be sure to consult a doctor if nausea occurs from every rapid movement, unstable blood pressure, there is no excessive skin dryness. Or if the night makes you Wake up, dizziness, disorientation. All this may indicate the development of moderate and high degrees of toxicity.

Tips on how to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy

Unfortunately, universal means of dealing with morning sickness does not exist. The body of each woman is so individual, that among the possible drugs every expectant mother selects their own. But there are some General guidelines that almost always work.

  • Spend at least two hours a day in the fresh air.
  • Eat little and often. Refrain from eating 2-3 times a day, vomiting usually starts it on an empty stomach. Organize snacks every few hours.
  • Sleep with an open window to the air in the room was fresh.
  • Do not rush to get up in the morning. First eat an Apple or yogurt, soak, and only when the nausea passes, get up.
  • For Breakfast eat eggs, cheese, dairy products, fruit.
  • Refrain from spicy and fatty food: it provokes nausea.
  • Do not eat hot, just pleasantly warm.
  • At the time of discard soups. Food is not needed. But in between meals drink plenty.
  • Avoid unpleasant odors.
  • Do not make sudden turns and movements.

And even more relax! Indeed, despite the fact that under labour law maternity leave put the woman only after 28 weeks, the major health problems confront us now. Set aside on the second plan work, not think about the problems, and the question of how to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy, it will not be for you so exciting!

How to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy: video

Learn how to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy

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