Lifting facial masks at home: recipes after 30, 40 and 50 years, performance and reviews

Obvious signs of skin aging women notice after 30 years. And if the body hidden under the clothes, the face, like a business card signals the age, sometimes even adding a few extra years. Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, double chin, and a vague oval — these “decorations” generate a lot of complexes. To disguise flaws capable of lifting facial masks at home.

Cosmetologists under the word “lifting” meant a facelift. Such rejuvenation can be performed by different methods: surgery, special cosmetics and salon procedures. At home to tighten the dermis allow the lifting of the mask, of course, provided that all components are properly matched, and the procedure is carried out correctly and regularly.

Lifting mask at home: the main emphasis

The composition of lifting masks are products that provide a smoothing and tightening effect at the same time. Thanks to them, eliminates wrinkles, and the blurred contours significantly tightened. Another important feature of the lifting means is their ability to activate the production of collagen and elastin.

If you hold regular home face lifting by using masks, it is possible to achieve the following visible results.

  • The smoothing of wrinkles. Significantly reduced the severity of the problem and even deep wrinkles. New wrinkles are not formed.
  • Tightening of the skin. Gradually, all bags lose their severity. Flews of upper jaw tightened, reduced double chin, sagging under the eyes resolve.
  • The alignment of the relief. The structure of the skin becomes smooth. The mask eliminates all bumps, unsightly skin, strengthen tissues and make inconspicuous pores.
  • Tone improvement. The skin loses its patina of dullness and yellowing, typical of age. With the help of whitening ingredients included in the mask, it is possible to get rid of even age spots.

Home lifting its performance can compete with salon procedures. But expect a magical transformation after the first session, should not be. Will take a long and regular course firming masks.

When lifting is contraindicated

For lethargic, aging skin recommended lifting facial masks at home. However, not all women can resort to the procedures of rejuvenation.

Beauticians recommend to refrain from masks with lifting effect in the presence of such factors:

  • age less than 30 years;
  • various skin lesions: abrasions, scratches, wounds, ulcers;
  • vascular or skin disease;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • plastic surgery, the Statute of limitations which has not reached six months.

Start procedure: 5 recommendations

Cosmetic product with lifting effect, always have a powerful impact. And a Mature dermis is extremely sensitive to any external aggression. So using lifting mask, it is important to strictly follow the five rules.

  • The choice of the mask. Developed many recipes of lifting means. To correctly select the effective variant of mask depends on the type of epidermis, age, stage of aging of the dermis. So, for dry skin recommended fat dairy, butter. For greasy dermis more suitable drying ingredients such as clay, protein.
  • Fabrication tools. For the energetic facelift is recommended to apply a mask in the form of heat. Therefore the mixture is often heated in a water bath. But, bringing the mixture to a comfortable temperature, it is necessary to consider its composition. Cosmetic oil and honey is allowed to warm to 40°C. But if the product contains eggs, it is recommended to limit the temperature of 35°C to the product does not curdle.
  • Cleansing of the face. Like any other mask, lifting means applied only on clean skin. Initially the dermis, you can steam with the help of herbal baths. In the water we recommend adding an infusion or decoction is known for rejuvenating plants: aloe Vera, yarrow, ginseng root, sea buckthorn, wild rose. Preferably before the surgeries to clean the pores using the scrub.
  • Application. A lifting mask is applied on the skin normally in two stages. Initially, the face smeared with a thin layer, moving along the massage lines. The mixture is allowed the opportunity to dry out. Then put the second layer. Again waiting for drying. The length of a session is 20-25 minutes.
  • Flushing mask. To uninstall the tool used is ordinary tap water. If the mask is firmly dried on some areas of the skin, it is recommended to apply for a couple of minutes a warm compress soaked in water or milk. Not worth tearing from the face are brown. This will lead to the emergence of microtrauma. After the session be sure to apply a moisturizing or emollient cream on the epidermis.
  • Wanting to rejuvenate the face, you should not forget about sense of proportion. Beauticians advise to carry out a firming mask at most twice a week. And after a month of regular treatments, the composition of the lifting means need to change.

    Advice on how to choose recipes by age

    To choose the right means and do not hurt the dermis, it is important to consider its condition. If the signs of aging began to appear on the face, it is necessary to use means with a light pull-up effect.

    Beauticians suggest for the masks to take into account the age peculiarities of the epidermis.

    • After 30 years of age. The process of decay has just begun. Therefore, the main task of the masks to stop the process of aging. Cosmetic products must ensure the preservation of elasticity and of the dermis of the skin. Preference is given to masks containing decoctions of medicinal herbs, gelatin, fermented milk products, natural oils, bee products.
    • After the age of 40. Quite a pronounced aging of the skin. The dermis becomes dry, it becomes dull. Is formed a second chin. To increase muscle tone and strengthen skin tissue recommended lifting the mask on the basis of glycerin, gelatine, albumen, starch, clay, honey.
    • After 50 years. Skin aging is pronounced. The dermis is in need of a facelift. But along with lifting the epidermis needs nourishment and hydration. Mature skin is extremely sensitive, so aggressive pull-up means is irrelevant. At this age, the benefit will provide a lifting mask containing oatmeal, egg yolk, gelatin, vegetables, fruits, honey, vitamins, yeast, dairy products.

    9 options pull-up hand-made tools

    The main condition for the mask is a lifting and tightening effect. And the additional components have to solve a side problem: deeply moisturize, whiten the skin or to provide quality food. Therefore, choosing a tool, don’t forget to take into account its additional features.

    Ginger lifting

    Features. This tool can be referred to methods instant facelift. A pronounced result is observed even after the first treatment. Ginger nourishes the skin with minerals, tones it. A unique plant is able to deal with the sagging of the epidermis and give the skin a persistent tightening effect. Lifting the mask from the ginger provides a number of useful for face properties. It whitens the skin, restores its elasticity, provides optimal moisture balance in the tissues.


    • Ginger juice — one teaspoon.
    • Green Apple half fruit.
    • Olive oil — one teaspoon.
    • Banana — half of the fruit.
    • Lemon juice — half teaspoon.

    How to cook

  • Apple crushed on a grater.
  • Ginger juice poured into applesauce.
  • Banana mash with a fork. The resulting puree add to the Apple-ginger mixture.
  • In the mask enter the olive oil and then pour in the lemon juice. The mixture was stirred.
  • Gelatin lift

    Features. Is the statement that the gelatin is the same collagen. It makes the skin soft and velvety, whitens spots, and fights wrinkles. And the essential oil of wheat germ is a rich source of vitamin E, which has strong anti-oxidant properties. Mask with gelatin cosmetologists consider it a valuable tool in the fight against aging skin.


    • The wheat germ oil, ten drops.
    • Gelatin is one tablespoon.
    • Grapes (preferably seedless) — ten berries.
    • Water — six tablespoons.

    How to cook

  • Gelatin diluted in water and leave to swell for approximately half an hour.
  • Grapes are mashed to a puree. Pay attention to the bones. They should be removed so as not to injure the skin.
  • The grape mixture was stirred with butter.
  • In swollen gelatin injected grape-oil puree and mix well.
  • Creamy egg mixture

    Features. This mask is recommended for dry skin. Thanks to the combination of cream and the yolk it nourishes the tissues, providing the necessary moisture and help to soften the dermis. This lifting saturates the epidermis with proteins, vitamins E, a And B.


    • Cream (30%) — one tablespoon.
    • Yolk of egg is one.

    How to cook

  • Homemade cream warm up a bit.
  • To the warm dairy product, add egg and well-kneaded.
  • Egg-honey mask with lemon

    Features. Egg protein provides an effective tightening of the skin. He will bring a pronounced smoothing effect, dried the dermis. Lemon allows feed the fabrics with essential vitamins and effectively brightens the skin, eliminating age spots, freckles. And honey is a well-known product of rejuvenation.


    • Protein — one.
    • Honey — one teaspoon.
    • Lemon juice — one teaspoon.

    How to cook

  • Protein beat with a mixer.
  • To the obtained foam add the lemon juice and honey.
  • Mask mix.
  • This mask is suitable for oily, oily or combined skin. If the dermis is characterized by excessive dryness, instead of protein you need to take the yolk.

    Starch care

    Features. Mask with starch provides the skin with comprehensive care. It smoothes wrinkles, removes tightness, brings the dermis nutrition and hydration. Starch relieves inflammation, cleanses us from rash and has a slight brightening effect.


    • Egg (can be taken either the white or the yolk) — one.
    • Starch — one teaspoon.

    How to cook

  • With a mixer you need to beat the egg.
  • While whisking gently, starch is added.
  • Honey-glycerine power

    Features. Glycerin mask, as evidenced by reviews, have the ability to tighten and deeply moisturize the skin. They bleach the unsightly stains, soften the skin. Glycerin, due to its ability to regulate water balance, fine wrinkles. Its useful properties increase with the combination of the product with honey.


    • Honey — one tablespoon.
    • Glycerine to two teaspoons.
    • Milk five tablespoons.
    • The gelatin and a half teaspoons.

    How to cook

  • Initially the gelatin is diluted in milk. The mixture should swell for 12 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to fill in the morning.
  • In the evening the gelatin mixture is slightly heated.
  • In the melted agent is administered glycerin and honey.
  • Mask carefully stir.
  • Effective tightening for face and neck

    Features. Not only the face need rejuvenating and tightening means. Collagen deficiency adversely affects the state of the neck. The skin droops and loses its color and elasticity. Beauticians warn that the neck often gives the true age of his mistress. To take care of the skin will allow the following masks.


    • Egg — one.
    • Lemon juice — one teaspoon.
    • Oil of frankincense or patchouli or three drops.
    • Castor oil — one teaspoon.

    How to cook

  • The protein is separated from the yolk.
  • Egg whites whipped into foam. Add the lemon juice and oil incense (patchouli). The mixture is made carefully. Superimposed on the face of this mask on a quarter of an hour, then rinse with water.
  • The yolk is connected in a separate container with castor oil. The resulting mask is applied to the neck, well working through the area of double chin and décolletage.
  • Wash off the mixture after 15 minutes.
  • Seaweed

    Features. Powerful lymphatic drainage, decongestants and anti-aging properties of laminaria marine algae. They provide high-quality lifting. Cosmetologists recommend to use this mask, when a rapid tightening effect. The results will be noticeable after the first procedure.


    • Kelp (powder) — two tablespoons.
    • Water — three tablespoons.
    • Milk (optional cream) — one tablespoon.
    • Olive oil — one tablespoon.
    • Ginger (in milled form) — one tablespoon.

    How to cook

  • Seaweed is filled with water and insist about half an hour.
  • The ginger is pulverized. The resulting slurry connect with the soaked kelp.
  • The mixture is injected milk and olive oil.
  • Clay cocktail

    Features. Mask has a strong lifting effect. It nourishes the skin, gives it beneficial vitamins, minerals. The mask-cocktail will return the skin freshness, firmness, elasticity. Cosmetologists recommend to apply the mask women, aged a little over 40.


    • Cabbage leaf (fresh) one.
    • Egg protein — one.
    • Cream (25-30%) to five tablespoons.
    • Red clay is one tablespoon.
    • Honey — one tablespoon.

    How to cook

  • Cabbage leaf pour hot cream and leave for five to seven minutes. It is time for soften.
  • Soft cabbage leaf is crushed in a blender.
  • Creamy-cabbage mixture, add honey.
  • The latest in a mask enters the clay. The mixture was stirred.
  • To enhance the rejuvenating effect it is recommended to wipe the dermis after removal of the mask decoction of chamomile or green tea.

    Cosmetologists are advised to approach the process of rejuvenation and tightening of the dermis comprehensively. Lifting mask for the face is recommended to combine with massage. Strengthen the effectiveness of home treatments will allow a complete food enriched with vitamins. A good mood and a smooth complexion will give a walk in the fresh air.

    Reviews: “If done regularly, the person will look younger for five years”

    I would recommend to pay attention to the gelatin mask, they also have very good lifting effect. They are prepared simply: a tablespoon of gelatin soaked for 40 minutes, then heated on a water bath. Need as much water to cover the gelatin. To add to the mask can be infusions of herbs, yeast, egg yolk with honey, sea mud, fruit juices and vegetables. Gelatin by itself is good for the skin, it’s collagen in pure form and in the composition of the mask benefits for the skin double. Lifting effect is noticeable after the first mask, and if you do it regularly — 2-3 times a week, the skin condition will improve dramatically. Try more masks from kelp — dried leaves or powder. For the mask from the sheet need the sheet to soak in hot water for 20 minutes, cut it into strips and just apply on face after washing for half an hour. Of the powder can be done or spreading it in the water 1 tbsp powder to 2 tbsp water or add in a gelatin mask.


    I make a mask from protein with the addition of honey. One protein mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Applied for 20 minutes. After the mask the skin becomes elastic. Still have the recipe with white clay. The juice of one lemon mixed with one teaspoon of honey and add one tablespoon of white clay.


    I like mask of protein… only I apply it in three steps: apply-dried-again caused…etc. Only have protein whisk, otherwise it will leak and you can add a few drops of lemon juice.

    Tala Natalia,

    Add your method braces. It’s for a quick “resuscitation”. Do the procedure lying down. Take dough (can be purchased), daubed face, not too thick layer, leaving holes for the mouth, nose and eyes, stretch the dough to the neck area. Lie 20-30 min. wash off, apply your favorite cream. All. If you do these procedures once a week, the person to become 5 years younger.

    In the morning,

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