Lighting in the nursery: how to choose lamps

For the comfort and health of the lighting in the nursery should be given special attention. What rules to follow — will cover in this article.

Important sources of light in the nursery

In the child’s bedroom should be in the first place, it is enough daylight. It is desirable that its Windows looked South-East direction, because in this case natural light to enter the room throughout the day. If the Windows face North or West, to compensate for the lack of natural lighting using artificial sources.

  • Main light. In most cases, the light pouring down from the ceiling in the nursery provides a chandelier. If the room baby bedroom is elongated in length, or simply is large, it is best to place it two main lighting device. It is advisable to buy a chandelier with shades, or closed, or upward. It will protect children’s eyes from harsh light.
  • Spot lighting. Many children tend to make maximum use of the space of your bedroom, and therefore it is desirable to cover even the remote corners of the relevant premises. And help in this spot. They can be placed around the perimeter of the stretch ceiling, under bookshelves and beyond.
  • Floor lamps and sconces. These lamps can be used for proper illumination of the zone games or reading. With the purchase of appropriate lighting, pay special attention to their quality. It is desirable that the wall was unbreakable with a closed ceiling and a floor lamp with solid support.
  • Nightlight. The main aim of this lamp is to help baby prepare for sleep. Appropriate lighting can be found for sale in a wide range. Perfectly fit into a child’s nightlight in the form of an animal or the hero’s favorite cartoon. If the room is designed for two or more kids, you should provide a night lamp for each of them.
  • Table lamp. Even if your child is not attending school, he’s probably a lot of draws, shapes of clay, and just playing with toys, sitting at the table. That’s why working light in the child’s bedroom should be given special attention. Proper lighting children’s room necessarily involves the use of a table lamp. Place the lamp so that the light from him was below the child’s eyes in avoidance of irritation. Also note that the light source should be located on the left hand of the baby.

Some additional tips

If you are planning the right lighting in a child’s bedroom, the site recommends listen to this advice.

  • In a child’s room, try to avoid abrupt transitions between light and shadow. May the light be diffused, and the shadows soft.
  • When choosing a night light give preference to models with a dimmer is a rheostat that allows you to adjust the light intensity.
  • Today, many reject the main light source, giving preference only spot lamps. But in the child’s bedroom without a chandelier still not enough. If you use a stretch ceiling in the nursery let the light includes a primary light source, and spot.
  • If your task is to properly organize children’s lighting, buy lamps that are not afraid of blows. The kid’s bedroom is always a place for active play. The choice of chandeliers, floor lamps, night-lights and spotlights for installation in ceilings also should be aware of this.
  • A table lamp is better to fix on the table, shelf or the wall. So it will not spread and will not break. In addition, this type of fixture must have a private or semi-shade so that direct rays do not Shine into the eyes of the child.
  • Connecting lighting devices in children, remove and safely hide all the wires that the kid could not be hooked on them. Outlet or make inaccessible to the child or cover the plastic plugs.
  • If the bedroom is for more than one child, then using a properly sized light can be successfully zoned the personal space of each of them. When designing lighting, based on the age and interests of the children. For example, if one child teaches a lesson, then the light from his table lamp should not disturb sleep another baby.

Thus, in the organization of lighting in the nursery you need to think first and foremost about safety and comfort for the child. If the decision of the question you come carefully, the kid’s bedroom will be a comfortable place for study, leisure and a good night’s sleep.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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