Like how to choose a gift for the New Year: gift ideas

Before the New year remains very little time! If you have an idea how to choose a gift to loved ones (or even already bought), we can only quietly envy your forethought ? For all other women’s site “” has put together tips on how to choose a gift for the New year. We do not pretend to establish a comprehensive list, but I hope to give you good ideas or direct thoughts in the right direction ?

How to choose a gift: “gift categories”
Category “New Year”

If you go to visit just to visit friends (about whom, no one knows what gifts they like), if you want inexpensive to congratulate a large number of colleagues, if you do not like to give the New year something expensive, your choice — all sorts of little things, directly related to the New year:

  • Christmas toys and balls (simple naborchiki and exclusive items),
  • Christmas tree branches and Christmas trees (natural and artificial) – from table to floor ?
  • calendars for the coming year (from small handheld to big wall on various topics),
  • all sorts of Santas-snowmen-snow maiden and the symbol of the coming year in edible form, in the form of candles and candle holders, piggy banks, coasters…

In short, any Christmas Bazaar will give you a lot of ideas of what gift to choose ?

Advice from a women’s website try to keep the gift was, if not functional, then at least edible ? Because nobody wants after the New year to find on my Desk or in a closet mass of unnecessary figures and statues, are nowhere to put.

The category of “Fuzzy-warm”

How to choose a gift for a loved one, parents, best friend? How to Express the gift of love and warmth?

Giving something, in the cold new year’s eve (and every subsequent winter evenings) will be nice and warm:

  • tea (or tea set),
  • scarf and mittens (tied with their hands or store-bought),
  • warm Slippers or underwear,
  • drives with incendiary music, that makes you hot,
  • a set of glasses and a bottle of strong need for warm gatherings,
  • plaid that will warm in your absence
  • a soft toy…

Find the warm and tender words and “hand” them together with a gift!

The Category Of “Practical”

How to choose a gift is just a good man, which is not included in the circle of your loved ones? Here we proceed from the fact, that man loves than likes or enjoys in daily life.

He is an office worker? Any office — from simple to luxury, solid planning, business card holders, computer accessories.

Drives a car? There is a large choice – from motorist to every detail, that is, in any Autoshop, until the certificate on courses of extreme driving!

Involved in sports? Depending on the sport though dumbbells are engraved, although a new soccer ball, even a gym membership.

How to choose a gift for a family with children? Buy family Board games (a lot of them now for different tastes, it will not be boring even for adults), tickets for the immediate family premiere in the movie.

Organize joint leisure for your friends with kids in the holidays: go all together to the bowling alley or the ice rink, get out on a ski trip or sledding! Than not a gift? For small parties you can pre-cook the sweet prizes as rewards, and the results of the celebration to print photos and make fun photo collage in memory!

And finally, universal advice: I don’t know what to give – give a gift certificate! Fortunately now the majority of large and self-respecting shops produce such. Here variants mass — from clothes, perfumes and toys to car wash services, massages and skydiving!

And how do you decide which to choose a gift? Share with us!

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