Like sex to lose weight will help: posture and action in bed, slimming

Today on the website we again are talking about ways to lose weight. And today, we are going to lose weight with sex, the most shy ladies ask to be removed from the hall. Well, the rest can read on to find out which sex will allow you to lose weight.

And will the sex to lose weight?

Very strange question, really. Long ago, we know that sex is not only pleasant pastime, but also from all sides is helpful because during the actual action is a huge number of various muscles and spends a lot of calories. From this point of view, sex is like exercise, which is very convenient if you don’t do it in the morning.

It is necessary to understand that lose weight with the help of sex not with each partner. If you or your partner in bed like to experiment, you like this method of weight reduction will not work. Men who went to such conservative, the horror! But if you like to learn a new posture, then sex will be your great solution.

What poses?

Not all sex will allow you to lose weight. Therefore, in order to remove the excess fat, you and your partner need to learn some new poses, the use of which trains your muscles and joints. Although, who knows, maybe you these poses have long been familiar.

Pose 1. You’re on top

Starting position: the man lies, and you’re sitting on it. I believe you know this pose, and I bet you noticed how it is hard. The easiest exercises to perform, if you help yourself with hands, that is to say, they lean on a man or on the bed (or whatever it is you’re lying). If you aim to burn as many calories, you can make the task easier and move without using their hands. Another complication is to go down on a guy, to hug him as hard as you can and move-move-move.

If the above-described for you that’s just sophomoric and long passed stage, try to execute extremely complicated variation of this posture. In the Kama Sutra it’s called “the rotation of the spinning wheel” and the essence of the poses intuitive title: sitting on the man, you have to rotate around itself, gradually accelerating. This position requires not only trained leg muscles, but also good ability to control your body.

Pose 2. Both knees

Sex, during which the partners are on their knees, is quite complicated and energy-consuming thing (I am not talking about doggie-style, as you obviously understand). To describe here, however, nothing, it’s pretty simple: you kneel face-to-face and move. For the joint coordination of movement in this position it is better to hold each other, otherwise quite simply “disconnect” and just fall.

If the above position is for you – the ordinary sex, lose weight and enhance the sensations you will allow the following complication. Your partner stands on one knee and rests at the foot of the second leg. You are on the knee and the other leg cast on his other leg (which relies on the foot). Well, then everything is clear – you need to connect and move-move-move. Balance is hard enough in this position, but, if dropped, it does not matter – just keep moving.

Pose 3. You’re the bottom

I think – here he is, the most common sex! To lose weight you, however, with “normal” sex will fail you in this website assured. To turn sex from “regular” to “diet” you just need to move my legs. So, starting position: lying on back, one leg extended forward and the other lies on the shoulder of a man. And periodically you swap (not a person’s shoulders and your legs, of course).

You can also pull both legs out from under men and cross them in front of you in a stretched position so that they were between your face and the face of the partner.

Pose 4. Both sit

The initial situation is this: a man sits on something and spreads her legs. The woman sits on him, and holding it down for the belt begins to move. At first this pose difficult to perform without support (only one leg muscles), so you can simplify your life and rest your hands on something (or someone). Many new experiences you can get if to move not only up and down, but in the hand, and to combine both movements.

If during sex in this position you feel that you have lost all power, put your arms around your partner and even with your hands, put your head on his shoulder, whispering to him all sorts of nonsense in his ear, but don’t give up (albeit slowly) to move – remember, you’re not only making love, but also train the body.

Posture 5. On weight

When talking about the pose on weight, in imagination arises the picture of a lover missing his beloved’s hips, lifts her, puts it on the waist… and begins a passionate sex. To lose weight in this position are male, so moving him is very difficult. So we will tell you about the position in which you will lose weight.

A man stands. You’re getting back to him, lean over and rest hands on floor (can you imagine an inverted letter “G”). Partner grabs your hips and lifts you up, bringing your legs on anything not based, and keep you just by using your hands. It is difficult to imagine? Then imagine that you are a lawnmower, and he is the lawnmower man (comparison strange, but really similar). To complicate the posture try not only to move but also to move around (you with your hands, and he with his feet). Sex will definitely make anyone lose weight!

We have described only five positions, having sex in which a maximum of burns calories in your body. But this does not mean that they are the only – you know how diverse can be the sex! And lose weight it in different ways. You need only the desire. The desire to learn something new, stretch your body, to give pleasure and improve.

Remember that sex is a very useful thing. During the next dull the pain produced by serotonin (also known as the “happiness hormone”) and also train ligaments and the cardiovascular system (they become more elastic). In addition, in the female body actively produces estrogen, which improves our hair, nails and skin. Don’t forget about the psychological side of the question! In the eighteenth-nineteenth century sex began to treat women’s depression – and they were right (that’s right, by the way, there was the vibrator – it was invented by a doctor who treated the female psychosis). Physical intimacy is an amazing way to soothe the nervous system.

In General, where do not spit everywhere pros. And health improves and body training, and psyche calms down, and calories burned. But if you make sex to lose weight depends on you and only from you. Chose sex as the best exercise to remove belly fat? Then remember this: sex for weight loss (like any exercise) is important not only intensity but also the frequency and regularity of lessons. Love each other, make love and be happy!

Author Pestova Vasilisa, site


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