Lip scrub at home honey and sugar

Is it difficult to make lip scrub at home? What ingredients should I use? How to use this tool? And what problems it solves? Read about it in the review next.

Lip care in winter requires the mandatory application of scrubs. They are not only a lifesaver in a time when lips were chapped. But to avoid such conditions, high quality care for sponges ensure deep penetration of the softening agents to give the mouth attractiveness: bright, natural color and soft Shine.

The advantages of homemade scrubs

In the sale today, you can find a huge variety of means to care for lips. The lip scrub is no exception. But whether or not to use ready-made compositions, which are quite expensive when made at home no less effective — is not difficult! Moreover, home remedies are preferable: they have a skin sparing effect, as it includes only natural ingredients (as you also believe). They have no fragrances, no preservatives, thus reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

Besides home-made scrub can be simply delicious! For example, the very popular honey and sugar lip scrub. The reviews for each tool and demonstrate their effective impact on the skin and quick removal of dry particles, return to her healthy appearance. None of the purchased vehicle cannot be accidentally licked or swallowed without damage to health. And the home completely!

How to use

It is important not only to know how to make lip scrub at home, but also to use them correctly. Perform this procedure 1 time a week if skin is scaly, cracked. Or twice a week if skin is in good condition, but you want to give it a more healthy appearance. Carry out the procedure in the following way.

  • Prepare lips. To do this, dip a rag in hot water, wring it and apply to lips. Leave for 5 minutes and Pat them dry with a napkin. Due to pre-heating the tool will operate more efficiently.
  • Apply the product only on dry lips. Do this massaging, grabbing their region. Do the massage for about 2 minutes, but without effort. If use without expressed scrabulous consistency can be massaged sponge not a finger and a toothbrush with soft bristles. But without the effort!
  • Rinse with warm water, gently DAB with a napkin. RUB the sponge is not necessary, as the skin after the massage is too sensitive to external factors, and can begin irritation.
  • Apply to lips nourishing cream or moisturizer after the procedure. This is extremely important, despite the presence of moisturizing additives. Do not use regular chapstick because it does not have nourishing effects on the skin and covers it with a protective film.


The most simple, delicious and effective at the same time — the lip scrub from honey and sugar. There are many recipes with the minimum and a large number of ingredients on the basis of these main components. The honey in this cares about updating the skin, eliminates irritation, stimulates the healing of wounds. And sugar works as an exfoliating ingredient, so in combination with them be sure to use moisturizing ingredients.

Try to prepare this remedy:

  • mix a tablespoon of liquid honey with a teaspoon of sugar. Grind the ingredients together, then add half a spoon of olive oil;
  • apply to lips and massage in. During the peeling you will feel the sugar dissolving on his lips.
  • Sugar scrub for lips

    You can use the easiest recipe.

  • Add in a teaspoon of sugar a few drops of water to get a thick consistency means.
  • Apply to lips and massage in, rinse with warm water.
  • Then brush the sponge with olive oil.
  • Add to a composition of grapefruit, and you will receive an anti-aging tonic with fruit acids.

  • 3 teaspoons sugar mixed with 2 tablespoons of grapefruit juice.
  • Add a spoon of hot honey and the same of olive oil.
  • Massage means 30 seconds, rinse with warm water.
  • The remaining part can be stored in the refrigerator for another week.
  • Honey lip scrub

    Honey is nourishing for the skin of the lips by itself, so it is recommended to grease it before bed in the winter. If the lips started to peel off, mix liquid honey with baking soda in equal proportions, apply on them and massage. Strengthen the medicinal effects of honey allows the olive oil perfectly nourishes the skin. If the action of baking soda is too aggressive, replace it with ground coffee: mix equal proportions of coffee cake with honey, olive oil and cinnamon. This tool will make lips sensual and beautiful.

    It is recommended to prepare homemade lip scrub for just one procedure. But if the tool is left, do not throw it away. Put it in a glass jar, refrigerate and use them within a week. To store longer than a home remedy not worth it, because there are no preservatives, and its efficiency will be reduced significantly.

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