Lipoic acid for weight loss: how to take, dosages, contraindications and side effects

Lipoic acid was the opening of our century. Scientists are working to proof its safety, but the beneficial properties of the substance is already established, and a reasoned fact. Drugs with lipoic acid are very important for the treatment of diabetes, diseases of the liver, blood vessels, blood, nerve cells. Also, they love athletes and dieters. However, in order not to have problems, it is important to know how to take lipoic acid for weight loss.

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Lipoic acid modern scientists refer to the list of vitamin preparations. Call it thioctic acid, p-aminobenzoic, alpha lipoic, and also lopamidol and vitamin N. It is the active substance drugs, and is also used for the manufacture of dietary supplements. They can be taken to achieve harmony and to increase endurance.

What is the drug

Thioctic acid is a vitamin-like substance of organic nature. The human body is able to synthesize, because it consumes the substance in the metabolic processes. Artificially synthesized lipoic acid has the form of a yellowish powder with a specific smell and bitter taste. Its sodium salt are equally able to dissolve in water, alcohol, fats. The integrity of the structure of the molecule is maintained in an acidic or slightly acidic environment up to 100°C.

Of particular importance for the science bears that open isomers of lipoic acid. R – and S-isomers have different biological activity and availability, although synthesized together. Great therapeutic value is R-isomer, but the synthesis of a pure substance is expensive, so in most drugs or additives are both forms of lipoic acid.The value for the body

Discussing the substance is in all cells and tissues of the human body. How is it useful?

  • Produces energy. Activates intracellular processes to develop universal energy source ATP, so involved in the energy supply of the body. Binds waste energy sources triggers re-processing, i.e. allows effective use of all the nutrients coming from the outside.
  • Increases the consumption of glucose. Is a guide to glucose molecules in intracellular structures, and therefore reduces the level of free sugar in the blood, forcing the body to use glucose for energy.
  • Reduces the need for insulin. The action is directly related to the previous one. Lipoic acid increases sensitivity of cells to the hormone of the pancreas and partially replaces it without compromising body function. As a result, the release of insulin on the glucose intake is reduced.
  • Simulates the fat burning. Processing the glucose without the insulin jump contributes to the revitalization of the recycling process and other sources of energy, particularly fat accumulated by the body as a reserve.
  • Eliminates toxins. Lipomed not just “catch” free radicals, binds and removes them, but also recycles the remains of the destroyed cells, and collects heavy metals, thereby preventing premature aging and wear.
  • Stimulates the immune system. The value of lipoic acid is in the normalization of all systems, including immune — it stimulates the protective forces of the organism, synthesis, and differentiation of immune cells.

Lipoic acid is considered in the scientific world one of the important and active participants of metabolism. It directly affects the body’s ability to consume and display of fat reserves.

Use of lipoic acid for weight loss

Important for slimming properties of lipoic acid are quite numerous.

  • Prevents hunger. Lipemic affects the hunger center in the brain, reducing appetite and the need for intake of food, preventing overeating and stimulating the suppression of hunger.
  • Normalizes the level of sugar. Stabilization and reduction of blood sugar levels eliminates a sharp bouts of hunger, facilitating control over the amount of food absorbed. Since glucose is absorbed better the larger its number of processed cells for energy, and that means less is converted by the liver into fat.
  • Increases endurance. The improvement of the energy exchange processes under the influence of lipoic acid leads to increased rates of physical and mental endurance.
  • Stimulates the breakdown of fat. When glucose is not enough, starts processing body fat in areas of the depot.
  • Improves appearance. Detoxification effect lipemia contributes to weight loss that is not accompanied by stretch marks and obvineniya skin because all “waste” cells are utilized in a timely manner. At the same time, the full absorption of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, underlies the improvement of the skin color, hair structure, nails.
  • Rebuilds the body. After a course of lipoic acid for weight loss all tissues and organs are upgraded, begin to function more efficiently, maintain a faster metabolism for a longer period.

Stimulating weight loss with lipoic acid, the person receives other positive effects: recovery of organs and tissues, improvement in blood, the restoration of nerve cells, preventing cancer and nerve disease. Restores liver function, improves the function of the myocardium, increases the quality of vision.Terms of use

The use of lipoic acid for weight loss must be prescribed by a dietitian or physician. He picks up the dosage, focusing on the intensity of physical activity, health status, and especially the dietary habits of the patient.

Since drugs and dietary Supplements are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, is familiar with the rules dosing of lipoic acid:

  • adults — if health condition is satisfactory, the recommended prophylactic dose is 25-75 mg;
  • pregnant women and the elderly— daily dose of 75 mg;
  • dieters and athletes from 75 to 200 mg;
  • for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases — the daily dose from 300 mg to 1 g.

Reception of lipoic acid in the diet pills is recommended in the morning or after a workout. Moreover, medicines are taking on an empty stomach half an hour before eating or two hours after meals, and dietary Supplements and vitamin complexes, strictly half an hour after eating. Pure thioctic acid taken once a day, dietary Supplements and vitamin complexes according to the instructions, often three times a day.

How to drink alpha-lipoic acid for weight loss without chewing or breaking the tablets with a half glass of clean water without gas.



Despite the fact that lipoic acid is completely natural for the body substance, it from outside sources must be reasonable and moderate. The substance rarely causes allergic reactions, they often arise in response to the receipt of tabletlevitra and other auxiliary substances in the preparations or dietary Supplements.

Side effects of vitamin N occur only when exceeding the dosage or prolonging the treatment. Most often it is diarrhoeal disorders:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • heartburn.

Contraindications for use include:

  • hypersensitivity reactions;
  • the age of 16;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Performance compatibility of vitamin N with other medicines the preparations with minerals. Lipemic slows the absorption of salts of iron, calcium, phosphorus, therefore the interval between doses should be at least six hours. Same time period should stand in front of the dairy.

Special care should be taken to interact lipemia and alcohol. The latter slows down the absorption of acid, causing an overdose, which is manifested by heartburn. Furthermore, alcohol neutralizes the beneficial effects lipemia, so alcohol at the time of receiving funds should be abandoned.

Changes in the menu

Before you drink lipoic acid for weight loss, you have to understand that one medication is not enough for significant weight loss. If the decisive factor in losing weight was just thioctic acid, all diabetics would be slim, toned and beautiful, because they take the drug regularly in large doses.

Best diet supporting effect of lipoic acid protein. The fact that all the products contain some amount of carbohydrates. When outside receive less the body begins to consume the reserves, and reduced weight. When this glucose is consumed as efficiently as possible, not clogging up the body. If the use of lipoic acid combined with high carbohydrate foods (starches and sweets), all the incoming stuff will go for processing sugar, the fat will stay where it was until now.

How much lipoic acid is needed for weight loss? In each case, the number of individual. But nutritionists in one voice insists that the drug promotes weight loss only by correct diet and by increasing physical activity.The duration of intake

One of the indications of vitamin N — prevention of premature aging. For this purpose, the means to take several times a year, month courses. Weight loss also requires a more prolonged treatment. According to the reviews, noticeable results appear after two months of regular consumption of moderate doses lipemia.

Instructions for use of lipoic acid for weight loss require moderation in receiving the funds. Courses should not last too long, because the body may cease to produce the substance themselves, that will negatively affect metabolism and may lead to the emergence of the syndrome, and severe metabolic disorders.

Lipoic acid for weight loss can be used as a supplementary tonic and a prophylactic, to maintain body tone, high performance endurance, performance. It is important to consume the substance in moderation, agreeing dosage and duration of treatment with the nutritionist.

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