Liposuction: advantages and disadvantages

With the development of cosmetic medicine gained widespread popularity and spread liposuction is one of the most effective methods of surgical correction on the date. More and more people want solved on this procedure with the deceptive hope of at once and in one fell swoop to solve all their aesthetic problems – overweight, cellulite, brushlet, etc. moreover, liposuction is an aesthetic operation, not only among women but also among men.

So what is liposuction? Panacea excess fat or bloated plastic surgeons bubble? Threat whether it is for health? What methods of liposuction exist and what are their features? The truth about liposuctionand its advantages and disadvantages says female site

What is liposuction?

Liposuction — suction method vacuum local accumulations of adipose tissue from the subcutaneous layer.

To date, this is the most common operation in plastic surgery clinics.

Liposuction is a revolution in aesthetic surgery.

Liposuction techniques

Practiced several varieties of liposuction: vacuum (standard), ultrasonic and electronic (gentle lipomodulina).

Vacuum liposuction (standard)

The good old method, the outcome of which fully depends on the skill of the surgeon, because it works manually. Do it like this: through small incisions in the skin, we introduce a special tool (hollow needle cannula) that the surgeon breaks up the fat cells (cautious movement moves it under the skin). Then the liquefied fat is removed (sucked) vacuum.

after liposuction: a scene from the movie “Fight club”, where the characters steal the fat from plastic surgery clinics

Despite the seemingly simple technique, this method of liposuction is in fact a very traumatic (high likelihood of bleeding and complications). It is carried out under General anaesthesia, within two months after the surgery are advised to wear special compression underwear. But it is relatively cheap (compared to other methods) and use it to get rid of the hated large amounts of fat (up to 10 litres).

Ultrasonic liposuction

Fat previously destroyed (broken down) using a special ultrasonic probe and then removed by cannula.

This liposuction technique allows to remove quite large amounts of fat, accompanied by minimal blood loss and a skin lifting effect. But if it is a high risk of thermal injuries of tissues. Healing is slow, the compression garment has to be worn for months.

Electronic lipomodulina or Soft-libmodel

Most modern development, sensation in the field of liposuction. The fat is destroyed (melted) by using high frequency current and is removed through tiny punctures (note that the incisions in this method do not), after which the skin will be no visible traces. Local anesthesia is used.

After the procedure, there is a prolonged effect of weight loss (current accelerates metabolism in fat cells) in the next couple of months and a noticeable tightening of the skin. However, this technique is not designed to remove large volumes of fatty tissue. The bandages are recommended to be worn for two weeks after surgery.

The benefits of liposuction

  • During liposuction, guaranteed removes local fat deposits in problem areas (stomach, thighs, arms, face, cheeks, knees, ankles). Including those clusters of adipocytes which are powerless against massages, diet, exercise.
  • Due to the selectivity of liposuction you can get rid of, say, the hated breeches or apron on the abdomen. If you go on a diet, the first to suffer chest (lose weight, droop) and the bust size will remain the same ?
  • The ability to remove fat from of several areas.
  • Liposuction can be combined with other corrective operations.
  • The results of liposuction stands, because remote fat cells do not regenerate. Of course, if after the procedure is to abuse the Goodies, the remaining adipocytes will increase in diameter. However, even in this case, the new fat will be deposited more evenly and better than before liposuction.
  • The vast majority of patients completely satisfied with the results of the operation. Liposuction once relieves women from the former complexes, making them more confident in themselves and their irresistibility.

Disadvantages of liposuction

  • High cost.
  • The probability of occurrence of scars in the places of incisions.
  • Any surgical intervention increases the risk of cancer by 30%.
  • In the case of a botched liposuction are possible side-effects: mild skin imperfections, her komkovatost, creating the effect of washing boards hollows and bumps (when after the weight gain, the remaining neighboring cells increase in size).
  • A long and painful recovery period (fever, bruising, pain, swelling, limitation in motion, etc.).
  • In the case when the fat is removed well in a very large volume, the skin literally grows to the muscles and the woman becomes like an anatomical guide.

Liposuction: what you need to know and understand

The main thing — to understand that liposuction is primarily an aesthetic operation aimed at a local correction (chin, knees on cushions, we the ears, breeches on the hips etc – ie, those fat deposits that are difficult or impossible to fight by conventional methods)), but not to lose weight, obesity, cellulite and sagging skin.

Therefore, the lasting effect of such a procedure is possible only in case of observance of proper nutrition or special diets. It is not necessary to wait for a miracle and to hold liposuction hopes, eating immediately after its implementation buns, cookies, hot dogs and kebabs. Yes, the fat on the back you removed, but it can build up in other untreated areas of the body.

And if you are hoping to use liposuction to get rid of from 15 extra pounds, we have to disappoint you – the human body is simply not able to withstand 8 treatments in a row, and the purse is unlikely to overpower this.

In young girls the result will be better than the middle-aged women in view of the inelasticity of the skin the last.

In addition, do not expect results immediately after surgery. Significant improvements will only become visible after two to three weeks.

Liposuction is not recommended in patients with severe excess weight, circulatory diseases, diabetes, various lung diseases, as well as those who are planning to re-conduct the operation on the newly operated area.

Advice from

  • Before deciding on liposuction, carefully weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.
  • If you do decide on it, use only as directed: do not ask a surgeon impossible (to lose weight permanently, to remove cellulite, etc.), and just use his ability to remove excess fat on the hands or butt. Set realistic goals!
  • Turning to a plastic surgeon, clearly specify your wishes in detail and will ask him about all the intricacies of the procedure (testing, preparation, surgery itself, recovery period, cost, potential consequences) with regard to your health.

Whatever decision you take, whatever method of liposuction choose, remember: awareness is your main trump card!

Author – Yulia Maximenko, website – Beautiful and Successful

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