Looks like a Tiffany style in clothes?

Reasons for the emergence of new styles in Vogue at various times was the idea of designers, the outrageous celebrity, youth subcultures and music, even political and military events in the world! As this style originated with only one movie-“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the outfits of the heroine played by Audrey Hepburn.

The website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you how to create a Tiffany style in clothes.

What is a Tiffany style?

The basis of style is truly iconic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the main character, played by style icon, actress Audrey Hepburn. Let’s consider what was worn by the lovely Audrey, and if possible similar images in our time?

The time of the release of the film in 1961, Respectively, Tiffany style clothing is based on fashion of the second half of 50’s-early 60’s.

This flowering of new Luke, a decade, when in fact pawned the existing today ideas about classic wardrobe. If you have an earlier model (say, 40’s) look to contemporary views frankly vintage, silhouettes and images of the late 50’s and haven’t changed until now, and they can be safely worn – they are relevant!

If you carefully review the film, you can see almost the entire basic wardrobe, which to this day can be called a classic!

It is two black dresses – ankle-length evening which was supplemented with a white tippet, and everyday, barely covering the knee (this is the perfect little black dress – the idea Coco Chanel found its absolute incarnation!). In addition, appear orange double-breasted coat with ¾ sleeves, a bright trench, and even very simple light jumper with skinny trousers as a casual outfit. Any of these things can be easily worn now, and any is a classic – that’s the beauty of style!

But still, the essence of clothing in the style of Tiffany is not a blind reproduction of film images, and create analogies, associations… To do this is to remember the principles of the style:

  • Simple silhouettes of basic items are supplemented by accessories. Without accessories the essence of the style in General is lost!
  • Bright color in the image – only one! Although welcome and monochrome combinations.
  • The style the Tiffany – style of the rich and successful! It is therefore very important to the quality and value of every thing!

By the way, the site sympaty.net advises looking for inspiration look at the images which were worn by Audrey Hepburn outside the set – it is surprisingly almost never left the specified style, being its incarnation in real life!

Dresses in Tiffany style

What models can become the basis of images in the style of Tiffany?

  • Sheath dress sleeveless. Of course, the first thing comes to mind is the little black dress, but the most interesting – it may not be black!
  • Evening bodycon dress. For example, the silhouette of the “fish tail”, a narrow top and widening at knee level. But it is important not so clear-cut, as compliance with the idea of style – the most feminine, elegant, in any case not vulgar. This high-quality fabric, and good fit… God forbid from excessive openness, excessive neckline, the cut, the more cheap decoration type sequins and rhinestones – it is not a dress in the style of Tiffany!
  • Dress with fluffy skirt silhouette new look. This dress is the personification of 50s corset bodice and full skirt to mid-calf.

You can also try a fitted dress with ¾ sleeves or full length, experiment with a plain or printed fabrics – the main thing is not to overdo it and always follow the rules of good taste in the classic sense!

Accessories and add-ons

Without them, the clothing style Tiffany meaningless! This:

  • Silk handkerchiefs and scarves that can be worn as the neck and the head.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hats. In the film we see a classic wide-brimmed black hat, but generally the style of Tiffany – freedom for hats of all sizes and forms, from formal “pill” to fur (for example, one Audrey wore the orange coat).
  • Small bags – the better, the better!
  • Shoes.
  • High gloves to dresses.

Separate conversation – decoration. Generally, Tiffany is a world famous jewelry brand (whose products were the subject of dreams of the heroine). If a woman in the style of Tiffany wearing jewelry is probably jewelry. Jewelry – only proprietary and expensive (and you probably only in the afternoon to evening needs diamonds!).

The Tiffany Color

For the film he has nothing. It has to do with the jewelry house Tiffany – delicate light turquoise is the brand name for this brand! So if you hear the name “Tiffany color” — know, to have in mind is this bright, clean shade of pale turquoise!

Now you know how to dress in the Tiffany style! And at least one dress in the style of Tiffany will surely find a place in any women’s wardrobe!!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Looks like a Tiffany style in clothes?

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