Looks like the rock style in clothes?

The website “ToKnow365.top” continues to tell about styles in fashion and this article is about rock style clothing. You’ll know what to wear with ankle boots with studs, leather pants and other rock paraphernalia to look really cool!

Stereotypes about clothing rock

Rock-style is quite varied direction where there is something to choose for themselves almost every girl (not even a lover of rock music)! But some reject the style as a whole, guided by incorrect stereotypes about it.

The website sympaty.net destroys the stereotypes!

  • Rock style clothing unfeminine, it’s unisex. Let’s just say it’s true, if you regard punk-rock baggy jeans, large t-shirts, leather jackets, different in male and female variant only in size, rough the shoes… But there is a direction, “glam-rock”, for example – that’s where femininity and sexuality as you want! There heels, corsets, tops with plunging neckline, bodycon mini dresses and even short bouffant skirts! Feminine and rock-Gothic – hotesse wear long skirts and dresses, corsets and lace blouses, and call it a unisex language does not turn.

  • All “Correa”!! Mrachnoe!!! Well, without black Wickersham would have to be tight. But this does not mean that you do not wear things of other colors, e.g., colored or white tops and tops with rock prints, bleached jeans, brown leather boots and jackets, etc. And the punk rock diva dress in the craziest colors look to stage garderobchik Avril Lavigne, for example.
  • It’s too shocking style for everyday life. It’s not necessary to dress for the stage! And you’re not going to look shitty neformalki if you go outside in jeans, t-shirt-“alcoholic” and a short leather jacket wide open – and it is also rock! Clothing rockers, in fact, very many things that we now consider the most familiar and everyday for myself – jeans with a faded wash, the notorious leather jackets, t-shirts and tops with portraits of celebrities, etc.
  • Have to wear the skin. The skin can be worn, it is really attribute a rock style. But not necessarily! You can do denim and knitwear, for example. Alternatively, leather could be the shoes or bracelets-wristbands.

What are girls dressed in the style of rock?

  • Jeans. Skinny or boyfriend, encouraged, if worn, lacerated, etc.
  • Leather tight pants, leggings (usually black)
  • T-shirts with pictures of rock artists, symbols or inscriptions
  • Short leather jackets-“black leather jackets”
  • Denim or leather shorts
  • Corsets (leather, latex, etc.).
  • Mini skirt (leather, too, sometimes)
  • Shoes with spikes, studs, etc. It can be rough boots, platform boots or shoes with a heel, but of course in rock style.

This can be considered a “basic wardrobe” rocker. But it can and must be diluted!

For example, a black leather jacket and boots with studs can be worn… chiffon dress! Or combine the shirt with “metallicy” and ripped jeans… a skirt of tulle with jagged – edge- over jeans, with rough shoes! And go knit tank-dress, shirt with “shoulder boyfriend”, leather or denim jackets, and more.

Generally very interesting clothes in a rock style – heavy, mainly black, from the dense material, combined with a light light or bright things like dresses. But such a contrast object in the image, let it be only one!

But no rock image is not complete without accessories. This:

  • Bandanas
  • Bracelets, wristbands, leather or knitted, with metal decor
  • Circuit (not necessarily on the neck, and, for example, a pair of jeans, or jacket)
  • Backpacks (and sometimes bags) are printed in the subject
  • Knitted beanie
  • Sunglasses, for example, round or wide “half face”
  • Pendants, keychains… All metal decoration are welcomed everywhere and on everything! Hail spikes and rivets!
  • Earrings, body piercing, including extreme, for example “tunnels”

Rock-clothing – style for free, not dependent on stereotypes of people. But at the moment, this style is… quite conservative, after all, is almost unchanged since the heyday of rock movement (70s-80s) when it was formed!

However, do not have to reproduce the style completely, you can borrow individual elements.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Looks like the rock style in clothes?

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