Louboutins: what to wear?

About fashion shoes “louboutins” now you know, probably, all due to a hit from the group “Leningrad”. If you bought or finally borrowed a girlfriend’s treasured louboutins, what to wear with them – tell you original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

What is “louboutins”?

In a direct sense is shoes from world famous designer Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin). How do they differ from all other shoes?

The fact that Louboutin came up with a simple but effective “trick” that has become a hallmark of this brand is the red sole of all shoes on a high heel.

The first and most common model – black patent leather shoes with red soles and the inner part of the heel. Then began to be beige, red, pink, studded with rhinestones, etc. shoes, but their soles remained consistently red.

Regarding the form of shoes, the designer also managed to surprise fashionistas. Classic “louboutins” have a stiletto heel and a “hidden” platform at the front. While socks shoes is a relatively rounded (but before know-how from all of Louboutin stilettos usually have sharp noses!).

The invention of Christian Louboutin became instantly popular around the world, even pereplyunuv shoes”stilettos”, which for several decades was considered the most elegant and sexy women’s shoes!

And, of course – that it is becoming fashionable, always undergoes plagiarism and copying. Many other Shoe manufacturers rushed to produce shoes that replicate or remotely mimic the original creations Louboutin. Very quickly the name “louboutins” has ceased to designate a particular brand of shoes, and began to treat all shoes with high heel and hidden platform.

Now wearing “louboutins” can afford even a student, because the price range is very large.

And Maestro Louboutin is not going to stop there – in new models of brand shoes varies the thickness of heel and platform height, there are models with strap across the ankle, has a open front, a patent leather and suede, with rhinestones, have studs…

Great success received another variant shoes from Christian Louboutin – shoes with a triangle sock, a “stud” with a height of 8-10 cm (without the hidden platform) and the indispensable red sole. Sometimes this model is also referred to as “louboutins”.

What to wear with louboutins?

I think most girls will agree with your website sympaty.net – these shoes are not particularly suited for active movement, and wearing “louboutins” every day with casual clothes will be able only a desperate female fans high heel!

But for special occasions these shoes will fit perfectly!

“Louboutins” is good for cocktail dresses and sets skirt+blouse. And, if you do not know what color shoes to buy, below they blend with the dresses in different colors – choose a Nude shade: this is a really versatile option.

With beige louboutins, you can even wear a dress with sequins or shiny fabric.

Black shoes with red soles suitable clothing in black and white, and red dresses. Classic black louboutins is the right choice if you want to wear black color dress and did not enter into the image no more colors: in this case, spicy color accent will be red sole shoes!

If you like red louboutins – what to wear with them? If there are three options:

  • The image in black and white-gray (achromatic) scale, possibly with the addition of red in detail (purse, belt, jewelry, etc.).

  • Set in shades of brown – from “Nude” to chocolate.
  • Dark blue or pale blue clothes.

By the way, the heroine of the popular clip was absolutely right in deciding to wear to a date at the art gallery of louboutins with “amazing pants”! Jeans and a neutral hue top is exactly what you can wear shoes”louboutins” day and for no particular reason.

Under the “louboutins” do not wear colored tights, tights with prints, and, of course, winter knitted or crocheted panty hose, tights, socks and leg warmers. The best option is a normal bodily stockings-“invisible.” The black shoes can be put on slim black tights or stockings.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Louboutins: what to wear?

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