Love a bad boy: how to tame and is it worth it?

They say that every boy wants a good girl who will be bad just for him, well, every girl dreams about a bad boy who will be good just for her! Guys can understand – it’s clear that all sorts of folly in the good girl only with a personal permission from “sole owner”! But we ourselves often fall for “bad boys”, well aware that he is “bad” and without us, and with us! Why? And what to do if you can honestly say: “I love a bad boy“? The website “” will give the answer!

What is “good” and what is “bad”?

The notion of “bad guy” certainly calls for clarification. To begin to answer honestly, where did this epithet in relation to your boyfriend – you do it so identified or did your friends, relatives and acquaintances?

Our website has already written about a situation when gossip believes that you are not a couple.

But if you do realize that the quiet-achiever your man not call? Offer to your attention the main types of guys, which is considered to be bad:

“Creative personality”

In quotes or without. That is, a true creative person is a classic artist/poet/musician: he is really something draws or writes, and his whole life dedicated to this. You’re a welcome addition, that is the Muse.

At a certain diligence and initiative are creative person sometimes become successful and even famous people – so do not drink your Raphael lecture on the topic: “Go to work like all people, and then just paint the whole apartment stinks!”.

Another option is the “creative personality”, which is not particularly zealous on its own creative heritage and more passionate about adventures in okolonogtevoy art coterie. Simply put – drinking and other adventures in a circle of the same “creative individuals”.

What to do if you love a bad boy this? One of two things – or wait, when love will pass, and drive in the neck, or wait, when he grows up and changes. Some, by the way, this happens even in old age!

And for that we fall in love with these bad boys? Well, of course – not a Manager of some kind, and creative person! Usually the creative person interested in caring, colourful are able to advertise their own persona and to create an atmosphere of romance. How can you not fall in love?!


So you can call the adherents of different movements and extreme Hobbies – the rockers, rappers, bikers, etc. they are Usually distinguished by a specific appearance and a thick layer of feigned pathos. Both will soon cease to obscure the true nature of man, and she, the essence, can be very good, kind, white and fluffy!

And love bad boy-“radical” with a good girl can be a long, bright and clean!

“No fixed occupation”

That is to say, a freelancer. In General, if a man is satisfied with this making money and he is not a gigolo – why not? Though this circumstance usually resent us girls and potential mothers-in-law the most!

The man is very different from yourself

For example, you slender blond, quiet and he was loud too tall of Caucasian appearance. Do you like for Breakfast porridge with baked Apple, and give him hot!

By themselves, such “domestic” distinction is not terrible – the main thing is to say to yourself: “I love a bad boy for what he prefers to eat Breakfast!”. In the end, the fact that we are different, does not mean that someone is good and who is bad!

So pay less attention to the conventions, and succeed!

I re!!!

No, no and no again! Is to prove that the beloved “bad boy” re impossible!

Although, of course, desirable. I look at him, all unshaven, polstrany, neoglory, unfed…

And, of course, no one ever told him that Smoking in bed is a fire hazard, and generally Smoking is harmful and even harmful to eat burgers and drink their beer after 6 PM, and the speed on your favorite bike to not be exceeded, and instead of random’ing it would be good to become a decent Manager with a solid salary, and it would be nice to sit down and write a dissertation!..

So why he is still not to say?! And for performance to repeat in a couple of days, and once a week to remind you?

What will come of this? Events can develop in one of two scenarios:

  • You have talent as a teacher, you re. He stops to exceed the speed limit, stopping Smoking and never going in the fridge after 6 years. And even, maybe, write a PhD! But… From the “bad” he will become normal, “good” boy. In the gutless pussy you will soon cease to know of the brutal macho, who once fell in love… Sure you want to achieve this result?
  • You have a certain teaching methodology, but the man has no character! After some (not too long) time, your favorite “bad boy” will know that he deliberately re, and “beat it”… And probably be right!

And how then to tame it?

However, the love of a bad boy is not necessarily a short-term “sun stroke”! asserts that the Union “bad guy” and “good girls” — pretty solid construction, even the most inveterate gangster and playboy, can be quite suitable for a serious relationship.

And that’s how it is to coerce? A few tips:

  • Not re it! If you love bad boy, love him as he is! But if something in his lifestyle you absolutely can not accept, it is easier to find another, “ready”!
  • Suggest to him thatwhat he will find (at least not until now) in other women. I say at once: it’s not sex (even the most mind-blowing!) and not the household (that’s really what the “bad guys” rarely appreciated!). Your “trick” may be a common interest and desire to share his way of life: for example, buy a ticket for all the Champions League matches and together yell: “Zabivay!! Goool!!!”.
    But of course, this only works if your interest is sincere men very quickly define what is a concession from the girl, and what the present interest! In General, sincerity and ability to be yourself open the way to a man’s heart much better than borscht! But many women find this simple truth so banal and forgotten… But in vain.
  • Don’t try to adapt to all his folly. This advice, in General, is contrary to the previous one. But if you decide to completely change the image and really become a “bad girl”, be ready for a… rejection of those changes man! He originally fell in love with the real you – a quiet, homey and good! Here and continue to be, and some episodes are a reincarnation of cats in Panther let it be “spice” in your relationship!
  • Don’t be afraid to show the man his self-sufficiency and independence! How could you not love a bad boy, don’t get hysterical on “without you I’ll die.”. Man, as you know, is by nature a hunter. If game is caught and defeated at the feet of the hero, which makes sense to continue to run around with a gun in the woods?
    So, if you want to fight a bad guy to the person, sometimes show me what you and without it, feel good: look for Hobbies and interests, communicate with other people. It is not necessary to drop everything and run to him at the slightest hint: sometimes it is necessary to be late on a date or even to cancel the meeting – let him sweat for, reflect… And jealous he is, incidentally, also harmless!..

Remember the song “Love the girls Simple romantics…”? In fact, such bad boys we love for it – for the romance! They read us his own poems (and not learnt by reading books in the fifth grade), they write our portraits and we ride on the motorcycle that day, when we put out the hairpins and the evening dress…

Dresses torn and zabryzgivaya beer, which seems to us divine ambrosia in conjunction with the barbecue, fried in a near-landing on the fire.

Sometimes after such a romantic love for the bad boy ends. And we’re getting married for the serious bespectacled PhDs who consider barbecue on the fire unhygienic junk food.

But to fall in love with bad boys still stands – what do you think?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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