Love two: what to do in such a situation

“Oleg is a wonderful lover, and Igor never boring. Oleg is so reliable, it is always possible to trust, and Igor proactive and communicative. Oleg is a nice ride, and Igor’s awesome apartment! Oleg comfortable, you can be weak and naive, and Igor and feel like a girl in a million! They are so different – like two! What do I do?!”. What to do if you fell in love with two people at once – talking on!

But is it love?

I assume that many readers of the website, only after reading the title “I Love you two! What to do?” will say in unison: “It’s not love! True love is possible only to the one and only…”.

Anyone who thinks so, I can answer that it is not necessary to include in the category of impossible and non-existent, that didn’t happen personally to you. I, for one, never jumped with a parachute, I’m afraid of heights and is unlikely to ever dare to jump, but it’s not a reason to deny the existence of parachuting?!

And we often confuse (both in theory and in practice) in love with love. The only difference is that love is long (a long is, in your opinion, how long: a year, six months, 5 years, or count of serious feelings can be conducted only after decades of living together?), and love – the phenomenon fleeting. But personally, I do not know how to distinguish!

Romeo and Juliet could feel each other the most ordinary love, and poison to drink from the purest of youthful maximalism. And – here you are, a love story of all time!

And when you’re in 10th grade fell in love with Pete from the parallel “B”, they all said that, teenage love. Why not love? Or you also had to be poisoned to prove the seriousness of intent?

Therefore, I believe that love is “unreal” and “real” does not happen. Love is either there or not. Including – love of two. “What?” — this question is in this case much more relevant debate on “whether there is A way?”.

The problem of choice

You fell in love with two. What to do – to let the situation slide, or to suffer the problem of choice.

The answer depends on many facts: does one of the blessings of your love on the other, are you an “official” girlfriend or wife of one of them, or manage to twist parallel to the two novels, do you back these guys? Quote the most common options for this love triangle:

1. You have PM, you love him, you’ve been together. But here comes the second.

He is the opposite of the first one you fall in love for this dissimilarity! What loving two… different? The first, “main”, throw want – you are all good! And the second is “breath of fresh air”.

I wish there was a way to “mix” these two men, and to the third, perfect?! But it is not! Are you trying to make the first be like for a second – for example, to instill in him a love of poetry, if a new friend writes poems, etc. Either periodically run a second, feeling the terrible pangs of conscience.

It is best in this situation – to wait. Maybe even temporarily detached from both time and distance will allow us to objectively assess who you more.

2. You’re a free girl, but I sympathize with two different guys.

Whom to choose? If you are not yet bound by any commitments, you have every right to chat (and meet) with the help. Don’t go too far – just get to know these people better. Upon closer inspection, one might even be better than you thought, and the other absolutely not live up to expectations!

3. You like one “just because”, and other love… because he loves you!

Loving you feels your “consumer” attitude, and suffering – and from the awareness of its secondary importance to you, and from a misunderstanding of why you run the second, which didn’t lead with your appearance.

To abandon someone who is so loyal to you (and will give flowers, and cake will bring, and course write) is not desirable. But the dream of “Prince charming” does not leave!

What to do with these two? Try to distance yourself from them and… to find the third! Which all is mutual!

4. You’re married, the romance out of your relationship long gone…

You love your husbandand to cook borscht learned, and shirts to iron… And gradually the image of my beloved husband quietly got together and got used to these hateful borscht and shirts! Then on your horizon there is another one who no need to cook or iron, but missing in life romance with him – no problem!

If the problem in “escape from life” – run together with my husband! For example, take a joint vacation and spend it like a second honeymoon – so that the word “soup” you even do not have to hear! Maybe blessed would be no worse than “visiting macho”!

To confess is impossible to hide

But there is another important problem, if you love two: what to do – to observe a strict secrecy or in the name of honesty to admit both (or at least one) on the existence of another? Personally, I think that to go to repent is possible only when you made any decision.

Not every man is able to understand and accept that his girl loves someone else but doesn’t want to leave at all. So remember once again the saying about chasing two rabbits!

And you don’t run away to consult with her friends, mother, “knowledgeable” friends!.. Tip-you will surely give, and not one, and even in the details tells, worse than Oleg, Igor, but…

In matters of love, should solve your heart, and the involvement of advisers will only lead to propagation of rumors and gossip!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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