Low-carb diet: the principle of what you can eat sample menu + reviews

Nutritionists, developing a weight loss program, it is recommended in the first place, to give up sweets, pastries, candy. Such restrictions, no one doubt. But only a specialist understands that we are talking about carbohydrates. They lead to deposition of fat reserves, and their reduction to weight loss. On this principle is constructed the low-carb diet.

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  • 1 low-carb diet: pros and cons
    • 1.1 Not all carbs are “bad”
    • 1.2 the Essence of the program
    • 6 1.3 advantages
    • 1.4 3 weaknesses
    • 1.5 Contraindications
  • 2 Features of the diet
    • 2.1 8 of the rules of efficiency
    • 2.2 Products: what is useful and what is not
    • 2.3 we Believe.e.
  • 3 sample menu
  • 4 Recipes
    • 4.1 Vegetable stew with beef
    • 4.2 Soup with shrimp
  • 5 Reviews: “the sea flew with a gorgeous figure”

Carbohydrates entering the body, transformirovalsya in energy, which is necessary for life. Their reduction will lead to a number of problems, including fatigue, reduced activity, loss of strength, dizziness. How can that be? Is it possible to provide a healthy diet and not cause harm to the body? Nutritionists say that you can, if you understand the intricacies of a low-carb diet.

Low-carb diet: pros and cons

Diet diet based on limited consumption of carbohydrates and increasing protein, called low-carb diet. There are special conditions in which the body begins to break down subcutaneous fat to supply itself with energy.

Not all carbs are “bad”

To independently develop menu low-carb diet for a week, you need to understand that not all carbohydrates are harmful for the body. And their relentless exclusion of food can lead to serious disorders. Carbohydrates are of the following types.

  • Simple. They are called “fast”, they are rapidly broken down in the digestive tract and instantly transformirovalsya into energy. Such a powerful release of energy can be useful before heavy exercise. But in ordinary life he will remain unclaimed and will be converted to body fat. That’s why you can’t eat during low carbohydrate diets. The category of simple carbohydrates include sugar, sweet pastries, flour products, sweets, meats, fatty foods.
  • Complex. By analogy with the above-described call them “slow”. These substances are broken down for a long time, gradually releasing the necessary energy. They constantly feed the body with vivacity. The digestive system is occupied with processing complex carbohydrates completely forget about hunger. Thanks to this feature could expend more energy (or calories) to digest than was obtained in food process. A difficult include vegetables, and cereals.

The principle of reducing carbohydrates formed the basis of such well-known diets, like the Kremlin, the Atkins diet, Protasov, protein diet.The essence of the program

Ceasing to replenish the body with quick sources of energy, you force him to seek alternative ways of replenishment of energy. And he finds them. This is the basic principle of low carb dieting. This diet starts in the body the following mechanisms.

  • The consumption of glycogen. Initially, the body will begin to replenish energy stores at the expense of glycogen from the liver is withdrawn. This substance is broken down to glucose. This process can take up to three days. That is why in the early days of low-carb diet is not weight loss.
  • The breakdown of fat. Having exhausted the glycogen stores, the body will “pay attention” to the abdominal (or internal) and subcutaneous fat. From that moment begins the weight loss.

Don’t wait rapid weight loss. Reviews and results low-carb diets show that weight loss is slow. Studies have identified a pattern: the cleavage of 1 g of carbohydrate releases 4.1 kcal, and 1 g fat — 9.3 kcal. So to make up for the lack of energy, need little fat.6 advantages

Diet based on lowering carbs has many advantages. That is why it is popular among dieters. Appreciated this food the doctors and in some pathologies it is recommended a low-carb diet. The main advantages of the diet and the health benefits are concluded in six points.

  • The lack of hunger. This diet does not cause the feeling of severe hunger. Therefore, to withstand such a diet is easy. Protein food based on a menu completely saturates the body. As evidenced by losing weight, allows you to even do without snacking.
  • Tasty menu. Diet means a wide range of dishes and products, do not have to torture yourself with tasteless food. With a little effort and imagination, you can prepare delicious masterpieces, hearty and healthy.
  • Normalization of sugar. Low-carb diet is often recommended for diabetics. Diet provides moderate insulin production. This makes it possible to achieve long-term remission in type 2 diabetes. Insulin is dangerous not only for diabetics. It hurts losing weight. The hormone slows the process of splitting their own fat. Therefore, the reduction of insulin provides an effective weight loss.
  • Physical activity. During the diet, and even you need to play sports, lead an active way of life, to resort to physical labor. This load will provide enhanced fat burning and will allow you to obtain a pleasant bonus beautiful embossed body.
  • The pressure reduction. Very useful diet for hypertension. Doctors say the high content of insulin causes an increase of pressure. Respectively, its reduction is an effective method of control and prevention of hypertension.
  • A stable result. As shown by numerous studies, weight loss is not a result of the outflow of water from the body, as a result of the splitting of the accumulated fat. Therefore, subject to in the future proper diet, return to their previous figures will not.
  • Low-carb diet can be used in type 1 diabetes. But the list of permitted and prohibited food in the diet varies depending on the condition of the particular patient.3 weaknesses

    The biggest misconception a low-carb diet completely harmless to the body. Such a diet can cause serious harm. Especially if the terms are not respected or completely ignored the recommendations. Doctors talk about three disadvantages of low carbohydrate diets.

  • A shortage of glucose. To the body worked “full” he needs glucose. The constant lack of this substance leads to a decrease in mental activity, memory impairment, absent-mindedness. Perhaps even slowing the reaction. Particularly strong will experience such changes, those who can not imagine life without sweets.
  • Excessive load. The diet consists mainly of protein foods. Proteins increase the burden on the kidneys. Low-carb diet does not include sufficient intake of potassium. The result that can be inflicted significant damage to the cardiovascular system.
  • The lack of nutrients. Ketone bodies produced in the body due to excessive protein, affect not only the fats. Sometimes they are able to provoke the withdrawal of nutrients. Therefore, the diet can be followed by excessive weakness, insomnia, sudden dizziness.
  • For a long time was thought that low-carbohydrate diet has a positive effect on the condition of the blood vessels and reduces cholesterol. It was recommended for the treatment of atherosclerosis.

    A recent study conducted at the University of Colorado in Denver by Dr. Teri L. Hernandez, cast doubt on this ability. All subjects seated on a low carbohydrate diet, six weeks showed improved cholesterol. At the same time with high carbohydrate food scientists have recorded a decrease. So apply this diet in atherosclerosis doctors now do not advise.Contraindications

    Low carb diet has a number of contraindications. Therefore, without the doctor’s advice to begin the process of weight loss is not recommended. Doctors suggest to refrain from the diet under certain conditions.

    • Chronic disease. Diet reinforces the body burden. It can cause aggravation.
    • Pregnancy, lactation. Women are responsible for the baby. It is therefore necessary to protect child from negative consequences and to ensure a balanced intake of all nutrients.
    • The children’s age. This also applies to adolescents. The restriction of carbohydrates during the formation of the body can lead to the development of pathologies.

    Of nutrition

    Opt for a low carbohydrate diet, you need to get to know her a little closer and see its detailed description. This will help to understand how you fit this diet. There are two versions of the diet.

  • Hard (fast). This type of power is developed only for athletes. He means strict limits and strict observance of rules. Diet used by bodybuilders since it provides the drying of the body and gives relief to muscles. But to use her untrained person should not be as hard constraints often lead to failure due to uncontrolled gain weight.
  • Slow. This ration has less stringent requirements and provides a non-drying body and gradual weight loss. In the future, subject to a healthy diet does not re-weight gain. Therefore, those wishing to lose weight do it slow a low-carb diet.
  • 8 of the rules of efficiency

    Low-carb diet built on limiting fast carbs and dosed reception slow. It is this power, according to Bastrigina Yulia, as a dietitian, ensure proper weight loss. Complete abstinence from carbohydrates, according to doctors, is fraught with dehydration, formation of stones in the kidney, destruction of muscle tissue. Making diet, based on eight rules.

  • Fats. The human body needs all nutrients (PFC). Therefore, to eliminate fats, as well as to completely abandon the carbohydrates, is strictly prohibited. But instead of harmful animals recommended useful vegetable: olive, Flaxseed oil.
  • The water regime. Nutritionists advise not to forget about the liquid. The body must receive at least two liters of pure non-carbonated water per day.
  • The “right” carbs. It is desirable to completely eliminate from your menu fast carbs. Should not eat sugar in any form: syrups, jams, honey. Complex — subject to restrictions.
  • Vitamins. You must take care of sufficient intake of nutrients. Therefore, from the first days of the diet need to take vitamin complexes.
  • Mode. Develop the optimal power plan and try sticking to it. It might include four to six meals. Take in between regular intervals. It will protect against hunger. And do not skip meals, not to exceed the rate next time.
  • Sport. Physical activity will help to lose weight and protect muscles from sagging. If you can not visit the gym, do morning exercises or daily practice Hiking.
  • Fiber. Draw this component from bran and vegetables. A diet rich in protein that may cause constipation. To restore the digestive system and purify it from toxins, the doctors recommend fiber.
  • The processing of food. For diet use recipes involving boiling, stewing, steaming. Useful baking. And fried food is better to refuse.
  • Products: what is useful and what is not

    What can I eat on a low carbohydrate diet? The list of acceptable products is very extensive and presented in the table. Therefore, it is easy to create a delicious and varied menu.

    Table — Permitted and prohibited food in a low-carb diet

    Food groupRecommended for admissionCan not be used
    Vegetables— Parsley;
    — dill;
    — pepper;
    — spinach;
    — color;
    — Brussels;
    — red cabbage;
    — celery;
    — eggplant;
    — radish;
    — cucumbers;
    — asparagus;
    — artichokes;
    — sorrel;
    — zucchini
    — Corn;
    — olives;
    — squash;
    — sugar beet;
    — lentils;
    — potatoes;
    — beans
    Meat— Quail;
    — ducks;
    — veal;
    — beef liver;
    — Gus;
    — Pork fat;
    — beef;
    — red meat
    — meats;
    — by-products
    Fish, seafood— Halibut;
    — tuna;
    — salmon;
    — salmon;
    — herring;
    — mackerel;
    — trout;
    — salmon;
    — flounder;
    — all seafood
    — Fat varieties
    Dairy products— Fat-free yogurt;
    — skimmed milk;
    — fat-free yogurt;
    — low-fat yogurt
    — Fatty foods;
    — sour cream
    — quail
    Vegetable oilOlive;
    — linen
    — Corn;
    — sunflower;
    — rapeseed;
    CerealsBrown wild rice;
    — oatmeal;
    rice shiitake;
    — buckwheat;
    — bran;
    — low carb pasta
    — White rice;
    — corn porridge;
    — wheat;
    — pasta
    Fruit— Green apples;
    — grapefruit;
    — kiwi;
    — lemons;
    — oranges
    — Grapes;
    — melon;
    — bananas;
    — all berries
    Other products— Nuts;
    — seeds;
    — mushrooms;
    soy products;
    — vegetable juices
    — Sausages;
    — confectionery;
    — butter;
    sauces, including mayonnaise;
    — semi-finished products;
    — dried fruits;
    — soda


    Nutritionists developed a special table of low-carb products, showing the carb. They are usually measured in arbitrary units (u.e.). One.e. equal to 1 g of carbohydrates. Developing indicative menus, consider the following recommendations:

    • for weight loss daily diet diet should contain 40 at.e.
    • to stabilize the mass — the quantity of carbohydrates should not exceed 60.e.

    Table — low carb foods

    A list of productsThe contents
    .e. 100 g
    A list of productsThe contents
    .e. 100 g
    Meat rawRaw fish, shrimp
    Cooked sausage1,5Crabs2
    Chicken egg0,5Squid4
    Vegetable oilOatmeal49
    Low-fat cottage cheese1Buckwheat62
    Yogurt, sour3,2Millet66
    Milk4,7Rye bread34
    Plain yogurt3,5Wheat bread50
    Tea, coffeeWine1
    Tomato juice3,5Beer12
    Apple juice7,5Walnut12
    Cherry compote24Sunflower seeds18

    When calculating the amount of servings, do not forget that for effective weight loss, low physical activity, the daily ration should consist of 1200-1500 kcal.Sample menu

    To develop a proper diet low-carb food, it would appeal to an experienced nutritionist. The doctor will take into account the individual characteristics and help create effective menus that provide proper and healthy weight loss. Easy to navigate through the table.

    Table — sample menu for each day low-carb diet

    DayBreakfastLunchAfternoon teaDinner
    MondaySteam omelet;
    green Apple;
    — Boiled beef;
    — vegetable salad
    — Unsweetened yogurt;
    — orange
    — Buckwheat porridge with chicken (small portion)
    Tuesday— Cottage cheese with unsweetened fruit pieces;
    — tea
    — Steamed vegetables;
    — baked fish
    — Grapefruit— Mushroom soup
    Environment— Slice of hard cheese (about 100 g);
    — orange;
    — tea
    Soup with rabbit— Yogurt— Steamed cabbage with chicken
    Thursday— Buckwheat;
    Baked meat;
    — vegetable salad
    — Kiwi;
    — Apple
    — Porridge from brown rice;
    — boiled fish
    Friday— Low-fat cottage cheese;
    — tea
    — Chicken soupYogurt— Steamed vegetables;
    — boiled chicken breast
    Saturday— Boiled eggs (2 PCs.);
    — hard cheese;
    — Roast pork (low-fat!);
    — vegetable salad
    — Orange— Rice porridge;
    — baked fish
    Sunday— Buckwheat;
    — tea
    — Mushroom soup— Yogurt;
    — orange
    — Baked beef;
    — vegetable salad

    At the end of a low-carb diet should gradually return to normal diet. Nutritionists advise a daily Supplement to your diet 5.e.Recipes

    Food can be not only useful but also very tasty. In this persuasion the following recipes are recommended for a low-carb diet.

    Vegetable stew with beef


    • spinach — 200 g;
    • celery (root) — 100 g;
    • onion — one;
    • beef — 400-500 g;
    • tomato — one;
    • garlic — cloves;
    • beef broth — a glass;
    • ginger (powder), cumin — to taste;
    • olive oil — tablespoon.


  • Spinach, celery cut and fried in a skillet.
  • In a large kettle, add tomatoes, onions.
  • Pour in the broth, put the garlic and added seasonings.
  • Beef cut into slices and lay in a saucepan.
  • Stew stew for about 40 minutes under a lid.
  • Soup with shrimp


    • prawns — 500 g;
    • tomato — one;
    • lemon juice — tablespoon;
    • onion — one;
    • celery — 50 g;
    • curry.


  • All the vegetables cut and put in water.
  • In the boiling broth to throw shrimp.
  • Add the curry and pour in the lemon juice.
  • Cook until done.
  • Low carb diet for weight loss can not boast of a balanced diet. And therefore it should not be too long to sit on it. Usually nutritionists suggest you stick to this diet not more than one month. Further, to ensure the preservation of the achieved results it is possible to practice low-carb days once a week.

    Reviews: “the sea flew with a gorgeous figure”

    Six years ago, addicted to the Kremlevka. A couple of years off 30 lbs. Now everything is optimal, adhere to it still, but without fanaticism. I think this is important on any diet to fit it yourself and not to become hysterical, if something broke.

    Scorpios, http://www.woman.ru/health/diets/thread/3983377/

    Went through this diet all the rules. Of course, each is its own, so will write its own nuances. I combined the diet with the sport. Diet requires good endurance, discipline. You need to keep a food diary, calculate the carbs. It is impossible to break (even for 1 cookie), otherwise there will be good effect. On this diet no hazards! Carbohydrates are used only in the first half of the day. Unwanted fruit can something like green Apple or grapefruit 1 time a day! Caloric is retained by increasing the amount of protein in the diet. On this diet, with the right approach, leaving the fat and water, the body gets relief (provided that under the fat is muscle). All my diet lasted 2 months. Out smoothly, adjusting the timing for your vacation at sea — flew with a gorgeous figure.

    Fitnesa, http://irecommend.ru/content/nyuansyprotivopokazaniyafoto-rezultata

    Once, in a group, I came across the advertisement in the free group weight loss. Decided to apply. I answered, asked to fill in a questionnaire, was accepted into the group. Starting weight was 75 kg. We immediately announced that meals will be low carb and if someone there are contraindications for health reasons, asked to unsubscribe. In the end, I lost weight over the month to 9 kg, the volume went very well. To keep advised to use protein-carbohydrate alternation. Day proteins/ day carbs/day mixed.. so 3 cycles, then a proper diet. To be honest, to keep did not work. As soon as beginning to eat without controlling PFC, 4 kg back instantly.

    naslenochka1, http://irecommend. EN/content/nizkouglevodnaya-dieta-9-kg-za-mesyats-foto

    Low-carb diet: the principle of what you can eat sample menu + reviews

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