Lunar calendar for haircutting

Today women’s site “” we will talk about the knowledge that has come down to us from ancient times. Luxurious, thick, strong hair has long been considered the ultimate dream. Before women had followed closely the phases of the moon, to choose the right treatments for their hair.

It is believed that to improve their energy, enhance hair growth, you should truly choose the the day, guided by the lunar calendar. Even the ancients believed that the ritual trimming of the hair may lead to better health and liberation from the accumulated negativity, or – if it is wrong to choose a day to disease.

Even the skeptical minded people will agree that sometimes after cutting hair the mood is markedly improved, stretched smile, and in General a feeling of lightness arises, almost like a balloon! Although, for example, cut only a few centimeters. And sometimes, on the contrary, the haircut affects the condition of the hair, and the mood goes to minus. Someone starts to blame the hairdresser. Of course, not all masters – true professionals, but sometimes the thing wrong selected time for the procedure.

How to choose a day with the phase of the moon?

You can read now quite a lot of sources, what better day to get a haircut. This is especially true, for example, in December. Although there are many guided sometimes what time will be free in the cabin, because it is the eve of new year holidays. understand that you in such moments is not to Luna But why not plan a trip to the wizard in advance?

Overall, there is a recommendation to get a haircut on the growing moon. It is believed that this period of faster growth of hair.

You can also sign up to the salon and in the days of the waning moon. Use for hair will be the following:

  • they will grow slower, and this means that the shape of the hairstyle will last longer – true for those who are not growing tresses;
  • will change some of the properties of hair – wavy will become more smooth;
  • hair will not knot;
  • they won’t to fall heavily;
  • will be able to strengthen them at the roots.

Of course, if there are really any problems with the health of the scalp and hair, just the right day according to the lunar calendar may not be enough. Sometimes useful to consult a trichologist.

Which days just not worth it to get a haircut?

In the lunar calendar there are days when it is impossible to get a haircut. This is the ninth, fifteenth, twenty-third and twenty-ninth. People say that it is a satanic day. In addition, to cut the curls it is not necessary during lunar and solar eclipses.

All this is due to the fact that the visit to even the best beauty salon in your city can disrupt the flow of cosmic energy. And this has a negative impact not only on the condition of the hair, but in General throughout the body.

Does the hair on what is happening in your life?

Someone will say a clear “No”, someone with confidence, “of Course!” Of course, beautiful hair – though not a guarantee of success in life, but one of its factors.

And if you look in the ancient lunar calendars, it is generally considered that if to choose a good day for manipulating hair can even affect our own destiny. To change something in the relationship, cash flow and their personal qualities.

Scientists are still struggling to unravel the mysterious influence of the moon on all living things. While one cannot argue that if there is no direct evidence that this influence is not at all. Hair accumulate energy and vitality, and therefore cut their costs in the days that are favorable.

Author – Eva the rainbow site

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