Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: the effectiveness to rejuvenate and puffiness under the eyes, technique + reviews

Time is not the best companion of women. Quietly sneaking up, it can completely change the once beautiful features. Appears morning puffiness, the dermis loses its elasticity and delicate skin wrinkles. Want to change the situation and restore youth? Then try to practice lymphatic drainage facial massage at home.

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  • 1 Lymphatic drainage facial massage: the essence and particularities of the procedure
    • 1.1 what is the use
    • 1.2 Indications
    • 1.3 Contraindications
  • 2 Varieties
  • 3 How to do it yourself: safety rules
  • 4 Technique for the face
    • 4.1 For forehead
    • 4.2 For the eye area
    • 4.3.
    • 4.4 For cheeks
    • 4.5 For nasolabial folds
    • 4.6 chin
  • 5 Technique for the neck
    • 5.1 Stroking the midline
    • 5.2 Stroking the side lines
    • 5.3 To neckline
  • 6 Reviews: “Surgery can wait”

Lymphatic drainage massage is an alternative to surgical interventions. Unique technique based on the activation of natural processes occurring in the tissues. Thanks to their stimulation, skin regains elasticity, a person acquires the right oval, and wrinkles are gradually smoothed.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage: the essence and particularities of the procedure

Before you can do lymphatic drainage facial massage, you need to understand how this technique works. In any human body operates parallel to the circulatory and lymphatic system. The first carries nutrients to all tissues. What makes the second? The lymphatic system collects tissue fluid and all the decay products, toxins, viruses, bacteria and removes them from the body.

With age, the mobility of the lymph slows down. Significantly compounding the problem of lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive dieting or overeating, chronic illness. The liquid is not completely removed from the intercellular space. This leads to swelling. The accumulation of harmful components, deterioration of metabolic reactions provokes the premature aging of the dermis.

Lymphatic drainage for the face helps to disperse stagnant lymph. He thereby cleanses the body from harmful substances and removes excess intercellular fluid.What is the use

Lymphatic drainage massage becomes a lever that triggers a natural rejuvenation. As shown by reviews, the first positive changes can be seen after the fourth or fifth treatment. Massage provides the following results:

  • eliminated age-related puffiness — due to the interstitial fluid;
  • aktiviziruyutsya metabolism thereby improving the tint of the dermis, leaves yellowness or dullness of the skin;
  • normal condition of skin (dry and oily) — as a result of the recovery of water-salt balance in the cells;
  • leave the bruises, dark circles and bags under eyes — due to active feeding of the dermis, the conclusion of excess fluid and toxins;
  • tighten facial contours, clean flews — the dermis becomes firmer, leaving age-related sagging;
  • destroyed fat — makes it possible to eliminate the second chin and flews significantly tightened;
  • smooth wrinkles and unsightly crow’s feet;
  • reduces the severity of nasolabial folds and deep wrinkles.

Beauticians recommend to do a lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes and to rejuvenate as prophylaxis to all women starting from the age of 35, except in those patients in whom the procedure is contraindicated.Testimony

Lymphatic drainage massage is beneficial for almost all women. But sometimes it just becomes necessary. This procedure can stop the aging process and do it, with due diligence, is not worse than the scalpel of a plastic surgeon. Indications for lymphatic drainage massage are as follows:

  • dryness of the dermis;
  • swelling of the face;
  • the presence of flews, the second chin;
  • the appearance of facial wrinkles;
  • ptosis of eyelids;
  • gray or yellowish skin tone;
  • overly pronounced nasolabial wrinkles;
  • obese person;
  • violation of metabolic processes and microcirculation.

Lymphatic drainage massage is administered to patients after Botox. The procedure is much easier to transfer the rehabilitation period and promotes rapid resorption of the filler.Contraindications

Lymphatic drainage is a technique that allows you to influence the deeper layers of the dermis. It starts a process of natural rejuvenation. But such exposure can cause serious harm if performed incorrectly. Therefore, with this technique you have to be very careful. Start with, eliminate the contraindications to lymphatic drainage massage of the face, which the doctors include:

  • diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • the age of 18;
  • infections, colds (even banal cold);
  • high blood pressure;
  • depression, chronic fatigue;
  • dermatological disorders, including rosacea, rosacea, dermatitis;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • recent rhinoplasty;
  • open wounds;

monthly (see health, some women even in the critical days easily tolerate the procedure);

  • ENT diseases (the most dangerous inflammation of the tonsils);
  • Oncology.

The lymphatic system in the human body plays the role of the transport channel. Therefore, the viruses or bacteria causing sinusitis or common cold, spreading throughout the body. Cancers also can metastasize through the lymphatic.Varieties

To rejuvenate and improve the structure of the skin is used several effective techniques lymphatic drainage. Each of them has their supporters and perinataly. And cosmetologists are advised to choose the most appropriate massage technique, based on the condition of the epidermis. Depending on the use of technology, there are two techniques of massage.

  • Manual. This way the improvement of the dermis is recommended for those women who have skin not classified as running or problematic. Manual massage provides support for the dermis, allows it to stay young and radiant. This procedure can be fully explored and hold its own.
  • Hardware. The event is held only by an experienced beautician. Hardware lymphatic drainage facial massage is recommended if the dermis is quite running and requires serious help. There are several varieties of hardware massage. The choice of the appropriate method will depend on many factors.
  • Compare features and advantages of each method in the attached table.

    Table — varieties of instrumental and manual lymphatic drainage massage

    NameA method of exposureThe main characteristics and results
    Massage apparatus
    Galvanization— The dermis is exposed to a current of low voltage— Increases metabolism;
    — excess fluid;
    — restoration of the correct cell;
    — aktiviziruyutsya collagen production
    Pressotherapy— On the face wear a special mask, consisting of inflatable segments;
    the air supply provides a periodic pressure on the problem areas
    — Activates the metabolism;
    — tightens loose skin;
    — eliminates cellulite;
    — gives the epidermis elasticity;
    — removes excess fluid;
    — restores moisture balance in the skin
    MicrocurrentThe effect is a pulsed micro currents that penetrate into the damaged or old cells and start the process of regeneration (recovery)— Eliminates puffiness;
    — gives the face a natural color;
    — improves skin structure, eliminating severe dryness and oiliness;
    — relieves redness;
    — reduces the depth and severity of wrinkles;
    — removes bags under the eyes
    VacuumThe procedure is performed using a special apparatus with vacuum attachment;
    such a massage you can do yourself with cans
    — Reduces swelling;
    — eliminate dark circles, bags;
    — stops the aging of the dermis;
    — tightens flews;
    — corrects a double chin;
    — activates the metabolism;
    — increases lipolysis (fat breakdown)
    Iontophoresis— Nutrients that provide slow aging, injected into the deeper layers of the epidermis with current, low voltage— Revitalizes the cells in the deep layers of the dermis;
    — activates the production of collagen;
    — cleans the skin from rashes, inflammation, redness;
    — eliminates puffiness;
    — eliminates dryness of the dermis;
    — smoothes the cellulite;
    — removes dark circles, bags;
    — eliminates age spots
    Hand massage
    The Japanese (technique of Yukuko Tanaka)— Manual exposure (manual) whole palm— Provides rejuvenation;
    — stimulates the metabolism;
    — smoothes wrinkles;
    — come elasticity the dermis;
    — eliminates fluid stagnation;
    — provides slimming of the face;
    — promotes detoxification of deep layers
    CoganMassage similar manipulations and results on the Japanese technique;
    — distinguishing feature is the light twisting of the skin during the procedure
    Classic— Basic techniques of manual exposure — smoothing, rubbing, pressure— Activates the metabolism;
    — tightens the skin;
    — enhances the nutrition of the dermis;
    — reduces the severity of wrinkles;
    — eliminates puffiness;
    — removes excess intercellular fluid

    Doctors are allowed to enlist the help of lymphatic drainage massage during pregnancy, but only if you are using the manual technique. The procedure will reduce swelling, provide relaxation. Hardware massage is absolutely contraindicated.How to do it yourself: safety rules

    The most widely Japanese lymphatic drainage massage of the face, revived Yukuko Tanaka. This technique allows you to visually rejuvenate the face for ten years. It is simple and easy to study. The results will be visible already after the third or fourth procedure.

    It is best to entrust the care of your face in the hands of an experienced professional. This will allow to avoid many troubles and do provide effective rejuvenation. But if a woman decided to do the massage yourself, initially you should examine the following recommendations of cosmetologists.

  • Consultation of the doctor. It is necessary to begin massage. Definitely need to tell the doctor about their chronic diseases, and if necessary to pass the examination. This will help to eliminate unwanted effects. During the procedure I always follow your feelings. The appearance of side effects (severe redness, dizziness, exacerbation of the disease) immediately cease manipulation.
  • Manual exposure. Perform lymphatic drainage massage hands. A variety of tools (cans, steel balls, mesoroller) it is better not to apply. They require special training. In the absence of skills is very easy to cause the person harm, leaving the skin bruises, bruises and abrasions.
  • Cleansing of the face. During the massage aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, opens pores. If the integuments remain harmful substances, they will receive the ability to easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis. It is therefore necessary to efficiently clean the face. Cosmetologists are advised to enlist the help of fruit scrub.
  • A massage oil. Be sure to chose the correct cream, oil or lotion. It must contain a lot of vitamins, including a mandatory And E. it is Better to use natural means to massage, do not contain chemical components. Selected apply the oil on lightly steamed skin.
  • A number of approaches. Japanese massage involves the repetition of all the exercises three times. A smaller number will not bring the desired results, but more can damage the dermis.
  • The end of the massage. To complete the procedure it is recommended that a light Pat. This exercise will provide soothing inflamed dermis. After the procedure clean the skin of oil residues, otherwise develops a side effect — an ugly and sometimes painful pimples.
  • The frequency of massage. Do not get too often to do lymphatic drainage facial massage. Cosmetologists say that need one or two treatments per week to achieve positive results.
  • If pregnant, the doctors allow you to do lymphatic drainage massage, during breast-feeding is recommended to abandon it. The procedure involves the removal of toxins from the body. But when driving they are able to penetrate into breast milk, causing serious harm to the baby.Technique for the face

    When a person is fully prepared for the procedure, you can begin to massage. The event brings relaxation, relaxation. Technique lymphatic drainage facial massage takes place in stages for each zone.

    For forehead

  • The fingers of both hands come in the middle of the forehead.
  • Slowly moving them in different directions to the temples, as if smoothing the surface of the forehead.
  • Make five or six such raskladyvanii.
  • For the eye area

  • The index fingers put on the nose.
  • Move the lower edge of the eye socket, toward the temples.
  • Try not to push, here the skin is very delicate.
  • Return to the bridge of the nose along the top edge, just under the eyebrows.
  • To make a gentle massage of the area over the eyes, making light spiral movements until they reach the nose.
  • From swelling

  • Put middle fingers on the outer corners of the eyes.
  • A slight pressure moving through the lower eyelid to the nose.
  • Repeat this exercise five or six times.
  • Now working on the upper eyelid, moving from the inner to outer corner.
  • For cheeks

  • Initially, the fingers put in the center of the chin.
  • Carefully draw them the way to the end of the lower jaw.
  • After a few repetitions move on to the next movement.
  • Now fingers are fixed near the corners of the lips and start to move to the lower area of the cheeks right up to the earlobes.
  • The third movement begins in the pit above the upper lip and slowly headed to the temples.
  • For nasolabial folds

  • Have your fingers near the wings of the nose, along the nasolabial fold.
  • Make a few gentle taps on it.
  • Chin

  • Put your fingers on the middle of the chin.
  • Make several light pressure.
  • Then draw a line from the middle of the chin, moving the lower edge of the face toward the ears.
  • Technique for neck

    Attention is given not only the face but also the neck. It is most often gives the true age of the woman. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of her rejuvenation. Technique neck massage takes place in three stages.

    Stroking the midline

  • Short fingers are placed near the base of the neck, one hand under the other.
  • Begin to stroke the neck upwards on the Central line. From one hand, then the other.
  • Stroking the side lines

  • Place hands directly under the ears.
  • Starts to slide and hold over the shoulders.
  • To neckline

  • Put your fingers on the middle of his chest.
  • Move upwards and when he reached the base of the neck, moving the shoulders, gently swiping at him.
  • Repeat the procedure with the other hand, having worked the opposite shoulder.
  • If the decision on their own to practice lymphatic drainage facial massage for rejuvenation, it is necessary to remember that during the massage, do not strongly push on the skin and the lymph nodes. Otherwise the event will not benefit, and will cause serious harm.

    Reviews: “Surgery can wait”

    I do the Japanese massage the face for a long time, the effect is great: the second chin removed, tightened, fat cheeks losing weight, face toned and supple. Customers say the result is that the result is better than the injections.

    Cosmetologist, Masha,

    I 52 g. Doing massage for more than three months every morning. Prior to this thought about lower eyelid surgery and now it seems to me that the bags under the eyes decreased. Thought I think so, and today the daughter she noticed that the bags are not visible almost. So I am very pleased. And the oval of the face tightened. The operation will have to wait.


    Had a massage every day! Pressed hard enough! The feeling is very pleasant after the massage, as if indeed the training grounds. And the reviews are impressive, but the matter was not so. Face even more hanging off, the nasolabial folds become more visible!


    I was at the hardware procedure, and just massage my hands were doing. Mixed impressions. Inside, I promised just a miraculous effect of this instrumental procedure. I went five times. Total disappointment… More of the effect seen with manual lymphatic drainage in complex with a massage with honey.


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