Makeup color type Autumn: rules, examples in the photo

Representatives of the color type “Autumn” can be seen from afar. After a generous and rich gifts to patron dyed their appearance in warm Golden tones, giving them natural colors saturation, and features of softness and warmth. No other type can boast more gentle and velvety skin, more radiant and expressive blue eyes more intense shade of hair.

People intuitively seek women like butterflies bright colors because autumn girls exude a special aura – an aura of positivity, vitality and harmony, they look feminine and effectively. Of course, provided that their wardrobe, makeup and image in General is correct. It is about the intricacies of the selection of make-up and clothes and we will tell you on the pages site Beautiful and Successful. And let’s start with makeup. What is it, makeup women of color type Autumn?

Brief characteristics

But first a few words about the color type and its inherent characteristics, so that you can verify the correctness of the choice made.

So, you and Autumn, and that means you have:

  • transparent white (but not necessarily gold tones) or just Golden, dotted with freckles, devoid of the glow and burn easily in the sun skin.
  • hair necessarily ryjenko (all shades of red – from copper and gold to purplish-brown). Even in curls and blondes playing Golden reflections.
  • eyes, the color of which can range between sky-blue and dark-Karim, but always with Golden highlights contrast with proteins bright iris. Most often you can meet autumn green-eyed girls and the owners of amber-brown eyes.

Star women of color type autumn: Cynthia Nixon (Cynthia Nixon), Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore), Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts), drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore).

Conclusion: to identify in oneself the Autumn is actually very simple. Irrespective of the woman kolejowego this type of skin color and shade of hair, she was like a sparkling ray of the setting sun – a burning, warm and bright.

To ensure that its natural sparkle played and shimmered all its infinite facets, it is important to consider the following rules for the selection of flowers and the subtleties of applying makeup.

Mandatory rules for makeup “Autumn”

Autumn gives us not only a bountiful harvest and a pleasant coolness, but also unique and unique variety of flavor. Warm and bright palette of the autumn sky, soil and foliage – these amazing shades (from pale green to crimson and gold) should be a firm part of your daily life: makeup, clothes, images.


Say a firm “Yes”: a Golden-blue, azure, emerald, the color of old gold, brown-red, the color of ocher, mustard, khaki, champagne colour, yellowish-beige, fawn, copper and bronze.

Remember, that dark purple, the color of the red poppy, brown and orange – the winning of the autumn palette, they are particularly good and well to emphasize the depth and vividness of your beauty.

Firm and categorical “No”: the snow-white, black, all pastel shades of blue and pink, cool blue.

Now more objective and concrete analysis of the colors in the makeup and cosmetics for women of color type Autumn.

Choose the right makeup

If make-up base, make sure the shade gives the skin brightness. It is best to choose funds from the peach palette and avoid pink and blue tones (the latter will make the skin unhealthy and undesirable pallor).

If Foundation warm beige shade for everyday use girls with light skin and bronze — tanned. From pink and cold colors with a grayish tint you should refuse at all.

If the concealer, let it be yellowish.

If powder, it is translucent, almost colorless (for light-skinned women of the autumn type) and light beige (note tanned autumn beauties) for everyday makeup . For evening make choose tools with Golden glow.

Dark brown powder give a dark friend, your tender velvety skin it to anything.

If blush of apricot and salmon-pink scale — autumn light-skinned category. Girls-the red should look to the blush Terra cotta, Golden brown, light coral color.

Bright pink, puppet hints of better to avoid.

If eyeshadow, then be sure to dark saturated colors (within the permitted autumn palette, of course).Emerald green, eggplant, purple, bronze, and gold will make your bright eyes even more expressive, lavender, peach, warm beige, copper-brown and cinnamon, and emphasize their sparkling and natural warmth.

Pastel shades of cool scales you should be avoided.

If pencil for eyes, then brown, dark green, purple, khaki and black-brown (last one is just perfect for dramatic eye makeup-Autumn). Eyeliner inner-century use of gold and peach eyeliner.

Silver, cold gray and blue gray colors you should avoid.

If a mascara, a brown, black, dark green, deep purple. Blue and blue ink donate it to charity.

If the shades for the eyebrows, let them be of the wide range of warm shades of brown with reddishness. Ash-beige and black – it’s not about you.

If the lipstick, then the entire warm palette of beige shades and lipstick colors of champagne, bronze-red, coral, the color of ripe tomatoes, red eggplant, orange-red, copper, and cherry red.

Light pink glitter give younger sister, lipstick fuchsia – employee, and by means of pink-purple shades don’t even touch.

Epilogue and farewell

To be in the Fall and to emphasize the advantages inherent in this color type, very simply, we are convinced of this.

You can afford the bold and even bright colors, and for you it will be nothing. The main thing — to choose them from your palette and stick to compulsory rules of the game, avoiding the “overdose”. So, if today you plan to build your makeup around the eyes (intense black-brown eyeliner and a shiny bronze shade), lips take a secondary role. Delicate pale apricot luster amid the blazing colors of the eyes will look appropriate and very stylish. Conversely, lips the color of ripe black cherry sparkle with a special paint and power on a background of soft shades of salmon color.

And again. Remember, you only wear orange with it in all proportions and shades. Feel free to wear this magical color, because you do it once in 4 color type. Well, the black Express and contrasting cold Winters or carry it away from the face.

On this topic of makeup for color type Autumn announces closed.

The author – Julia Poison, site

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