Makeup color type Spring: photos, rules, examples

You have studied the theory of color types along and across and made yourself a final color verdict – “Spring”. From what you and congratulations. It is one of the most rare and controversial (in a good way) kolorowych types. “Pure” spring of girls, especially beyond our latitudes, not so much. Even among the representatives of the star of Olympus, which incorporates, as you know, the brightest and most isolated instances of female beauty. Give you a few minutes to realise their own uniqueness and euphoria on this joyous occasion, well, and then proceed to the theory. It is not enough to be in the Spring (even with all their status effects and benefits), you need to be able to use the original data and the right to serve. will help you to understand in artful tangles and knots slim science tsitologii and will select for you the most accurate and a good make. Makeup for color type “Spring” — what should it be? Looking for answers and examples!

Spring in its purest form: what is it?

Classic woman spring a match for most of the time of year – warm, fresh, feminine, reverent.

If the eyes, always with a greenish tint (from bright turquoise to gray-green). Hazel eyes is the exception rather the rule kolesovoy the game.

If hair, light wheat (from straw to Golden and honey copper), and never black.

If the skin is light, slightly yellowish, translucent, with a Golden glow and freckles.

If the lips, the sensual and pale pink.

Typical of Spring: Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), Amy Adams (Amy Adams), Svetlana Khodchenkova and Evangeline Lilly (Evangeline Lilly).

Although natural Springs very good, many of the representatives of this color type, applying makeup, alas, manage to:

— in the best case “pass” target, choosing a neutral color, say, from the palette of Autumn in that they do not spoil, but does not give beauty,

Autumn palette does not spoil Amy, but not decorate it

…at worst completely ruin everything by choosing colors and hues from the watercolor Winter or Summer, which they categorically did not go.

In the case of the murderous Spring the tandem of black eyeliner and black dress emphasized all the imperfections of the face Amy

And only need to use their legitimate colors and shades.

My flowers Amy amazing


Always say “Yes”

  • Warm, fresh, as if lit from inside sun rays color.
  • Your – all of the many different shades of green, from Apple and aquamarine to the color of the young foliage;
  • apricot, salmon, peach and red-coral;
  • cream, linen, beige-yellow, color of melted milk chocolate, Golden and brown-purple.

A Firm “No”

  • Bright white, cool pink, silver-gray, coal black.

Practical section

From the General theory we turn to more specific rules and practical exercises. What is it, the makeup of the color type “Spring”?

Mandatory rules of the game

If make-up base, peach, giving a soft Golden glow to the skin. Forget about the white and lilac shades (your nature fresh complexion acquire a tired unhealthy look).

If tone means, it is only warm tones (regardless of skin tone!), and never cold (make the face grey and dull). For evening make the Springs it is best to use products with a light Golden shimmer.

If powder, any — from light beige to bronze (based on the skin tone). Exclude – shining means cold-pink and silver tones. For evening make the perfect bronzing powder.

If a blush, the palette of peach, apricot, salmon pink and light coral shades. Forget about bright pink and beige-grey.

If eye shadow, may they be selected from a wide and rich green scales (from transparent turquoise to dark and saturated marsh shades and khaki). Pay attention to all shades of brown, gold, lemon, sand, ivory, bronze, dusky white with a Golden sheen.

Forget about dark and dramatic shades of black, purple and blue and all the cold shades of pink (they will give your clear eyes in tears).

If pencil for eyes, then let it be brown, green and khaki for everyday make, and gold, bright emerald and turquoise — for a more formal and bright. Kajal it is best to choose a light shade of apricot.

Forget black (even more on liquid!) eyeliner, grey and purple colors. A bright white kajal give a friend.

If mascara, black-brown and just brown for everyday make, gold and green — for a more rich and festive.

Forget about the blue-black and baklazhanovy colors. It simply has no place in the makeup of the color type “Spring”.

If the paint for eyebrows, warm beige and brown shades (remember that eyebrows can be darker than the hair max 2 shades).

Forget about dark brown, black and grey-beige.

If lipstick, a pink beige, red / coral, apricot, beige and Golden tones. Lip color champagne? Perfect. Juicy lip color of the red poppy? Boldly and brightly. Fiery red lips with a Golden shimmer? Why not!

Forget about candy pink and lilac-beige gloss, and lipstick the colour of red wine.

General recommendations girls spring color type:

  • applying make-up, try to avoid sharp and crisp lines (like the eyeliner and the contour of the lips) – they will be too hard and is clearly discordant with your gentle, spring natural data;
  • use smooth and steady-soft transitions of shades – they look really suits you;
  • remember that makeup this Spring (an everyday and more complex) should be light and translucent – it should emphasize the Sunny undertone of the skin and a radiant shade of eyes, and not “score”;
  • never hear, never overload the face of the bright and dark colours – do you like any other color type, you should learn the rule of one accent. If you emphasize the eyes, lips should remain “in the shadows”, if you decide to highlight the mouth — eyes are enough carcasses and classic shooter.

And remember: brightness, liveliness, clarity, contrast, and soft yellow undertone – your all! Doing the shopping, picking up things for the image or applying makeup, women of color type “Spring” must remember this small but important list.

The author – Julia Poison, site

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