Makeup color type Summer: rules, examples, photos

You’ve probably heard about the classical scheme of the four seasons, in accordance with which we are all such unique and different from each other, trying to cram into the narrow confines of a few template color types: spring, summer, autumn and winter. And it would be sad (we? our bright personality? in one of the 4! hackneyed cliches?), if it had not borne fruit: ladies, to understand the intricacies of Kolarovo scheme and understand what colors are they and in what proportions, and manage to look so damn good.

We offer to appease your righteous anger and try to benefit from the proposed theory (well, the right word, to be able to play on their natural abilities worth it). Let us explore together its foundations, determine each your type and learn how to work with “database” not by intuition and by trial and error, and intelligently and for all possible rules. And we will begin, perhaps, with the most common in our latitudes facial features – women-summer.

What is it, the makeup of the color type “Summer”?

Make your choice, gentlemen!

You probably already tried to define your color type. And even, quite possibly, know which one of Kolarovo “star” were born.

So, you are a Woman-Summer, and that means you probably:

  • a) light translucent skin (soft white or slightly pinkish),
  • b) blond, light brown or brown hair (always with a cool ashy shade),
  • C) light eyes (mostly grey, but there are options – from gray-blue to gray-brown).

Converge? Great! Read on. You got some voucher here (falls out of character eye color? does not fit into the scheme of shade of hair?). It doesn’t matter. Go to explore materiel and looking for the appropriate type of article-instruction.

What colors of makeup will suit the Fly? Let’s try together to expand your usual scheme.

Mandatory rules of the game

Often women summer category complain natural inexpressiveness of colors. Considering himself a gray mouse, in an attempt to give the soft colors, the clarity and texture, they make many mistakes – from attempts to become brighter due to the more expressive colors to the banal use of bronzing tools.

Bad makeup Natalia Vodianova – bright fire-red lips against a pure face look, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

But you just have to learn how to use the advantages of their own appearance: here blush (definitely a shimmering pink shade) to highlight the tenderness of the skin, there is one skilful movement silver highlighter (applied to the cheekbones) to create the effect of glowing from the inside face. Agree, nothing complicated.

A good day makeup – expressive eyes, translucent tone and a shimmering blush pink tint.

And the way to ideal make-up was winding and difficult, we will give you some valuable recommendations and photos of examples.

The win-win options of makeup “Summer”

The greater part of the summer the ladies are rich, but not bright, but slightly muted and washed out cold! (stress the importance) shades.

If, for example, a blush is bound to cold pink (the colour of ripe watermelon, fuchsia or pale pink-purple) and beige-grey, but NOT light orange, brick red and coral.

If the shade, gray, blue, purple, and blue (i.e. all shades of sky and sea colors), brown-gray, white-blue, silver-beige, gray-green, lime-green, and NOT bright neon, copper, red-purple, warm pink, marsh green.

If liner, grey, blue black, blue, taupe, lilac, purple; white and silver eyeliner to the internal century, BUT not red-brown.

If mascara, black, purple, gray, BUT not turquoise, bright blue, emerald green.

If lipstick, pink (muted fading roses to the rich pink hue); beige-lilac and aubergine (and all shades in between); the colour of red wine, Magenta, BUT not heat-brown, fire-red, orange.

If the tone and masking tools, only cold and in harmony with a cool skin tone tones, BUT not too pink and beige, from warm-brown scales.

If powder, then sufficiently transparent and colorless, BUT not black with a thick coating and especially not the bronzer with gold shimmer.

Universal makeup

Makeup that will suit everyone, without exception, the representatives of the “Summer”. Transparent beige tone, pink blush, cool shade, silver beige shade, black and gray pencil, soft pink lip gloss.

Evening makeup — translucent beige tone, of a soft scarlet blush, silvery blue shadow, and pink lipstick.


As you can see, to turn their weaknesses into strengths is not as difficult as initially thought. And to be “summer” is actually not so bad (look at Kate moss, Linda Evangelista, Natalia Vodianova and others). It’s no wonder makeup artists compare these girls with a clean canvas on their faces you can draw anything. So let’s use what nature has given, only slightly increasing data initial skilled make-apname strokes and the right colors. And be proud that only you the strength to be different every day. Change your “plumage” skilfully and only by the rules of makeup “Summer”.

Linda Hallberg draws on your face that make-up that she wants

The author –Julia Poison, site

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