Makeup color type Winter: photos, examples, rules

The most striking and easily determined (recall that to reveal the Spring not so easy) of the four color types. Woman Winter – on the one hand cold and burning, with another radiant and seem drawn to the juicy, incredibly clean and saturated colors.

Color type Winter is the basis of color contrasts, but it is the latter, make the appearance of women of this type such an exquisite, extraordinary and memorable. The translucent porcelain skin and hair the color of the black wing, lips red and clearly defined, a typical heroine from a fairy tale, isn’t it? Although such a characteristic and distinctive appearance to overshadow the bright colors is extremely difficult, but to bend with the experiments we recommending you not. as usual, prompt, what should be the perfect make up for color type Winter and tell me what kind of paint you should choose.

Woman Winter: what is it?

Typical Winter, oddly enough, Snow white – “white as snow, rosy as blood, and black-haired”. And Dita von Teese (Dita von Teese ), Liv Tyler (Liv Tyler), Eva green (Eva Green) and Christina Ricci (Christina Ricci). Ie women are bright, energetic, with a strong energy message (it’s no joke to feed from your hand from the seven, though not quite standard, but men).

What is common to all ZIM?

  • first, the skin. Always with a bluish tint, often pale, rarely with a blush and freckles. Color varies from porcelain white to olive.
  • second, hair. Usually the darkest colors (from intense brown to blue-black). But sometimes there are Winters-blonde with a cool ash shade of hair.
  • thirdly, the eyes. Always with a bright and contrasting with the color of proteins iris. The most saturated and rich shades of grey, blue and brown. Can be dark deep blue or almost black.

What colors are shown Winters?

Snow-white, bright black, cool blue, Indigo and violet. And the color of coffee and bitter chocolate, bright pink and fuchsia, steel grey and silver, dark cherry and bright raspberry. Looks perfect for winters and Burgundy.

What is better to abstain?

Orange, brick, faded yellow, red-brown and earthy to kill the beauty and individuality of ZIM at all.

Note: Winter is the only kolorowy type, which can without fear and in any quantity to wear black. Even the face. Coco, by the way, typical, and absolute contrast Winter, invented black small for you, cold and bright you our. So wear it shamelessly and often.

Conclusion: in winter to be very convenient and profitable. After all, the strength and power of natural data allows cold beauties to flaunt them without even a hint of makeup. But it agree with me many, expensive. Yes, and the ability to transform into a variety of images of these women are extremely high – from cute, but extremely beautiful Chicks to burning and sophisticated lady vamp. In any case, a girl, no matter what role she chose, forced to turn around after her. And not just once!

Well, now let’s move from theory to practice and determine the perfect makeup women Winter.

Makeup color type Winter: what is it? Choose cosmetics wisely

If the base makeup with a green tint, it is perfect for disguising any redness and unevenness on your face. Light skinned winters, you should choose a pink base. Never base with warm peach shade.

If Foundation and concealer, be sure to grayish – cold porcelain tones – for those with white skin, and olive – brown. Never buy Foundation makeup warm sand shades.

If the powder is transparent for light skinned winters and grayish-beige to a dark. Aside bronzing powder terracotta shade, not even looking. For evening make-up Winter can use the tools with a silver shimmer.

If a blush, warm pink or lilac-grey, and never — peach, coral, brown and beige.

If the eyeshadows, all cool colors. Especially good on a winters look the most vibrant and intense of their versions. So, lilac, dark purple, pink (definitely the coldest shade), dark green, grey, lemon, silver and white are the ideal choice for you. The shade of brown scales, and copper and bronze – give a “warm” friend.

If pencil for eyes, the classic black – and in any quantity (remember that black color makeup Winter does not spoil, and even Vice versa), blue, purple; eyeliner-century domestic firms choose white or blue flowers. But the pen red, bronze and light peach is better not to buy.

If the mascara, then, of course, saturated colors such a rich cool colour – from black to bright. Zapomnite and a better record – the ink is brown or bronze color your clear eyes look tearful.

If the shades for the eyebrows, that of cold gamma ash-beige and dark brown – then you should dance on the natural color of your eyebrows. Paints with a pronounced ruinkai you need to watch out for.

If lipstick or lip gloss, then let it be pink, plum, crimson, cherry red, lilac, and fuchsia and cyclamen. And do not forget to choose the coolest shades. Red scarlet lipstick give the employee a warm beige Shine… you haven’t thrown?!


Hopefully, these tips clarify a lot for you in this difficult but important make-apna. And, in order to draw a line and with a clear conscience to move to the next stage – wardrobe and style, we use a few words to summarise all that was said above.

So you’re a Winter, so:

  • can afford a minimum of colors and cosmetics. And don’t worry — you will still be vivid;
  • you can safely (for the more fair-skinned ZIM) to exploit the image of the Snow – shining white and clean porcelain skin, supplied with a black outline eyes and the clean and cold shade of red lips.
  • smokey-eyes – your all. For the eyes, choose dark and rich colours for lips – light. Even you with your natural juiciness on the shoulder to bypass the rule of one accent in makeup. So lips, let it “rest”.

The theme of the makeup for the color type Winter is adjourned.

The author – Julia Poison, site

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