Makeup for a night of love: what make-up looks the most tempting?

Yeah, I will say critical-minded readers why makeup for a night of love? Everything will steletsja, slide, smeared across the pillow… Yes!!! I hope that all of this will be – with mad kisses, hugs and emotions!

But the same can be said about clothing – it is unlikely that a date ends in hot sex, if you come at him in a comfortable “sweat pants” and the stretched t-shirt with “Dulko” on top! So thinking your way to seduce the beloved, and makeup for your as well as linen, the dress and the hairstyle!

What men think about curvy makeover – the results of the survey

You can read tons of “gloss” on how to put on makeup, to buy all new cosmetics and follow all the fashion trends. And the manfor whom all this is afoot… don’t like it!

So before you apply “war paint” (makeup for a night of love) and go to seduce her hero, should ask the men – what make-up attracts them the most? It is such a small blitz-poll conducted by the website ““!

And here’s what happened:

  • “Makeup, in my opinion, may not always be expressive, because the real complexion and natural skin tone attracts the most. In clubs makeup can be bright, perhaps… If a guy likes a girl, no makeup for him will not mean anything”. (Alexander, 25)
  • “I’m certainly not an expert, but I think that everything should be in moderation. Sometimes found that a thick layer of plaster, and it repels. But, in fact, depends on the specific features of appearance” (Sergei, 56 years old)
  • “We, men, fashion and trends are not important! We are looking – beautiful girl! And how this is achieved is some of your tricks… Not attracted to the colored “arrows”, when a lot of bright eye shadows, dark and bright lipstick, or when the face heavily powdered…” (Bogdan, 30 years)

So naturalness, the naturalness and again naturalness! While all respondents as one, first expressed the idea that makeup for love does not mean anything, it may not be! Although later clarified that a well-painted girl is more likely to attract attention than not wearing makeup. Therefore, the purpose of makeup for a man – to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.

Little tricks, which men do not have to guess!

So, what makeup options correspond to the high male requests? Choose:

  • “Focus on eyes”. Black ink, white, grey and black shadows (option – beige, coffee and dark brown), light or clear gloss. The basis of make-up – the classic “smoky eyes” (“hazy eyes”). But not to look like a lady from the Addams family, make too dark of eye makeup is still not worth it – the inner third of the mobile eyelid and the corner of the eye let take the lightest shade and the darkest let them take place in the area just above the outer corner of the eye. On the lips let it be the seductive effect of humidity – it will give a translucent sheen to the colour most suitable to your face shade. The perfect makeup for love and kisses!
  • “Eastern tales”. To give mystery may this item as “arrows”. Use liquid eyeliner or liner black, gray or brown and paint the upper “arrow” so tell me what you think from the point above the middle of the eye, not bringing it to the gathering place “crow’s feet”. From the outer corner of the eye to the edge of the eyebrows draw an imaginary line through it must pass the “arrow”. Lips – matte lipstick or pearlescent luster. The shade is not needed, but if you want to disguise the darkening around the eyes – lightly powder your it or apply another touch of white eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. Read more about Oriental make-up.
  • “Lolita”. Suitable for fair-skinned girls who do not “overload” the face of cosmetics. White, peach or pink shade, strawberry or peach lip gloss. “Arrow” and even mascara with this gentle makeup option for a night of love do not need – here the emphasis is rather on the sweet lips. Well, let all this before the first kiss! But how this kiss will be… ? About makeup Lolita.

What are the qualities of cosmetics for a night of love?

If you’re putting on makeup, going on a date or wanting to please her husband, to cosmetics you need to submit some additional requirements, due to the fact that your face will look around, sniff and obclavate ? So:

  • All beauty products must to smell nice. Nice – not so much! Besides, it is unlikely the man will add a milestone “heavy” (spicy, overly sweet and so exotic) flavors. All of these odors (lip gloss, powder, eye shadows, mascaras, etc.) must be combined with each other and be in harmony of toilet water or perfume and not to create the effect of “an explosion in a perfume shop”. Great if you will find not smelling cosmetics!
  • Cosmetics have a good lie and minimally dirty. “Lumps” on the eyelashes, crumbling shadows and blurred eyeliner charm is not added, especially when considering the close proximity!
  • Well, if all that you applied to the face, quickly and gently wash off. Well, for example, after a man expressing his “wow!” and you will find a moment to rush out of bed to the washroom. Because effectively leave a “sponge” on his neck – erotic, and sleep the rest of the night smeared on the face and streaked makeup is awful!

And yet — except for the makeup, for a night of love is of great value to the overall grooming of the face – clean skin, neat brows… If other people see you from a distance, the irregularities and roughness can be removed by using Foundation, concealer, powder… But your boyfriend is clearly not like a “plaster” that will leave stains on the pillow and his clothes!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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