Makeup in the style of Chicago 30-ies — be stylish and spectacular!

Makeup in the style of Chicago 30-ies again at the peak of popularity! If you are going for a theme party gangster era America, or want to impress, this eye-catching friends in the club, use classic or modern appliances application. How to become a fatal beauty, easily conquering the hearts of cruel gangsters? Find out in this article!

Remember, looked like a famous American actress of the last century? What modern movies depict stars Chicago cabaret? Long dress, deep scoop back, velvet gloves to the elbow… the Perfect image of woman was created with the utmost care, because at that time the canons of female beauty has been considerably revised in the society. Ladies paid much attention to hair (much more than each of us today). Were in fashion haircuts shoulder length, neat styling large curls and vibrant color hair. And yet — a very clear eye line and lips that complemented the incredibly bold.

Today makeup in the style of Chicago 30 years again in trend. Along with other movements, for example, makeup “smoky eyes”, it remains one of the most popular among modern fashionistas. Each of us can feel like the Queen of the party and conquer the man only one eye.

How to apply makeup at home

For applying makeup in the Chicago style you will need:

  • concealer at least one shade lighter than your skin tone;
  • shadows of dark shades — black, dark gray, asphalt;
  • the shade of bright hues — pale purple, pearl;
  • black cosmetic pencil;
  • applicator for applying and blending eye shadow;
  • mascara deep black color.

Considerable attention in this make-up is given to three components: expressive eyes, bright lips and perfectly clean pale skin. Therefore, to create an image of the Chicago diva be careful about the cleanliness of the skin.

For getting rid of blackheads for a couple of days before the party, visit the beauty shop and go through the cleaning procedure. At home you can use the scrub with one teaspoon of sea salt and two teaspoons of sour cream, or composition of fine-ground coffee with yogurt, mixed in the same proportion.

Pay attention to the eyebrows. They should be thin and neat. And their color must match the tone of your hair. Correct them cosmetic pencil and lock the shape with the brow gel.

The classic technique of applying makeup in the style of Chicago 30-ies

This is a classic version of Chicago’s makeup. A little later we will tell you about more the modern versions.

  • Along the entire length of the movable upper eyelid, draw a horizontal line with a black pencil. The outer part of the century run horizontal strokes 4-5 thin lines.
  • On all the upper eyelid apply a shade of intensely dark color. Use the most intense colour of dark grey or asphalt.
  • Neatly and thoroughly blend the pencil and shadow. A pencil-drawn line should not be noticeable, and the place of their application should remain significantly darker than the rest of the century.
  • Near the bridge of the nose, perform a wide line of black shadows. Thanks to her makeup is a little awkward.
  • On the middle mobile eyelid apply some light purple eyeshadow on top of the dark. So you slightly lighten the area and give the look of elegance.
  • Black pencil for eyes, swipe a clear arrow along the lash line of the lower eyelid.
  • Carefully paint mascara on the lashes of the upper and lower lids, paying more attention to the lashes at the outer corner of the eye. Can apply false lashes, lengthened to the outer corners.
  • Paint her lips bright scarlet lipstick.
  • Put a neat mole fly near the lower eyelid or upper lip.
  • A modern makeover in the style of Chicago 30-ies

    A second, modernized version of the Chicago style of makeup is applied with the use of shadows purple palette.

  • On the upper mobile eyelid apply dark purple shadow.
  • On top of a dark layer, apply a lighter shade of the same color.
  • Draw a clear arrow on the lower eyelid with a black pencil.
  • To create a clear and angular shape of the upper eyelid, stick to the corners of the eyes pieces of tape. So you can make the shadow layers to a sharp differentiation. Apply purple above the main tone layer of eyeshadow 2-3 shades lighter. Continue the line up to the eyebrow. Remove the tape.
  • Good paint mascara on the lashes. Makeup ready!
  • As you can see, to be a fatal beauty it takes very little effort! Complete your look with a bold dress with a plunging neckline at the back and pay enough attention to the hairstyle. And rest assured, the edgy Chicago the divas will bring you popularity at the party!

    Makeup in the style of Chicago 30 years: video

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