Makeup under glasses for the correction of hyperopia and myopia

“Fashion does not stand still” — 100% true statement. Remember how in our childhood boy or girl, wore glasses, necessarily became an object of ridicule, and the generation of our mothers and grandmothers didn’t have any idea whether to wear glasses, but not as a primary assistant vision. Now the situation has changed dramatically (for the better, of course). Today women’s site “” will tell you how to do makeup to those who wear this fashion accessory glasses.

Nowadays glasses have become a fashion ornament accessory, able to complement virtually any look and give it completeness. An increasing number of fashionable bow is created today in conjunction with them.

Our website is also already advised readers how to choose fashion glasses.

For many modern women seeking to look great always, very important and relevant question about the correct choice of shapes, frames and colors of glasses. But even if they found, breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy early – ahead of the “interesting part”.

The correct choice of glasses is really just the beginning, it is very important to be able to make a competent makeup under the glasses, because the glasses have the ability to visually intensify colors and to make the makeup brighter.

So, what primarily need to remember the girl doing the makeup under the glasses, is balance. The race for the brightness, showiness in this case failed, while the desire to emphasize the natural beauty, delicately to demonstrate the advantages, to achieve the subtleties and expressiveness of the lines – that’s what comes to the fore.

Distinguish glasses with magnifying and reducing lenses. And, of course, every kind of glasses requires its own rules makeup.

Video “Makeup under the glasses” from Elena Krygina

Makeup under glasses farsightedness

If you are farsighted, remember that your points will visually enlarge the eyes. And, it would seem a good thing, because big beautiful eyes only decorate the girl.

But it is this kind of points requires the most sensitive and accurate makeup application. One wrong stroke can ruin all the hopeless, turning the makeup excessively bright, and all your efforts are a waste of time.

So you have to try fairly, without ignoring even the smallest details.

  • Each makeup should be applied, starting with the basics. Makeup under glasses is no exception. Apply to the skin around the eyes a small amount of moisturizer. The skin in these areas is especially delicate, so it needs careful care.
  • Gently massage blend under eye concealer. Remember that magnifying lenses of your sunglasses will make visible even a small darkening and swelling, so you need to carefully mask all the skin imperfections.
  • The next step of your makeup under glasses – the eye shadow. Don’t use a shade too light or pearlescent shades. Will look nicer in this case, the matte shades of gray, green and brown. Choose three shades of the most suitable colors – light, medium and dark. Apply a light shade on the entire upper eyelid, gently blend, then from the middle to the outer corner of the century, apply a medium shade. Dark shades highlight the outer corner of the eye, not procrasinate vividly, remember about the features of your lenses. Transitions from one shade to another should be invisible, so gently blend the result. So your eyes will look more expressive.
  • The final step of eye makeup under glasses will be the application of mascara. Will be enough to just lightly tint lashes. Do not use mascara that gives the effect of volume, so your makeup runs the risk to turn out bright, and under the glasses look even vulgar.

Makeup under glasses with myopia

With myopia the lenses are, on the contrary, visually reduce your eyes.

Because the rules of the makeup will be quite different:

  • Again we start with applying under eye concealer. Most appropriate in this makeup would be concealer with light reflecting particles.
  • Then proceed to the application of eyeshadow. The principle will stay the same – from light shade to dark. Other colors will be. Makeup artists recommend to use brighter colors, particularly advantageous will look under the glasses shades of white, pink or brown. But, in principle, equally well will look all bright colors. Be guided when choosing the color of your eyes and skin.
  • To achieve a more open and expressive view liquid eyeliner. Draw a neat line, directing it slightly upwards to the temple. But remember, the line should be thin, don’t expect that lens will make it less noticeable.
  • Can also use a little female cunning and make multiple small dots of white or any bright pencil in the inner corners of the eyes and gently blend with light movements. This will give your look a touch of radiance.
  • As for the mascara, feel free to use today’s popular new products, increasing and elongating lashes. Under eye makeup under glasses of this type with gorgeous long eyelashes will look only advantageous.
  • The lips you can paint softly shimmering luster, the color is closer to natural.

General rules beautiful eye makeup under glasses

  • If you fail eyebrow pencil, do it gently. The line should be subtle and look natural.
  • To the glasses with wide frame dark colors do minimal makeup, avoiding bright, clear lines. Good and appropriate here will look bright lipstick. But the makeup under the glasses with a color frame should be in harmony with it. Simply add makeup close tone or select suitable accessories. Glasses with blue frame looks good with turquoise, gray or purple shades of makeup, a red frame will blend with plum, beige and gold tones. Invisible, universal socket – socket for “idlers” under it will fit perfectly with any makeup, it all depends on your imagination and taste.
  • Do not highlight the eyebrows, if they are on the same level with the frame. Simply look after them by giving them the correct form.
  • Take care of your eyes. It’s very simple – get enough sleep, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and try less to be smoke-filled rooms. Be careful and keep your toiletries.

Remember, beautiful and well-done eye makeup under glasses is exactly what we will pay attention to the people around you, which means you will definitely impress and will be the center of attention.

The author – Anastasia Eremina, site

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