Male fears: afraid of what our knights more

Strong and fearless, always ready to kill bugs and protect us from global crisis – the way we want to see the men. However, in the phrase “not afraid of anything only a fool” is something there… Let’s get together with penetrate into the male mind and find out what you’re afraid of our knights.

Most likely, we all know or at least guess on all men’s fears, but what to do next?

And why so often there are situations when we are (not having such fears), talking to the man that this is nonsense, that it is not necessary to be afraid of? Because to achieve this can only be that the man will hide his fear even deeper, and from there he would further his torment. It’s like saying to a person not to think about a blue penguin. I tried not to think about it?

Is it not easier just to take the men’s fears as a natural physiological differences between men from women? Is it not easier just to allow him to have these fears?

We have the full baggage of what men don’t understand. Of course, they also diligently try to change it, but the point? Telling us to stop worry about little things, it’s like he’s telling us to stop being a woman.

But if we tell him not to be afraid to be afraid of something (what a twist), then we seem to say, “Don’t worry, well, not you, so what?”.

So today, instead of a simple enumeration of phobias of our marriages, we can try it to see what WE can doto if not to help him deal with these fears, at least not to provoke the appearance on the surface and a worsening of men’s fears.

The fear of being unnecessary

“I must be needed, otherwise why should I?”. Need to provide, you need to repair the car, you need to take in guests. Need to something in life!

You’re having a lovely time with each other, but if you don’t put him aware of what is happening in your life, not asking for help, not talking about how you need his support, then men can have a reasonable question: “what am I to you anyway?“. They do not know that just to talk or to know that there is someone ready to solve our problems is the best solution for all problems.

Men’s fear of being unwanted is the equivalent to our to be beloved.

Often can offend even the fact that you do not take offense to his obvious contradictions in your direction.

Maybe he unintentionally said something sharp, and you thought, “well, I won’t inflate, he’s just not thinking.” It can, and would be happy to apologize, but seeing as you don’t attempt to figure it out, you may think that you, in General, and sneeze like on this situation and on him in particular.

After all, we are experiencing only because of the people that we care about.

Our actions

Even if the man knows that without him you are lying in a bed in the apartment without a roof, hungry, cold and unhappy, he still wants and care about it to hear from YOU! It’s like a delivery report of product: kind and brought back, but if the invoice is not, like nothing had happened.

If you are one of those who constantly burn the horses and huts run and Vice versa, then most likely you have a problem with that. So learn to ask and to make your life easier – a priority not to let this man’s fear to develop.

And when you learn to do all these tasks will fall on the strong shoulders of those who are to solve their inherent nature.

The fear of being helpless and weak

In General, men often say that being locked in a cage with their hands tied – the worst male fear and terror, which only can be in life. Not being able to change anything in your life, do not have the strength for this, not to make decisions, obey all links in the chain that can bind even the most powerful of the family of Adam.

This also will include men’s fears of disease and doctors partly. All know what panic in many people with the trip to the dentist. I wonder if it is a myth?

Our actions

What can we do? Make it strong and “powerful” we are not likely to succeed, but to help people believe in themselves and to create the conditions under which he can display his power – at times!

Asking for help, exposing their weak and need help side is very feminine.

Fear to be honest

This is probably the most annoying for us of all men’s fears. After all, we always want to know what he thinks, what he feels. We women are supposed to be based on emotions, feelings, sharing them with each other, even talking about it to men (despite the fact that they don’t always understand), and men are supposed to be action!

It’s no wonder W we are constantly waiting for this from them? He said he wants to do and not do, so you’re just throwing words to the wind, means “not a man”. This is often so emphatically is.

In addition, to share something intimate, then, to discover one place to hit, where to hurt to twist the knife of betrayal, for example. Thus it turns out that the testimony would deprive a man of invulnerability and security. Then there is one more man’s fear to be weak – and suddenly he can’t deal with this scourge? Why on earth then are they named?

In order not to provoke this male fear, it is useful to remember that men, for the most part, do not like to say, it is easier to do something substantialthan to tear out the words of love, tenderness, affection and everything else we loved.

Loaf of bread, a bag of potatoes and a stick of sausage look much more convincing than sweet “I care about you, baby” for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our actions

For the revelations and sokrovennye to go to her friends. It’s probably best not to try to pull from him what he so deeply hidden, still a man’s fears is a black hole, you never know what’s there and what there still can jump.

And if it does, the revelation would leak out a small ray of light, to pay attention to it and say as it pleases us.

If you still want sometimes to have a man sharing with you something intimate and sensual, but you can help him by starting a story for him. Problems at work? – “you must feel…”.

You want the romantic details of your relationship and your relationship? Prepare a romantic dinner with “drunk” and start to share ourselves, he will take up the baton. So little by little he may realize that revelation is not deprived of his manhood, at least in your eyes.

By the way, the best way to deal with men’s fears that their adoption, and with this fear in particular, because he can shoot like a stretched rubber band is released: you let her go, and she’s come back to you, most importantly, to not hurt ?

Fear of rejection

Actually, in fairness, it should be noted, it is not only men the fear, but, perhaps, after all, it has a greater impact on their self-esteem.

The race to the goal, victory and Laurel wreaths to the winners – it’s the prerogative of men. It’s a shame, if after efforts and attempts, the crown went not to him. That is doubly insulting: and you are not, and the taste of victory no. “Am I a loser?” — from time to time may think man.

Our actions

Do not create grounds for the emergence of this man’s fear — do not provokeif you do want from him or if you are not ready for a relationship (for example, do not provoke him with your sophisticated techniques of seduction, a theatrical knock his hand, which crept in place so to speak not so distant…). Unless it’s a game, for example ?

The fear of being ridiculous (embarrassed)

And if and when you have something all down the drain.

Among all men’s fears the most difficult to distinction in life. Men often take offense to such innocent jokes, it is scary to imagine what’s behind it and what led to the emergence of this male fear.

As a man he is always surrounded by a steel cocoon, which allows him to be fearless, invulnerable and strong.

Even the dandelion will be annoyed if someone will laugh at his stalk, or inflorescence… Because then he will lose (in their or in your eyes — no matter) your all-powerful and invulnerable image.

And how then will you trust him that he will be able to protect you if the cocoon was blown away like the fluff of a dandelion? You can count on him if there is something that can be grossly embarrassed? He wants to be big and strong, and laugh is possible only over small and weak…

Our actions

Never (never!!!) don’t support people who throw taunts in his direction, especially not to do it publicly and in front of him. On ridicule we can respond calmly, with a straight face, his whole appearance making it clear that you like this idea alien and you do not understand what is happening.

If the situation is comic, stand up on his side, not to say (even if somewhere deep down, share what was said and someone on the inside, horror of horrors, he even smiled a little), he will appreciate.

And when left alone, he will be very thankful to you if you or be sincerely angry about the situation, supporting him, or even never remember and won’t give him a reason to remember him about it his men’s fear.

Fear of being insolvent

First and foremost, of course, in bed. And it, probably, should allocate a separate paragraph and put number zero to all other men’s fears. Of course, men believe that without a working main on they are not men at all. What could be worse for men than to be a man?..

In General, men are afraid to be insolvent before us in anything! To hammer a nail, to bring a little money, not to lift a heavy box. This includes the infamous men’s fear of liability/serious relationship.

More work – more likely to be insolvent! And if it still infringes on freedom, it is not surprising why many of us have seen their shiny heels, provocatively Malaysia in the opposite direction from us.

Our actions

If anyone doesn’t know what a man needs to say that he is in bed (well, if not a supergiant), then at least you are fully satisfied. And that’s all. It is very simple.

And on the other hand, “failure”, hvalby – universal tool of communication with men and combating all men’s fears. It’s just as “our father.”

Of course, men can not do everything, but our goal is not to cut them and not to stick as kittens, in this inability, and diplomatically and discreetly to the man to say where he would do well to improve.

Most likely, the man (himself, of course) you will be even thankful that you don’t just let him grow and develop, but also direct it and do so as if he himself figured it out.

In fact, probably no wonder they say that what a woman does, it becomes noticeable only when it stops doing so.

The fear of being not loved as he is

All are trying their best to improve, to be better, to accomplish, to achieve, to win and to receive awards. Everyone does it differently. Therefore, probably, it makes sense to consider each — the perfect manifestation ofwho he can be here and now.

We only see what we see, but we almost never know what he did in order to be so.

Especially this male fear is widespread among the men who have nothing and who have all this very much. Scary, what will love not empathetic heart and a sympathetic and vulnerable soul, and for meat processing plant, generating millions, and Audi’s latest models. Even if they are not.

Few men understand that for many of us is important, not the factory and Audi, and his ability to become so successful and the place as a man-getter.

Our actions

Just love! And constantly remind yourself that if you love something not for something, and I love it! And let him have his flaws and won’t fix them.

And to think so, even when irritation and anger brings teeth and want to stamp my feet to somehow vent my anger. (By the way, no one calls to patient and keep anger inside, there are other ways.)

Once upon a time we wrote to you about the wonder of the phrase “But I love you anyway“, but not superfluous to remind about it now. A phrase that always works and at all the men. Even break through tough walls become the hearts of tough men.

A moment of revelation. From my experience

A man in every possible way shirked from acknowledging his feelings, never wanted to be right – it’s just redundant. Was ready to argue to the last, only to hear me say that he is right. In this situation, it seemed to me that all of his phobias — to be unloved and to be wrong – you mean more to him than I am.

But I overcame by believing that it’s just men’s fears, and sincerely told him in one conversation – “I still love you, you’re good for me anyway. And that’s all.”. The answer (which incidentally, I did not expect what he knew) after a few minutes of stunned silence was this: “Your love allows me to feel behind two white wings.”

It, iron, break through to the heart, and even in such a poetic acclaim. My surprise present?

While on the other hand do not, of course, forget about the fact that praise for the plant and the Audi is still needed, because he is proud of so that Mama do not cry! Even if it’s not factory and Audi, and a meat stall and Volga with a deer on the hood.

To make a mistake (I’m always right!), to undress (and suddenly I’m embarrassed for indirect lines and rounded six-pack abs?), to be disappointed in us (here let themselves understand…), learn hard-hitting opinion about us from friends (how to break it?) — this is a series nevoshedshie serious classification of men’s fears… Ohh, I think this list could go on and on.

And among other men’s opinions concerning fears were such frightening things as a bogeyman, tickling, lightning, helicopter, duck, heavy women, dentists and many other fabulous and fairy-tale characters who would be better not to meet in the way of our fearless knights, otherwise it may happen embarrassment.

If it so happens that we are to fear the Boogie man and they are, then what happens? We are powerless before him? Here it is – a new threat to humanity!

But all this, of course, little things compared to what we have in store for you for dessert.

Biggest fear strong and fearless, it turns out, is to show your own woman, especially not indifferent to his iron heart. So be sure to close urgently the article and pretend to know nothing. Now you in the club “I know all about male fears” and the first rule of our club is “no one needs to know about the club”…

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