Man passive in sex: meet the man

“Good evening, female site Igor, what to do, my man passive in sex, and usually lies log ((( And I’m doing everything else. I love to be active in sex, but still sometimes you want activity on his part. I tried to talk to him, he responds, “Well, you know, I am very tired at work, and if you want me to be active, wait a little.” But I’m tired of waiting for sex is what you want! and begin to act. But if I’m not going to do anything, and the sex we will not ((( Advise something, please.” Femina.

Femina, just admit that nothing is absolute and universal in Your case you will not find. But as a man who is usually active in a pair, but I love when an active woman, something You will offer, and before you know it, it will be useful ?

Active woman – it’s gorgeous!

First, let’s start with the fact that it is wonderful that You are active in sex. Even thought do not allow that in Your intimate relationship with a man that something is wrong. In principle, it can be envied ?

Once it so happened that the man was passive in sex, and on the bridge of Your ship more often are is You, so be it. What’s the difference, who guides the ship of Your relationship through reefs? That’s right – the main thing is to ship survived ?

When two close people something to do together, it is unreasonable to find out who exactly how much is invested. Word, appreciate the originality of Your relationship, even if most other pairs otherwise. So what? And You differently, and that’s fine too!

If a man is passive in sex, go to the trick

However, I more than understand what You want, and activity on the part of Your men. It’s so natural! Well… From what side it to tickle?

What if You offer him something like a game of “mistress – slave”? For a start You seem to be active lady, who cares only about himself, but as the process is going, make it to move on the rights of the one who commanded! Let “popyhtet”, since he “slave”.

Let her kneel for a long time and satisfies You with the language. Let him take You on hands, lay on the bed and on Your orders will get to You. “Pomozite” itsuddenly shake will help? And he decides to revenge You game of “master – slave” ?

If nothing happens and it just refuses such “heavy” games, well… love can not be. And you better not punch a wall head ?

Ask him for a favor

Admit that man is passive in sex, because he is really very tired at work. But! Are the same weekend? I hope so. So, You just need to pick the right moment (when he’s rested) and kindly ask him for a favor.

Tell him that you love him, You so good in bed with him, but, they say, lacks the very small. He occasionally visited with You a Horny male. Well, at least occasionally ? If it has at least one day off a week, let it sleep, is tracked, but instead… instead, let the evening “will work” as expected!

Convince him that for You it is very importantthat in this case it will be your most-most-most. Just don’t force it, just let them know that for You it will be as unexpected (and therefore doubly enjoyable) gift.

Let this be a sort of distribution of responsibilities, like “you MOP the floor, and I the dishes.” And if a man is passive in sex, that is “lazy”, do him a favor: let it work rarely, but neatly ? you see, and he You to do a favor (and You secretly will extend its “timeline” ? )

And to all You get from me to You talisman:

Sweet berry is so delicious, and pleasing to the eye!

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