Man vs toys in bed: how to persuade him?

You have a bunch of ideas on how to make your intimate life bright and varied, and in modern sex shops for that sold many interesting pieces for every taste, color and size, but… your man is somehow against!

How to get him to stop inferiority complex and try adult toys? Knows original female site!

Sex toys and male complexes

Why do many women in response to the proposal to look into the adult store and choose something interesting hear from our partners with a definitive “no”?

  • First, in the former Soviet Union has still not sunk into the medieval past stereotypes about what a sex toy is something from the Arsenal of “indecent women” and “fake men”, and in a decent a serious relationship in all of this is not the place! Yes, of course, already thinks the majority of young citizens, but… sometimes it happens that in a progressive minded, modern young man wakes up suddenly raised conservative parents “scoop”, which, it appears, can not represent her “good girl” with an anal plug in her place, or, God forbid, with some vibrating unit!
  • Secondly, many men are thinking about sex with any additional device, begin terribly from complexes. Their logic is something like this: “My girlfriend wants to bring into our bed toy, so with no toys she is sick, so I couldn’t satisfy it, it means I’m a bad lover!”. In the worst case it turns into accusations against women: for example, that she doesn’t want to “try” herself, and only wants a “lazy” pleasure with a toy, or that it is suspended from a classic sex with a live partner to use a sex device that is sure better than any man in size, hardness, duration, etc., thinking in this way man is able almost to be jealous of the subject, for fear to be on the sidelines!

Of course, all these complexes and prejudices occur due to simple ignorance about the modern range of intimate products. Sex toys now – this is not only “dildos” superhuman size and poisonous acid colors.

Going to the adult store (or online store), you will see a lot of equipment, and the purpose and functional features of many of them, it’s hard to guess referring to. Inexperienced toys people really may need a sensible conversation with a shop assistant or detailed questions at Google – what to buy, how to put on or which side to take, where to put and which of several operation modes to enable.

And most importantly – toys intimate destination not necessarily serve as a direct replacement for the member, or the language of living men! Of course, a lonely person of either sex can find in a sex shop than one device for leisure activities without a partner. But in classic doubles intima is not a problem to find a place and time to have fun with a variety of devices, and so that man is left injured and deprived!

Competent and imaginative lover easily figure out how and toy apply himself “retired” don’t send. In addition, there are pieces that are designed for the pleasure of men, or able to deliver pleasurable sensations to both partners.

And complexes on the ground of jealousy to the “rubber friend” usually simply boring in bed men bad lovers – who in advance have a feeling that will not be able to do so, and the woman was pleasant, and himself, and the toy would be in business.

How to persuade a man to a sex toy?

What to do if your loved one refuses to even attempt bringing in your intimacy any special things? Well, will have to include all their feminine softness, charm and charisma, not forgetting about tact, and apply all your knowledge of male psychology. Here’s some tips from the “Beautiful and Successful”, with what side to approach to persuasion:

  • Ask for a toy (and love!) as a gift for any occasion. Yes, and straight, and ask: “Honey, of course, I know that you yourself are such pieces are not delight, but I really want to try – can it will be a gift for me?”. Agree – loving man will hardly dare to refuse the requested gift for the holiday. And there, perhaps, he will understand that no accident happened, and the night very enjoyable!
  • Invite along to pick up the toy for him (or at least oboydemsya). Start with something “respectable” — for example, vibrocore to the penis. Because of your scare-conscious, for example, devices for male anal stimulation you will always have time – and many men relate to such things is worse than to toys for ladies. And, of course, do not immediately offer different lengthening and thickening of the nozzle to the member – because it is here that all the complexes the guy leaped tenfold: how so, he offered to buy “crutches”! You can even say: “I Want to give you a gift, here are online store, where everything is written, it could be like that!”
  • Approach the question from an aesthetic point of view, suggest that they choose something decorative that it will be interesting to see. The cork tail some ? Or even tighten it in a sex shop under the pretext of “only underwear”, and there is, sort of accidentally, and to other racks come in…
  • If you are sure that all of its systems – only from the incompetence of the range, then try it gently enlighten – for example, throw a reference on any site with descriptions of devices (for example, under the pretext of “Oh, I have the pantyhose themselves…”). Or watch porn that shows sex with toys – perhaps it will inspire your macho.

Sometimes women start to consider this option: simply to purchase interesting toy, and at the right moment to get out from under the mattress, putting a man before the fact that now we’ll use that.

If this is a good solution to the problem?

Actually, it’s not a “forbidden move” in the end, you are also an adult, a free man with his sexual desires and whims, which have the right to be fulfilled.

Smart man, certainly not become you to scold and blame, which, they say, Baba is so brazen that it has bought shame, as the toy against his king-father, will, and without asking the king’s permission. A lot of guys admit that the unusual initiative from the ladies in bed they are very plant – and therefore the option of surprise may work even better than long hints and entreaties! But if the accusations and the charges will begin after all — well, about the mind and the nobility of the knight is clearly not a sign…

Another thing is that the man can still refuse to use a sex toy with him in your intimate life and he’s in his right…

Of course, you can’t be compelled to fulfill your fantasies. But the consent of man to the fulfillment of your requests depends on how enticing you will be able to describe to him the perspective of how it can be! So connect the eloquence or talent, and try to involve partner their erotic fantasies about sex with adult. For example, write to him about it in the social network, if the correspondence is given to you is easier than talking. Or tell us seizing the right moment in a cozy atmosphere (cozy or not – what the situation there is better configures your man last thought?).

Before piquant device will be in your bed, is that what you both wanted. After all, the best sex happens when both want the same thing!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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