Manicure on Feng Shui: how to choose color?

The Chinese teachings of Feng Shui today is popular worldwide, we have become accustomed to turn to him for interior decor and organization of living space. Feng Shui is a niche and in the art of self-care. Today women’s site “” you learn how to learn how to do a manicure on Feng Shui.

The art of nail design in accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui are now in demand, such a service offered by many beauty salons, but with a little effort, you can master the basic principles. Doing manicure on fenshuyu, you must know what colors should I use and what fingers to emphasize.

Your element

In order to properly choose colors manicure on fenshuyu, you need to decide what element you belong to. Simply pay attention to the last digit in the year of your birth, it will indicate which of the five leading elements you include.

  • So, if this number is 0 or 1, then your element Metal;
  • 2 or 3 – you Water;
  • 4 — 5 at the end of the year of birth – your symbol Tree;
  • 6-7 – the element of Fire;
  • the last 8 or 9 is your sign Earth.

Manicure on Feng Shui: colors

Each element in fengshui symbolizes a certain quality and has an individual color palette. Therefore, to determine the order in which element you belong to, you can safely choose for a manicure on fenshuyu their colors and shades.

  • Element Metal: use white, yellow, muted brown, silver, all shades of “metallic”, gray, and other shades of nail polishes of this range.
  • The element of Water: black, white, blue, turquoise, blue, a chameleon it is possible to use in manicure Feng Shui colors and basic colors characteristic of the water element in General.
  • Element Tree: preferring green, black, brown, blue palette of colors.
  • Fire element: here, of course, the bright colors – all shades of fire, so relevant today, scarlet, coral and red.
  • The element Earth: typical of manicure on fenshuyu the following colors are beige, yellow, brown (many shades, including chocolate and sand), pink.

By the way, in addition to the colored varnishes for manicure, you can use these colors in clothes, the design of the apartmentbecause the colors characteristic of your element will help to attract good luck and life to achieve harmony.

How to paint the nails on Feng Shui

The important thing in fengshui is the harmony, so the manicure should look carefully to attract the attention of beauty and elegance, not kitsch, it should not be annoying, screaming.

You can use a contrasting color for a manicure on fenshuyu, but the balance must be maintained to blend in with your style. From the specified palette pick the colors and shades that do not cause internal contradictions.

If you’re not a follower of colored nails, then just pick one nail patterns, rhinestones, a small drawing or a nail sticker if you do a manicure in the salon, ask the master to put the characters corresponding to your element.

The whole point of Feng-Shui – manicures-emphasis on the right fingers. Therefore, the main task is to allocate some nails, and on what, will tell below. The secret is in the energy of your body, the magic of your hands.

Energy cycle

According to one of the core ideas of Feng Shui, our body carries a different types of energies, and each part – qualified path, the channel through which the energy fills life. Our hands are no exception, and each finger carries information. While the right hand is giving and the left of the host, both hands allows energy to circulate, what we give eventually comes back.

It is on this principle is founded the art of allocating certain nail color or pattern manicure on fenshuyu.

It is preferable to paint the nails on her right hand, as it is believed that external energy will return. But it is quite possible the allocation of nail varnish on the right and left hand simultaneously, but it should be done with consideration of spheres of influence and power of the symbolism of the fingers, which in different hands could bear the meaning is completely different.

The fingers of the right hand of Feng Shui is characterized by the following:

  • Thumb – intellect, rich in mental ability and achievement;
  • Index finger – dissatisfaction with yourself and others, disharmony, selfishness;
  • The middle finger symbolizes grudges, quarrels, failures in the intimate sphere;
  • The ring finger is a positive value, such as friendship, new acquaintances, closeness and steadiness;
  • Pinky serenity, harmony, emotional balance, family well-being.

But those same fingers, but on the left hand carry the following information:

  • Thumb – unjustified hopes, devastation, collapse;
  • Index finger – fear, uncertainty, uncertainty;
  • Middle finger – sexuality, attractiveness, sensuality;
  • Ring finger – loneliness, emptiness, regret;
  • Littlefinger is cheating, gossip, lying, pretense.

Armed with these basic recommendations, knowing what colors manicure on fenshuyu will suit you, what nails must be allocated to achieve harmony in the right area, you can easily make a bright and stylish manicure and attract success and luck.

Be in harmony with yourself and the world!

The author – Olga Zhdanova, site

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