Mantoux test in children: what is true and what is fiction?

So, dear parents, today we will talk on our website ““ about delicate, but at the same time very serious topic – the Mantoux test in children.

Many parents with doubts refer to the tuberculin test (Mantoux) in children. Many people mistakenly call it grafting. However, grafting it is not. A kind of test of the presence in the body of the child of a busy immune system, when evaluated treacherous and ill-the causative agent of dreadful disease.

Robert Koch invented the tuberculin, and since 1908 by Charles Mantoux tuberculin were administered with the diagnostic purpose everywhere.

For starters, let’s dispel all the myths, walking in the minds of parents about the Mantoux test in children.

Mantoux test in children: parental myths
Myth # 1

To increase the Mantoux test is affected eaten the day before.

It’s not true. Sweet, citrus, salty or too much soda — all this plays no role.

Myth # 2

Water and Mantoux test in children — are incompatible concepts, it will happen positive reaction.

Actually: the result of the Mantoux test injected under the skin of the child is not changed by contact with the drops of water, but should avoid physical and chemical processes at the site of sample introduction (do not RUB with a washcloth, smear cream, put a band-aid with poor ventilation). Otherwise these processes can distort the results of the test.

Myth # 3

The disease leukemia is the result of Mantoux.

It does, and no one informed opinion is that fiction too impressionable natures.

Myth # 4

If you give the child before the test Mantoux drink allergic medications such as suprastin, diazolin and other, then the result will always be negative.

In fact: at the moment this is another unsubstantiated myth.

Fears intensify

In recent times in relation to this procedure began to appear more and more doubts. Too many disgruntled parents whose children are put on the account in children’s tuberculosis clinic with an increased response.

The world wide web is much unkindly disposed in relation to the Mantoux test users.

Opponents Mantoux sow panic in the hearts of young parents, claiming that the influence of tuberculin on the child’s growing body is not fully understood and also it does not bring harm anything and that Mantoux test in children cannot guarantee 100% accurate results, since the withdrawal of diagnosis is highly dependent on various characteristics of the organism.

But for a sample of the mountain stood the doctors. And they lead a very weighty argument: the Mantoux test in children is by far the main method of identification of tuberculosis at early stages.

They also vengeance criticized the experience of the PCR method (this is an experimental method of molecular biology, allowing to achieve a significant increase of small concentrations of certain fragments of nucleic acid (DNA) in biological material (sample)), which is tipped as an alternative to the “Mantoux test”.

Reputable psychiatrists claim that the new method does not reveal the presence of tuberculosis at an early stage.

In Russia a year die from TB, more than 25 thousand people, and the number infected increases by 100 thousand a year or more.

Every 18th person from 100 thousand die of tuberculosis. The infection occurs mainly by airborne droplets.

We have all been in the bus, on the subway, go to the hypermarkets, bazaars, movie. To be infected by the tubercle Bacillus, the theory of probability, can each of us. The most vulnerable are, of course, children and the elderly.

Even if more than half of parents refuse Mantoux test, Russia will face a global epidemic.

And “burns” a man in advanced stage of the disease very quickly, and it is a advanced stage, because early diagnosis — Mantoux test – a refuse.

While certainly all parents should know that the objective contraindications exist.

Contraindications to the Mantoux test in children

It is impossible to put a Mantoux test if your child:

  • exhibits increased sensitivity to phenol;
  • had flu or colds and have not yet fully recovered;
  • is the stage of the disease (most moms “calculates” initial latent phase of the disease as x-ray, one glance at your child);
  • is hidden a chronic pathology, including infectious nature;
  • suffer from allergies.

Moms and dads should be held thoroughly survey your child’s pediatrician before putting the sample.

You need to listen to your child, pay attention to his complaints, health and appearance.

And don’t forget one important thing: no one forced you to put your child’s Mantoux test will not.

Without parental permission according to the Federal law “About immunoprofilaktike infectious diseases” (article 11) do not. You have the right to write a written waiver.

Mantoux test in children: the views of parents

Specially for women’s site “Beautiful and Successful” we have gathered several opinions of parents on this problem.

  • Elena, 34 years, chief accountant, 2 children – son 14 years and daughter 9 years.

“I was brought up in a time when no one and no one asked — and whether we agree to do the skin test. We were just warned today that it will be put to the whole class. And no one resisted. Most interesting is that I do not remember a single case in our class was a positive Mantoux test in children. And my kids did it, and also without consequences. I think that is a great invention of mankind to prevent a terrible disease”

  • Inessa, housewife, 38 years old, son 10 years.

“I went through hell when we were sent with increased Mantoux in children’s tuberculosis. My son was a year on the account, he every 3 months made a sample of 2 hands. Our clinic is out of town to get there, you need 2 hours to go by bus, then long lines inside. In fact, the entire day was spent on unnecessary inspections. My child was completely healthy, all the other samples is shown as x-rays. Just the nurse who did the test in the clinic, made her poorly, almost raspolosovat skin and my child my entire life allergic, persistent stomatitis, rash, but in our clinic do not pay attention. I believe that the Mantoux test in children is a relic of the past. Why need to torture the children, guiding them in the clinic and putting on the account? Is it not possible to conduct a thorough examination of the child to do a re-test, to weed out Allergy sufferers, in General, to qualitatively carry out their work? In tubdispansere faster infect your child from tuberculosis! And when they are prescribed at the diagnosis of Superelevation powerful drugs, at the expense of the health and immunity of the child? It’s a horror.”

A few words in conclusion

To have a Mantoux test your child — only you can decide, but maybe we should wonder why all doctors do a Mantoux test to all my family members, their relatives and advocated for its use?

Not having medical education, it is not necessary to believe all the tales and horror stories about tuberculin test, which teems with the world wide web.

Author Christina Chuprinina, site

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