Marinade for pork: vinegar, yogurt, mayonnaise

How to soak the skewers of pork so that the result is an incredibly tasty meat? What ingredients I should add to the marinade, and which should be abandoned? What recipes do not take much time but will give you great pleasure? Read all about the proper marinating pork before the picnic!

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Pork skewers — a stunning dish. Don’t believe? Of course! First, it is almost always possible and almost all (with the exception, perhaps, only roasting on an open fire). Secondly, during cooking, it loses a significant part of harmful fat and getting on the table, just keeps all the Goodies and usefulness. Thirdly, it is perfectly juicy, while the amount of fat in pork meat more than beef and especially chicken.

Rules for marinating pork

It is only important to know how to marinate the pork, and then all must succeed. And this will come to the aid of our advice.

  • Vinegar can be used! Pork is probably the only kind of meat that can be freely pickling with vinegar. In this case, you are at risk of hard fibers, as they have a special structure. The marinade of vinegar to grilled pork the most simple to prepare. And in some cases will reduce the preparation time. For example, a quick marinade for pork on the basis of vinegar and sugar mixed with water, will allow the infusion at room temperature to use the carcass in 3 hours.
  • Oil need not be added. The pig and so fat enough product, so use additional olive or sunflower oil is not worth it. The aim is to “seal” pieces to create a crust and keep the inside juice. In our case, the pieces should get rid of fat while staying on the grill, so vegetable oil use is not desirable.
  • The marinating time is 12 hours. To qualitatively-marinated meat on skewers, you need to give him enough time to saturate the components of the marinade. For pork, the company is not less than 12 hours, during which it should be in the fridge. Any quick ways of marinating the pork will not give the same result.
  • The simplest ways of marinating

    To prepare the marinade for the pork, you can literally improvised. The most popular ingredients — vinegar and mayonnaise. Describe in detail about each recipe.

    How to marinate pork in vinegar

    You will need:

    • vinegar 9% — 4 tablespoons (about 1,2-1,5 kg of meat);
    • sugar teaspoon;
    • onions — 2-3 large heads;
    • water — 8 tablespoons;
    • the pepper and salt.


  • Meat clean from the films, divide it into pieces of medium size (baby Cam).
  • RUB the pieces with salt and pepper, mix well.
  • Peel the onion, cut into thick rings, add to the meat.
  • Vinegar dilute with chilled water, add sugar, stir, pour into the bowl with the skewers.
  • Stir contents, cover and the yoke, put in the refrigerator.
  • Marinade for pork kebab with mayonnaise

    A wonderful recipe that has one caveat — you do not want to harm to health, give up the purchase of the sauce. Some of the components in the finished compositions when heated, emit noxious substances. So prepare mayonnaise at home, using egg yolk, a spoonful of mustard, a DAB of vinegar and vegetable oil. To beat the wonderful sauce, you’ll need no more than 5 minutes. Using it, you’ll know exactly how tasty marinated skewers of pork without compromising health!

    You will need:

    • mayonnaise — 300 ml (per 1 kg of pig flesh);
    • onions — 4 large heads;
    • the pepper and salt.


  • Divide the meat into kebab pieces evenly with salt and pepper. Leave to stand for 15 minutes to saturate the pieces with salt.
  • Gradually add the mayonnaise, stirring by hand and oiling each piece. No need to pour a lot of sauce. Its volume should not cover the meat, but just to be there, well enveloping pieces.
  • Peel and chop onion rings. Some of them mix in a bowl with the meat, and the other part lay on top, press the lid.
  • Put in the fridge.
  • Diet marinades

    Recipes marinade for grilled pork with mayonnaise might seem a bit too greasy, but the vinegar is too sharp. We offer you easy options of filling stations with dietary ingredients.

    Marinade for pork on the mineral water

    You will need:

    • mineral water — 0,5 l (2 kg sirloin or neck);
    • onion — 3 large heads;
    • coriander (seeds), a mixture of paprika and dried tomato;
    • black pepper, salt.


  • Slice the meat, place it in the container. Add peeled and coarsely chopped onion.
  • Well pepper, put the grains of coriander, a mixture of paprika and tomato. Add salt and mix well. A little remember — let bow let the juice, then evenly distribute the spices over the pieces of kebab.
  • Pour mineral water, it lightly coated the meat. Put in the fridge.
  • The marinade for grilled pork yogurt

    You will need:

    • kefir 3.2% fat content — 500 ml (for 1.5 kg of meat);
    • sugar teaspoon;
    • onions — 4 large heads;
    • the pepper and salt.


  • Peel the onions, 2 heads grate, the other 2 will cut large washers.
  • Grated onion put the meat cut in pieces. Add salt and pepper, mix well.
  • Gradually pour the yogurt, constantly stirring the meat. The amount of yogurt should be slightly to cover the skewers.
  • Add the sugar, stir.
  • Put on top the onion rings, cover, and better push the marinade in a bowl with the load. Put in the fridge.
  • Armed with our recipes, you can confidently go on a picnic or cook a fragrant, delicate kebab house!

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