Marine style: how to combine things?

“Hi, ““! Now it became very fashionable to dress in a nautical style. Please give me some pointers how to combine the “sea” things by color and what accessories to use to look stylish?”

Today women’s site will tell you everything you wanted to know about marine style in clothes. We support your story with examples of sets for clothing in marine style.

Marine style in clothes

It is believed that the history of nautical style starts in the 70-ies of the 19th century. The prototype of the marine style was the elegant form of sea captains and practical clothes simple sailors.

The most famous element of the marine clothes – sailor: shaped top blouse sailor collar with a large square white collar with stripes. It began the origin of marine style in clothes. Then the sailor had added flared pants, vests with hoods, jackets, hats, special shoes and a Navy insignia.

The color and texture of the material

Traditional marine style in clothes is white-blue-red color scheme, but sometimes designers use in his marine work the gold and black colors since they add elegance and nobility things. And without that beloved them striped in a nautical style and is simply irreplaceable. Moreover, it can be not only horizontal and vertical, but going diagonally. The thickness of the strips varies from subtle to broad.

Marine style has long gone beyond the closet owners of sailing yachts. Before the main fabric of the “sea” of clothing was comfortable and practical knitwear. Now, the designers allow themselves to create a more feminine, using a silk, lace, pearls.

An important element is the Navy insignia – embroidered gold emblems known yacht clubs, anchors, steering wheels and laces, imitating the ropes.

Styles marine style

The main requirement for Maritime style is convenience. Layering clothing is welcomed, because a real sailor needs to be ready for the scorching sun and storm! ?

The traditional silhouette of the sea costume is a flared sailor pants and fitted jacket, mimicking the coat of a naval officer. In our opinion, this way is more suitable for autumn. Complemented by the warm scarf and gloves, this suit will protect you from the weather.

Marine style: how to dress in cold weather

In the summer time I want to look fresh and relaxed like you just got back from a cruise and have not had time to change into city clothes. In this case, essential tops and t-shirts in horizontal striped shirts with appliqués in the form of an anchor and helm. They can be easily combined even with a dark blue or white jeans.

Lightweight knit tops and sweaters in a wide blue-white or red-white stripes are perfectly combined with bright Palazzo pants. In case of cool evenings you can wear a cropped cardigan on top.

A more democratic outfit — white cotton shirt combined with dark blue shorts to the knee or wide fisherman’s trousers.

nautical style for summer

Dresses elegant styles are best to choose in noble blue and boil-and-white color. Even if they don’t present a strip or other signs of marine style, you will still look very aristocratic, so it’s a win-win.

Trying on a dress with a stripe, pay attention to its effects: horizontal lines visually enlarge the figure, the vertical stretched silhouette and the diagonal give dynamism and vitality. Keep this in mind when choosing the style.

Striped dress in a marine style and accessories

Shoes in a marine style

When choosing shoes for your outfit in marine style, do not forget about convenience. If you have hours-long hike or picnic, give preference to shoes with a small heel, cloth shoes flat shoes or ballet flats.

If you expect a social event or party (for example, in the yacht club), it is better to wear shoes with heel, suitable to your sea socialite.

shoes in a marine style

Well, in the case of the current trip aboard mandatory yacht shoes. These shoes do not slip on the wet deck, waterproof, and a special lacing will keep shoes when you sit on the Board with legs out, otkrenivat boat.

Accessories for coastal style

Marine style is particularly pleasing that it is easily recognizable on the original accessories. You can wear a plain dark-blue dress to the knee and lightweight scarf with marine symbols and will look elegant.

select accessories to nautical style

To the sea the symbolism we attribute image anchors, lighthouses, steering wheels, sailboats, navigational charts and everything else that reminds us of the sea and the sun.

Like everything else in your outfit, the accessories should be harmonious.

Going on a trip, give preference to an elongated vertical cylindrical bag, canvas messenger bag envelope , or a large beach bag of waterproof fabric. At the party in a Maritime style, you will only need a small clutch in a color to suit.

The decorations are welcomed natural materials – coral, seashells, aged metal, silver and gold.

Plastic jewelry – large white, red or blue bracelets and beads permissible with appropriate playful way, for example, if you’re in a short dress-robe.

Accessories in a marine style

To hide from the sun will help you with a wide-brimmed hat, easy knitted beret or a silk scarf.

General advice to lovers of the sea style: be moderate! This is especially true of the strips – one or two striped elements (the same direction) the clothing is sufficient. Otherwise you will look like a Zebra!

The same goes for colors – use no more than three different colors in a single image. Sometimes even two are enough, if your image is replete with accessories.

Also be careful when choosing shoes – if it has elements of another style (e.g., large cloth flowers as decoration or imitation snake skin), it is better not to use it.

Enjoy your transformation and unforgettable journeys across seas and countries!

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