Marriage: pros and cons

Have you ever thought about the fact that he gave you, or Vice versa Rob you of family life? And what advantages and disadvantages are brought to you by the status of married ladies? Well, or at least about the positive and negative sides of marriage?

No? From time to time? Or every half hour? – a faithful response to stress.

Well, in any case you will be interested. Today women’s site talks about the pros and cons of marriage.

Marriage: a sober look the part

No, we will not explore the advantages and disadvantages of marriage as such, for some, family life, honey in the salad with gingerbread and pistachio ice cream, and for someone — the yoke on his neck and shackles on hands and feet. Moreover, these two can reside in the same area and be connected with the common seal of ?

We are all different. We all have our concepts, priorities and requirements. Someone bring coffee in bed, someone pink Ferrari, someone is happy sizeofrawdata free service for removal of garbage in the execution of her husband, and some sad advice and pesky mother-in-law, well, and some just happily married in a serene and mundane (every day regardless of the weather and whims of the husband).

We consider the example of the ideal family (wife – caring, loving and household, husband, drinking, earning and faithful) in a perfect vacuum (apartment, house, job, relatives in another country), which came into the marriage by mutual consent (his, not father’s-mother’s-neighbor’s) and never thought about the leftist and divorce.

So, meet the pros and cons of marriage from an impartial and objective judge

The benefits of marriage:

1. Now you have two, and two heads, as known, useful in the household. And “We”, it sounds much stronger and more solid than just “I”. My husband and I are doing renovation, we loved going to the picnic, we’re a family (and let all the single girlfriends zakusaet their elbows to bloody blisters).

2. You will not be bored, because now at your fingertips in the standing order is for the PEP talks, quarrels, food and bodily pleasures ?

Note: we intentionally do not derive a “bed” and everything related to this fascinating pastime in a separate paragraph. We are all girls and adults understand what it means to permanent, legitimate and not burdened with the sad consequences of the sex for the female psyche, skin and satisfaction.

3. As for the husband, you can always count on his sympathy, love and support. From now on, concepts such as grief, joy, debt, peace, friendship, chewing gum, General and inseparable. And the husband – chic vest that not only will listen, sympathize and regret, but also caress, massage, and runs to the store for red wine and chocolate (this is if you have PMS).

4. Responsibility for your life, your stomach and wallet is now lying on two shoulders (or four if you count the left and right ? ), this means that in your life will finally have the stability and confidence in the future. And is it not happiness?

5. Marriage in our country involves some sort of social security: before that you were just two lovers (one each other from the point of view of the state), and now – the immediate family, i.e. people with a common surname, evidence and property.

So, you personally have the right to:

  • his car, a yacht and a credit card
  • be the first admitted to the intensive care unit, if (God forbid) have a stroke from seeing the scratches on your favorite Porsche (by you, by the way).
  • alimony in case of divorce (even the perfect people, even in ideal conditions, alas, not everything is rosy and smooth).

6. Visa (Schengen particularly) you as a married woman will get more and more likely.

7. By signing, you can finally officially change the name, and with it citizenship and a passport photograph.

8. Now you don’t need to get up the wonders of acrobatics in bed, scratch his back, groan and gasp before losing momentum, i.e. do everything to portray itself as ready for any sex feats mistress, cum from the sight of a man. Because now it is yours, your forever — guts, cockroaches and indoor Slippers. 9. Now you can just make love as you love, see and deserve.

10. Engagement ring like nothing else sobering unwanted admirers and suitors.

11. And most important, you now have someone to Wake up every day, raise children and die in one day.

Disadvantages of marriage:

  • Marriage involves the rejection of many well-established and beloved habits (albeit harmful, even from those from whom, for the sake of justice it is worth noting that already long overdue to get rid of). Such as: sleep till noon, throwing things in the nooks and crannies, eat some sandwiches and pizza. All Basta, carefree times have sunk into Oblivion.
  • Marriage not only confers rights but also responsibilities. And this washing, and cooking, and cleaning with Ironing. So daily preparation of Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks from now on your fragile shoulders.
  • In addition to her husband , you have his name, to renounce which, alas, is not easy (will be offended). So now you are the great-great-granddaughter of count Orlov, a simple peasant girl from an average family of Petya’s.
  • With the advent of printing in the passport number celebrating anniversaries/sick/needing attention/giving advice of relatives multiplied. Hence spending additional money, nerves and headache.
  • The presence of her husband and the marriage certificate provides the community not only his property, but your too. Now the gift your parents a two-bedroom apartment in the city centre on a single host anymore.
  • Family life significantly narrows the circle of communication. Before you know it, how methodically and purposefully discourage the husband from the house “bad influence” on you by friends.
  • Now beloved not calling every half hour and does not send cute/funny/lovers SMS. He doesn’t need to win you over with expensive gifts, sweeping gestures, men’s deeds. Because now you completely belong to him alone.
  • From the point of view of the husband that before marriage was “good” and “great,” after getting the wrong and not-so-necessary. Before you dined at restaurants? Now it is “expensive and not very tasty.” Before you buy fur coats and diamonds? Now they give him pots and stands for flowers. Before you shamelessly spent his entire paycheck on shoes, cosmetics and clothes? Now you are accountable for every penny spent and live in austerity (even if the money in the family to burn). Such is married life.
  • Sex after marriage though, and permanent, but it is very monotonous. Through trial and error you found poses that satisfy both, you no longer need to impress each other, you just love. No experiments or bursts, only one peace and quiet that in bed sometimes got tired.
  • Yesterday you are showered with compliments fan today brings up another girl (unmarried), and the seller from the grocery store somehow makes such crazy discounts as before and not called to carry our bags to the entrance. And all because now on your fourth finger emblazoned the symbol of loyalty to another man – a wedding ring.
    • Conclusions:

      We have tried to highlight the main pros and cons of marriage. Someone will seem ridiculous and far-fetched, someone will open your eyes to the real situation, well, someone will just smile.

      We wish you a sensible attitude to marriage, mutual love and the perfect husband! ?

      Author – Yulia Maximenko, website – Beautiful and Successful

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      Marriage: pros and cons

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