Mask for dry hair at home: the effectiveness how to prepare and apply

Dry, brittle, dull strands are often the result of negative environmental impact, the use of instruments for dry and lacking nutrients. Therefore, care need special tools. And manufacturers of cosmetics and beauty salons offer solutions that enable you to resolve the problem. But the price of professional services and branded products are often bite. What to do when there is no free money? To provide a well-groomed appearance, restore health and softness to properly prepared mask for dry hair at home.

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  • 1 Mask for dry hair: how to apply
  • 2 a Compilation of recipes for food…
    • 2.1 With the yolk and honey
    • 2.2 With kiwi
    • 2.3 With mustard
    • 2.4 yeast
    • 2.5 With gelatin
  • 3 … and hydration
    • 3.1 With yogurt
    • 3.2 With cottage cheese and cucumber
    • 3.3 oil
    • 3.4 With aloe
  • 4 What to do if the roots greasy
  • 5 Vitamins from dryness: of dietary, buy at the pharmacy

To radically change the data that we got from nature, it is impossible. And from fixtures and tools to change the hair color, doing hair, it’s hard to refuse. Only one thing — to constantly pamper my hair with effective nourishment. Even such Hollywood beauties as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Milla Jovovich, use masks. The main components are oils, glycerin, fruit and vegetables. This is a must-have and allows them to dazzle others with the beauty and brilliance of the chic curls on the red carpet.

Dryness is a serious problem that leads to breakage and hair loss, split ends. Own hair will not recover therefore, we cannot leave the issue unresolved. Curls must be constantly nourished and moisturize.

Mask for dry hair: how to apply

Often mixtures prepared independently, do not produce the desired result. It is not that badly chosen ingredients. The main problem lies in the correctness of their preparation. Here are six basic tricks, how to prepare a mask for dry and damaged hair, so it was the most useful.

  • Utensils. For mixing the ingredients is better to take a container made of glass or porcelain.
  • Number. Cooking at home mask for dry dyed and undyed hair, it should be remembered that the portion needs to be calculated once. Most mixes contain natural products, so long to store them is not recommended.
  • Temperature. Mask when used, must have a temperature below 36°C. as useful components contained in it, much faster and penetrate deeper into the hair.
  • Insulation. To achieve the maximum result possible, if hair will be under the cap, polyethylene.
  • Remover. Rinse cosmetic homemade water should be room temperature in order not to injure a thin hair.
  • Drying. Washed hair should not RUB, but DAB with a towel. Better if it will dry naturally.
  • Right to make a mask for dry and damaged hair is just one of the steps in combating the problem. To hair recovers better and more intense use of the mixture one to two times a week.

    A selection of recipes for food…

    Regular makeup is extremely necessary damaged hair. Folk remedies to cope with this problem 100%. Useful substances from natural products are an effective tool in the fight against brittleness, loss, splitting.

    With the yolk and honey

    Features. Egg and honey — products that can cause allergic reaction, even when applied on the hair. So in advance you should make sure that they are not harmful to the body. For example, to put the components on a small patch of skin and wait whether or not the irritation.


    • one egg yolk (raw egg);
    • two tablespoons of melted honey;
    • two tablespoons of burdock oil.

    How to apply

  • We mix it all together.
  • Apply makeup from roots to tips.
  • Waiting for an hour and carefully opolaskivaniem hair in warm water.
  • With kiwi

    Features. The usefulness of emerald fruit recognized not only by nutritionists. Recipe mask for dry hair with kiwi as simple as possible, because the other ingredients add do not need. The product contains phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamins E, C and group B. These substances eliminate brittleness, prevent cross-section, loss of hair, stimulate their growth. Strands are not tangled, silky.


    • the fruit kiwi.

    How to apply

  • Mash one or more of the fruit to form a slurry.
  • Distribute from roots to ends.
  • Three to five minutes massaging the scalp and gently rubbing the mixture into strands.
  • Withstanding means 10-15 minutes under shower cap, polyethylene.
  • Rinse the tresses in the water of body temperature.
  • Mustard

    Features. Cooking nourishing mask for dry hair homemade mustard does come with some caveats. The product is able to activate the processes of metabolism, increase blood circulation. It is not recommended to apply it in that case, if the scalp has wound, neoplasms.


    • 1 liter of water;
    • three tablespoons of mustard powder.

    How to apply

  • Mix mustard powder with warm water.
  • Apply the mixture from roots to tips of strands.
  • Massaging three to five minutes.
  • Waiting for 30-40 minutes.
  • Opolaskivaniem curls in warm water.
  • With yeast

    Features. Made from yeast homemade face mask for dry hair — solution which helps to strengthen hair, restore health to the damaged structure. It stimulates growth, returns Shine. To enhance the effect of egg protein, honey.


    • tablespoon of dry yeast;
    • three tablespoons of cream (you can substitute milk);
    • a teaspoon of sugar;
    • tablespoon of castor oil (you can substitute burdock).

    How to apply

  • Pour the yeast fermented milk product at room temperature, add the sugar.
  • Keep the mixture in a warm place for 15-30 minutes.
  • Added to the components of castor or burdock oil.
  • Mix until a homogeneous mass.
  • Apply and evenly distribute from the roots to the tips of the strands.
  • Waiting in the cap, polyethylene 40 minutes.
  • Opolaskivaniem strands in warm water.
  • With gelatin

    Features. Gelatin can not only eliminate the dryness but also give the hair volume and density. The main thing is to use it properly to get a homogeneous mixture. If he will take lumps, mask making is pointless. Moreover, such a mixture will be difficult to wash off.


    • two tablespoons of gelatin;
    • four tablespoons of water.

    How to apply

  • Soak gelatin in warm water until it swells.
  • Heat the mixture to dissolve the granules.
  • The tool must be cool.
  • Apply from roots to ends curls.
  • You can leave the mask overnight or to pass a few hours with her.
  • Opolaskivaniem in warm water.
  • Apply a homemade mask for dry hair is recommended at least once or twice a week. A one-time procedure will be ineffective. Only regular care can restore the hair, providing it a well-groomed, handsome in appearance.

    … and moisturize

    Before the masks have a double task: not only to nourish but also moisturize the hair, restore their structure, to recover health and softness. Deal with it dairy products and essential oils.

    With yogurt

    Features. Dairy product can wash the pigment, so for coloured and bleached hair masks it is recommended to apply as little as possible. Otherwise, you will have to update the hue.


    • 100 ml kefir (you can increase or decrease the portion).

    How to apply

  • Apply sour milk from root to tip, massaging the strands.
  • Stand under the shower cap, polyethylene 30 minutes.
  • Opolaskivaniem warm water. If there is an odor, you can use any type of hair.
  • With cottage cheese and cucumber

    Features. Exceptional combination can give you strands of natural moisture. The mixture of natural vitamins will help to restore hair softness and malleability. It will provide it with elasticity and luxurious Shine.


    • two tablespoons of cottage cheese;
    • half of the fresh vegetable.

    How to apply

    • Peel the cucumber from the skin, shred on a grater or in a blender.
    • The components are mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass.
    • Distribute from roots to ends.
    • Stand under the cap for 20-25 minutes.
    • Rinse the hair in warm water.


    Features. Judging by the reviews, the oil is able to cope with almost any hair problem. They are rich in vitamins, phospholipids, fatty acids. Even in the shortest possible time remedies can restore the health of the strands, so it is often used in cases of emergency.


    • two tablespoons of burdock oil or any other similar means (you can increase or decrease the portion).

    How to apply

  • Heat the oil in a water bath to 36°C.
  • Apply from root to tip.
  • With a mask you can walk up to three hours.
  • Opolaskivaniem thoroughly with shampoo and warm water.
  • Olive oil, coconut oil is useful not only for hair but also for skin, face, body. Means moisturize. They are particularly relevant for the winter period, when the skin requires additional support. Using almond oil can even heal small wounds and cracks.

    With aloe

    Features. Aloe is one of the most affordable and budget components. The juice can be obtained from plants that grow on the windowsill at home, or purchased in pharmacies.


    • two tablespoons of aloe juice;
    • one Apple.

    How to apply

  • Finely grate the fruit and mix with the juice.
  • Distributed homogeneous mass from root to tip curls.
  • Take cover with a shower cap or polythene.
  • Waiting for 30 minutes.
  • Wash thoroughly in warm water.
  • What if the roots of the fat

    Combo type can often meet the owners of long strands. Dry hair and greasy roots involve the use of masks in two parts, each designed for a specific location. You can use the blue clay. It is mixed with water. The mixture is applied only to the roots.

    It should be remembered that a sensitive scalp and brittle strands require careful maintenance. So a mask of onions, alcohol-containing drinks is not recommended. “Nuclear” ingredients can even lead to burns.Vitamins from dryness: of dietary, buy at the pharmacy

    Restore health and beauty to hair can be done externally using masks homemade. An important step is feeding from the inside. To normalize metabolic processes in the body by eating certain foods. It is also recommended to take vitamins in pills, but in this case it is better to consult a physician. What exactly is useful to use, describes the following table.

    Table — Vitamins that are useful for dry hair: in foods and drugs

    VitaminsProductsPharmacy name
    A— Butter;
    — eggs;
    — the liver;
    — cottage cheese;
    — carrot;
    — Apple;
    — apricot;
    — wild rose;
    — sea buckthorn
    Retinol (beta-carotene)
    E— Tomatoes;
    — spinach;
    — parsley;
    — peas;
    — nuts
    B9— Brewer’s yeast;
    — cereal;
    — millet;
    — lentils;
    — nuts;
    — cottage cheese;
    Folic acid
    B8— Sesame seeds;
    — beef heart;
    — whole grains;
    — grapefruit;
    — repa
    H— Milk;
    — the egg;
    — lamb;
    — beef;
    — beets;
    — tomatoes;
    — carrot;
    — potatoes;
    — peas;
    — peanuts

    To obtain reliable information about the condition of the body, it is better to pass tests, to be examined by a trichologist. This will show you what vitamins you are missing, and what, conversely, is in excess. The doctor will recommend vitamin supplements developed specifically to solve the problems of dry strands. Their reception in parallel with the regular masks will contribute to the full recovery of tresses.

    Mask for dry hair ends with your hands to make a rather easy and the ingredients are in the bag or in the refrigerator. However, one should not rely on this alone. It is necessary to organize proper care of damaged hair. Using Curling irons, hair dryers, irons, should get a professional heat-protective cosmetics. Balanced diet, and hats in the cold season, careful wash is a complex of actions will only strengthen and permanently extend the effect of the means prepared at home.

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