Masks of aloe for face: recipes for different skin types always happy to share with their readers the secrets of maintaining beauty and health of the skin, and today we will talk about the amazing plant that can be called in this case indispensable. Is aloe. Surely you have noticed that industrial and cosmetics manufacturers often include it in their products. And no wonder: it is hard to overestimate the beneficial impact of the home mask with aloe Vera for the face.

What is useful is contained in aloe?

The plant is unique because the components included in its composition, complex effect on the skin, allowing to solve many problems. Let’s look at some of them more, and you’ll see that the mask using aloe quite capable to compete in their composition with the purchase means.

  • Vitamins A, C, E and group In is a great tool to maintain youthful skin. They stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the cells of the epidermis, helping the skin stay young and elastic.
  • Trace elements and organic acids, essential in order to ensure the normal metabolic processes in the skin.
  • Mineral salts maintain the water-salt balance.
  • Pectin helps retain moisture in the skin, which is extremely important when it is excessive dryness.
  • Carotenoids prevent peeling.
  • Catechins strengthen capillary walls and are protivoallergennye.
  • Flavonoids have toning and protective action, have bactericidal properties and promote the excretion of toxins.
  • Aloin resists the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, preventing premature aging.

As aloe has on the skin

It is not surprising that a plant containing such a wide range of nutrients, can have on any skin type the most beneficial effect. Mask with aloe for face at home sometimes to cope with problems that cannot be solved in professional salons.

  • With oily skin the juice of this plant reduces the activity of sebaceous glands, ridding the skin of unpleasant Shine.
  • When dry skin helps to moisturize it.
  • At normal and mixed skin aloe Vera – a great moisturizing and nourishing oil, enriched with vitamins and trace elements.
  • If the skin has heightened sensitivity, the use of this plant will help to create a protective barrier for harmful external influences.
  • If problematic skin mask from the leaves of the aloe will help to cope with such defects as acne and other rashes, reduces pores.
  • At the first signs of aging aloe helps smooth wrinkles and gives the skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Dull skin due to the effect of this plant becomes radiant and healthy complexion.

And in order to reinforce the action of aloe, masks, except it includes other ingredients, but this will talk about below.

Aloe is a storehouse of Goodies for the skin!

But despite the versatility of this plant for cosmetic purposes, some contraindications do exist. It is not recommended to use the mask with the juice and pulp of the aloe in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • during menstruation;
  • in the period of breast-feeding;
  • if the capillaries are too close to the skin surface (telangiectasia);
  • if the person has a pathologically excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis);
  • if you have individual intolerance.

To be sure that the use of this tool will have no negative consequences, it is necessary to apply a little of the mixture on the area of the wrist or elbow and wait about half an hour. If no discomfort like itching or redness does not arise – we can safely apply the mask on the face.

Mask with aloe for face: rules of preparation and use

For masks, cut not too young leaves, and those who, at least about 3 years or more (they are usually located below the trunk of the plant). Choose the ones that meaty and juicy. I cut the leaves, remove the thorns, wash boiled cold water and wrap in a thick cloth.

Fresh leaves of the plant use desirable. For greater effect it is necessary to put them “ripen” in the fridge for a couple of weeks. In the dark and cold aloe leaves secrete substances that amplify their beneficial properties many times!

In two weeks you can start making masks. Clean the leaves from the top of the rough skin and jelly-like pulp shalt to a pulp or squeeze them the juice. You get raw materials for cooking your cosmetics.

If the mask includes water, better to take the mineral without gas or spring; if the recipe involves the use of vegetable oil, it is preferable to choose olive.

Mask with aloe juice for face is not more than 20 minutes. If during the procedure any uncomfortable feelings, the mixture should be rinsed off immediately.

Remember that the mask should be applied not only to pre-cleansed face!

Mask with aloe for face: a variety of options

Now is the time to go directly to the recipes of masks. A lot of them, here are just some of the proven and most popular.

Masks for normal skin with aloe Vera:

  • Nourishing cream: mix aloe Vera juice and heavy cream in equal parts.
  • Honey tonic: 2 parts honey mixed with 1 part of aloe juice.
  • Refreshing: mix 1 part aloe juice, 1 part egg yolk and 2 parts sour cream.

Mask for oily skin with aloe:

  • Lemon: mix aloe Vera juice and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply on face with a cotton swab.
  • Alcohol: aloe juice, pour rubbing alcohol in the ratio of 1 to 5 and left to stand for a week; this mask can not rinse, and use as a lotion to wipe the skin.
  • The mask of aloe with calendula: mix 3 parts of aloe juice and 2 parts of an alcohol tincture of calendula, use the mask the same as the previous one, or apply the mixture with a cotton swab point to problem areas.

Aloe Vera can do many different maschek!

Mask for dry skin with aloe:

  • Integrated: mix equal parts of aloe juice, olive oil, honey and oatmeal.
  • Moisturizer: mix in a 1: 1 ratio with aloe Vera juice and moisturizer, add a few drops of peach oil.
  • Nutritional: 2 parts of aloe juice mixed with 1 part nourishing cream.

Treatment mask with aloe:

  • Mask enlarged pores with aloe and protein: 2 parts of aloe juice and 1 part protein to whisk vigorously until frothy.
  • From blackheads and pimplesto moisten the gauze, folded in several layers, the aloe juice and apply on face; the procedure is repeated 10 consecutive days, then 10 days through the day, then another 10 times with an interval 3-4 days.
  • Comprehensive treatment mask with aloe: 1 egg white mixed with 3 tablespoons aloe Vera 1 teaspoon lemon juice; mask should be kept on the skin until dry, then rinse with water and apply the cream on the skin. The mask for problematic oily skin will help to eliminate unhealthy Shine, narrows pores, and provide anti-inflammatory effect.

Mask for Mature skin:

  • A rejuvenating mask with aloe and herbs: 3 parts of aloe juice mixed with 1 part rose petals 2 parts chamomile flowers, 2 parts Hypericum, and 1 part lime color, all carefully grind blender; herbs for mask take fresh.
  • The mask of wrinkles with aloe Vera: mix 2 parts of aloe juice and honey with 1 part of curd (you can substitute fat sour cream or cream).

I hope that the power of this wonderful plant will help your skin stay young and radiant.

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