Massage for breast augmentation — all the features and disadvantages

Non-surgical breast increase is possible with the help of massage. It is performed at home, by yourself or together with your loved ones. In this article we will tell you about the popular techniques of massage for breast enlargement. And disadvantages of each.

The main benefit of massage is to improve circulation to the massaged area. So it is often recommend if you have any skin problems and as a “helper” in the fight against obesity.

Breast massage helps to strengthen the blood supply to the glands, contributes to the development of the capillary network of blood vessels, takes care of the skin tone. The result of proper massage becomes a beautiful, well-groomed, taut Breasts.

But do not expect this treatment of miracles. Increase breast home massage is possible only on few millimeters. And it is desirable to combine with the technique of breast augmentation with exercise. The main value of massage consists in the fact that the bust becomes firm and supple. And the skin of the Breasts loses defects such as sagging and stretch marks.

The dangers of massage for breast augmentation

Massage can bring both benefit and harm. The main danger of mechanical manipulation lurk in:

  • the injury of the skin and breast. Excessive force leads to the appearance of minor wounds in the chest and stretch marks on the skin. Do massage, with a minimum of effort;
  • opportunities for the development of neoplastic processes. Before proceeding to the daily massage, be sure to visit a gynecologist or mammalogy. If the chest has at least a minimal benign tumor, it will begin to grow. The same applies to fibrous and cystic formations.

Water breast massage

  • Adjust the water in the shower to a comfortable temperature. It must seem slightly cool.
  • Water pressure make a circular motion on one breast, then the second. Avoid the nipple area.
  • Carry out the procedure within 2-3 minutes for each breast.
  • Arrange a contrast shower: slightly increase the temperature to a good warm again decrease, increase and again decrease. The period of the contrast should reach 5-10 seconds. Finish douche with cool water.
  • Pros

    • The effectiveness of the procedure does not depend on run-time. Do this massage at least in the morning, even in the evening.
    • For the procedure, you will need only a shower, the water and the desire to make the chest better.
    • A minimum of time. The session takes about 5 minutes.


    • Too strong a jet of water can injure delicate skin of the chest.
    • If you like the water hotter, have to say goodbye to this habit. Hot water weakens the connective tissue and cause sagging Breasts.

    Corrective breast massage

  • Apply a breast cream or a special cosmetic product (if stretching).
  • Carry out circular movement clockwise of the index, middle and ring fingers for 2 minutes. Avoid the nipple area.
  • Do strokes from the bottom up (from the nipples to the shoulders and clavicles) for 2 minutes.
  • Fingertips perform the “sawing” motion, going from the nipple to the outer part of the chest. The run time is 2 minutes.
  • Grasp one breast with his hand. Slightly Pat it with the fingertips of the other hand. Repeat with the second breast.
  • Do the light stroking motion of the fingertips from the nipple to the outer part of the chest.
  • Pros

    • The use of fatty creams help to soften the skin of the breast. But special cosmetic products get rid of stretch marks.
    • To perform the massage for increase the breast itself, without resorting to a beauty salon.


    • Intensive effect on the skin can cause bruising and stretch marks.
    • After the massage, be sure to remove the remnants of the massage oil or cream to prevent the appearance of stains on underwear.

    Vacuum massage breast

  • Apply on chest moisturizer.
  • Place the Breasts into the vacuum pads, use the pump to create a vacuum.
  • Follow the procedure in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations (usually 10-15 minutes for each breast).
  • Pros

    • Achieving an instant effect. Usually the chest is increased already after the 1st session due to the powerful rush of blood.
    • Increase breast sensitivity by increasing the “response” of nerve endings.


    • Vacuum massage allows you to learn not only how to enlarge Breasts. But as quickly lose this effect. Support received only daily procedures.
    • Instant breast enlargement on 1 or 2 dimensions may cause the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

    Japanese massage for breast growth shiatsu

  • Determine the location of the points on your body. The first 8 are on the neck, along the thyroid gland (4 each side). One point is located on the back of his neck, where your hair grows. Another 6 points are strictly above the blades: 3 per side. And the last 2 are located over the shoulders, just above the collarbone.
  • Big fingers and apply pressure on points in the neck, nape, shoulders, shoulder blades. Time pressure is 5-7 seconds. On each point it is necessary to work three times after 20-second break.
  • Pros

    • Ancient Japanese technique, that is used to Oriental women.


    • To perform the procedure will need the help of a friend or loved one.
    • Effect provides pressure on a specific point. Any deviations, make the technique ineffective.

    Recommend simulator for breast augmentation, which can be used to achieve impressive results, doing 15 minutes a day. The principle of operation see our video.

    • The simulator affects the chest muscles, due to which creates a perfectly toned breast shape.
    • The main difference from analogs — the device gives the load on all groups of muscles of the chest.
    • The simulator is easy to use: you only need to hold hands and make a clenching motion to center and back.

    Now you know how to enlarge breast through massage. Proper implementation of the procedures will bring you not only benefits but also pleasure. And his chest will be well-groomed, toned and more attractive!

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