Master class: brooch of felt “a Lightning-fast snail”

Of course, everyone knows that a snail is the symbol of slowness. But women’s website “” offers to make their own “Lightning snail”! Literally, this striking brooch is sewn of felt and zippers, and to perform such work under force even completely inexperienced knitters. Large brooch-a snail can decorate the jacket, and even jumper outerwear coat or jacket!

What you will need: materials

Need felt. Felt is sold in A4 sheets and come in various thickness, choose the thickest, it is easier to work with. However, if any felt you think it is too thin, it is still possible to work, stitching the two layers instead of one. Take two colors of felt for the base (background) and the decor. I have these two colors, purple and crimson.

Will also need a clasp-“lightning”. This technique is craft felt and a zipper gives a wonderful chance to finally put to use stale old orporate with some things worn out, broken, etc. “snake”! It does not matter whether the clasp, the condition of the tissue region, etc. – to be used only by a thin strip with teeth! Therefore, selecting lightning for the brooches, pay attention not to color fabrics and color of teeth – I chose the metallic “bronze”, but as an option you can use plastic and bright, a contrast to the felt color, and black or white, etc Length zipper, used me – 30 cm, but if your “lightning” a little shorter or longer, no problem – just change some details of the drawing or the size of a brooch.

We also need two colors of thread (regular sewing or embroidery floss) – color felt-base and contrasting bright colors for embroidery. Also – one small bead and one bead (for the eye of a snail), safety pin – for fastening the brooch to the clothes, scissors, the usual sewing and beading needle.

Sew the snail: embroidery zipper felt

So, prepare for operation “zipper”. You will need one half – cut clasp at the base, take off the clasp or choose a half without lock. And cut off the tape “under the root” of the teeth so that in the end, to a kind of chain.

In order to begin your embroidery, you need to outline drawing snails on a sheet of felt-the basics. This can be done tailor’s chalk or just a pen – it’s like all the circuits will be subsequently blocked by “lightning”. For the not so experienced artists – a hint from it’s better not to draw lines, and about to lay chain-“lightning” the contours of the cochlea. This will help you estimate what size should I make it – it would be a shame if the lack of chain length found in the end!

Next can be two options. First cut the pattern on the felt edges and sew the zipper on the resulting figure. The second (as I did) is to sew the zipper to the felt in the picture and cut the finished embroidered snail on completion.

How to sew a zipper? Very simple – put a chain and teeth on the felt and draw stitches between each of the teeth. You can sew the chain perpendicular to the plane brooches (teeth up), and you can lay the chain “to the side” — for example, at the edge of the product. Plus chains of cloves – it is very plastic and looks are harmoniously even in the tightest of curls and curves!


There are very few! Take another color felt and cut from it a thin strip, of a width of a few millimeters. Striped cut into pieces that will decorate the shell of a snail.

Nasivi their bright thread, without fearing that the stitches are visible (and that they are not perfectly smooth!) – this will eventually lend a unique charm handmade favors!

Then go to the bead needle. Bring the needle and thread from the inside to the face, Nangi bead and the bead (in my case yellow bead and a green bead). Then come back with a needle in the hole of the bead and put her on the wrong side of brooches, stick – turned eyes of a snail.

The reverse side

Turn the brooch around and look at her with a critical eye. Perhaps you confuse the visible stitches embroidery, or seem insufficient thickness of felt – it’s not terrible and is fixable! Take the remaining felt base color and cut from it a circle – the size of the shell of a snail. The circle with small stitches and thread in the tone sewn on brooch.

It remains to sew the pin clasp and the brooch “Lightning snail” ready to decorate your clothes (and maybe even a handbag or backpack)!

(about this read the article “How to wear a brooch”)

Author – Dasha Blinova, site
Photos Dasha Blinova.

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