Maternity leave and work options for moms in the decree

Today we will try to help with advice to young mothers who sit home with the baby and looking for ways to make money in the decree.

First, a parable.

Sitting high up in a tree a Crow all day and does nothing. Saw her little Rabbit and asks:
— Can I, like you, to sit all day doing nothing?
— Of course, you can.
Rabbit sat down under the tree. Suddenly Fox appeared and ate him.
The moral is: you need to sit high to do nothing!

If you are seeking an answer to the question, does maternity leave and work, opportunities to do nothing you don’t already have. Do we understand it correctly?

Modern moms are lucky – to their services online, where you can find jobs for women on maternity leave. We have been told on the website in the article “How to make money in the decree?” about how to work remotely in the decree and what are the benefits of this work.

Today we will talk about whether it is possible to combine maternity leave and additional work. Can I work and keep the allowance, which the government pays the mother for child care? As during maternity leave to develop more specialized and even try to start their own business?

Maternity leave and work part-time

Young mothers who have the opportunity to leave the child for a few hours with someone at home, wondering whether to be in the decree as to the place of work while working for another employer without losing payments for a child and receiving a salary?

According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation (article 256), if a woman, being on maternity leave, returned to work part time, it will get the location from the state child allowance and receive wages.

In addition, the Labour code does not focuses on the fact whether decrescita from the principal employer or found a job on maternity leave part-time.

Moreover, the woman has every right not to inform her employer that she works part-time. Also in the workbook can be recorded that the woman works part-time or this entry can be omitted – all on request.

Concurrent employment during the decree: nuances

Work part-time during maternity leave is a great chance for those women who have a possibility with someone to leave the baby.

If you are a valuable specialist, the employer will happily take you to work part-time.

Employment contract

All work part-time on maternity leave should specify in the employment contract, which will clearly set the terms of the contract and work features. Mainly specify the following points:

  • Reduced the number of hours worked: there should be at least twice less than the principal amount.

Whereby it is possible to reduce the amount of time worked?

  • The first option – reducing the number of hours worked per day (e.g. 8 and 4) or week (for teachers, for example, a maximum of 9 hours a week with 18-hour rate).
  • The second variant – decrease in the number of working days (3 days a week instead of 6).
    • The employer and the working mother by mutual consent establish the most convenient option for mothers in the decree in compliance with the basic requirements – reduction of working time in half from the norm. Salary mom on maternity leave, working part-time, receive according to the hours worked.
    • The agreement may be terminated in the event that if a position is operating in the decree, mother will claim the other person for whom the work will be the main.

    Thus, the concurrent employment (the principle of the incomplete working day), and maternity leave – a good opportunity to work and receive benefits.

    What specialties can be combined with maternity leave?

    • Cook;
    • Pharmacist;
    • Cleaner;
    • Teacher;
    • Housekeeper;
    • Nanny;

    Particularly relevant are those specialties in which the work can be done at home:

    • Hairdresser;
    • Designer;
    • Photographer and photo processor;
    • Accountant;
    • Massage therapist;
    • Tutor;
    • Seamstress;
    • Translator and others.

    A working mom and breastfeeding

    Even the issue of breast-feeding for working moms, stipulated in the Labour code.

    • Working mothers with children up to six years, have the right to interrupt work in order to feed the baby feeding (every 3 hours). The break time (30 minutes) is working. That is, working part-time is automatically reduced.
    • At the request of the mother the total amount of time for all day can be transferred at any time: you can start late and finish the work day earlier or increase the lunch break. All aspects stipulated in the Labour code.

    Labour exchange

    It is not necessary to disregard the state labor exchange. The idea that young moms, being in the decree, learned additional profession, supported by the state.

    • Developed a special nationwide social programs for re-training, training or professional development to women during maternity leave. And all of these program budget (training takes place at the expense of the state).
    • The same program provided a grant to start a business women, who until the decree was unemployed. After special courses, preparation of a business plan and other problems with the paper can be obtained from state seed capital to start their own business. It’s hard, but doable. If you have an idea for starting a business, then you can try. Don’t say it’s 100% a way to make money the mother in the decree, but you can try.

    Job search sites for moms in the decree

    You can also look for jobs for moms in the decree on special websites. Some of them are interesting suggestions.

    In a search engine and typing “work for moms in the decree” — by clicking on the link, you can see the following:

  • First, helpful information on how to organize your day mom in the decree, which combines child care and work (tips on time management);
  • Second, often on the sites of such a plan published ads about the free courses, workshops for those for whom relevant employment during maternity leave. You have the chance to do useful work even if not earning, then for the soul: dancing courses, languages, teaching marketing, computer courses, cooking and housework;
  • Thirdly, these sites published jobs for young mothers on maternity leave as for temporary work and permanent for the duration of maternity leave.
  • In General, with a strong desire to work in maternity leave there, you only need a little hard work and effort at the initial stage.

    When you earn a name and you build your own portfolio, work for moms on maternity leave will find you itself. It is quite possible that after the decree you will be “sitting high up in a tree” like a Crow in the parable told in the beginning of the article.

    Author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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