Mattress: choose a thin or topper?

A sweet dream with the awakening feelings of weakness – it happens only in commercials? Today women’s site “” talk about our favorite beds. And if you specifically – the choice of the mattress cover.

What is the mattress pad?

Purchase the mattress cover is particularly relevant solution for those who sleep on pillow-top mattresses, because this product can prolong the service life of expensive Foundation. The mattress topper will protect the mattress from dust and dirt provide the ideal from the hygienic point of view the conditions for a berth, will not allow the ingress of moisture and can even adjust the parameters of the base: to make it more hard or soft.

Economical buyers prefer mattress covers to cover the old mattresses. Then, “in case” will go thick and hard topper that will smooth out the bumps from protruding springs. By the way, popping up and then the springs got tired and by the manufacturers of mattresses. For example, Bliss has even released a series springless versions, and the structure of such products is formed due to the number of layers of fillers. If a part – coir, mattresses harder, and if the latex is softer.

The characteristics of the composition

Classic mattress covers are single layer, but in the sale you can meet and 3-ply options. The outer layers are made from natural fabrics – bamboo, jacquard, cotton, silk. Sometimes the course is modern synthetics, for example, polycotton. This material is hypoallergenic.

“Layer” can serve as natural, and artificial materials:

  • felt, wool, natural latex, coconut coir (by the way, good in the heat, as it has a cooling effect and is excellently ventilated);
  • hollofayber, struttofiber, polyurethane foam, foam with “memory effect” memory foam curves of the body.

Function of the small toppers

  • Classic products will protect the base from scuffs, dirt. As a rule, they are made from natural fabrics or synthetics. Look like sheets of high density. At the base they are attached corner elastic bands or elastic bands. Extend the life of mattresses.
  • Waterproof. In the composition there is a special membrane restricting the ingress of moisture into the bed further. These options are good for kids, bedridden patients, the elderly.
  • Antibacterial. The choice of those who are allergic to dust. The impregnation with antibacterial properties. Due to this, the sleeper is protected from dust mites, fungus, bacteria and mold.

When it is better to choose the toppers?

Toppers is a thick mattress toppers are also distinguished by their characteristics.

  • Orthopedic model. Sometimes the doctor recommends you buy a mattress, but the stiffness of his still not sleep uncomfortable. The time frame in which you can take this expensive goods are gone, what to do? Many people choose toppers for adjustment of stiffness of the mattress.
  • Wool toppers. Good in osteochondrosis, radiculitis, and joint pathologies. They are able to improve the condition of the nervous system, the functioning of blood, to facilitate overall well-being, soothe the nerves and give the desired muscle relaxation. The material of such products is from lanolin is sheep fat, providing a revitalizing effect. However want to give a warning to Allergy sufferers: sometimes wool mattress covers can provoke severe allergic reactions.

Mattresses and beds differ very much, especially today, when diversity leads to a real headache: what to choose – a mystery! But manufacturers models toppers “does not disappoint”. So many of them! Left to find your.

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