Means for growth of eyelashes at home

Whether means exist for the growth of eyelashes at home? How to use them? How to improve eyelashes fast? Tell about it in our review.

There is little doubt that a folk remedy most effective in the care for the lashes. They are safe, but because they can be used without risk to the health of the eye. They are effective, as evidenced by the feedback, not only women, but also professional beauticians. What home remedies for eyelash growth use, we’ll talk more.

Tips for using oils

Neither will provide much care, as the oil for eyelashes, the home will suit any natural, even sunflower. Features of the impact of the oil lies in their composition. They have a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids that nourish the skin of the eyelids. And also contains vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth.

There are among the natural oils and Champions on the content of a component. That is why cosmetologists recommend to choose the tool depending on the problem. So to stimulate hair growth used almond and peach oil. To strengthen eyelashes, you must choose the castor.

Universal tool for comprehensive recovery is burdock oil, growth stimulating, and eliminates the problem of loss of hairs. But olive better than the rest takes care of eyelid skin, gently softens and moisturizes it, nourishes the necessary substances for the growth of eyelashes.

The use of any oil includes several requirements.

  • With a brush apply blush — use a clean brush from an old prismatica.
  • Apply warm, so the tool works better.
  • Do not leave at night — you should hold the tool for an hour and remove with a tissue.
  • Apply only on clean lashes after removing makeup.
  • Do the procedure daily, from the periodicity depends largely on the result.
  • Spend the rate for 30 days is the minimum term for the recovery of the hairs.

Almost every folk remedy for the growth of eyelashes is made on the basis of a particular oil. To the base component, add other useful natural substances that enhance the effectiveness of the composition.5 recipes of masks

To make a mask for the growth of eyelashes at home every day is not necessary. Such compositions are applied 2 times per week, in addition to the basic care of the selected oil. Effective following means.

  • Castor oil mixed with sea buckthorn oil, rose hips, carrot juice and oil with vitamin A. This combination stimulates hair growth.
  • Castor oil with black tea in equal proportions. Allows to get the rich dark color of the cilia, causing them to look longer.
  • A mixture of 3 types of oils: castor, olive and almond (peach). Such masks for eyelashes at home provide comprehensive care for the hairs and skin of the eyelids. With regular use, return the hairs health, accelerate their growth, make skin tender, remove fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The selected oil with vitamins. Useful oil vitamins to strengthen the eyelashes. For this ideal beauty vitamins A and E, which can be purchased in gelatin capsules. Instead of ingestion open capsule and add a few drops of oil. Apply the mask for half an hour and before you remove massage your eyelids.
  • Oil and parsley juice. The simplest mask for the growth of eyelashes at home reviews, which confirm its effectiveness. You can use both olive or almond, and conventional sunflower oil. It should add parsley juice, or aloe. This mixture should be applied on the eyelids for 15 minutes, massage and rinse with warm water.
  • Recommendations cosmetologists

    Recommend to use not only folk remedies for eyelash growth at home, but also to listen to the advice of beauticians to care for them.

    • Don’t forget about the medicinal herbs. They tone the skin, eliminate inflammation of the eyelids, toxins, making lashes grow faster and updated. So useful extracts of sage, chamomile flowers and cornflowers. Perfectly renews skin tone and age of a black tea. Brew useful plants, allow broth to infuse. Then make a compress: dip a cotton swab and apply to eyelids. After 15 minutes, remove the swab and lubricate the cilia uhodom oil.
    • Care for centuries. Only a healthy skin without swelling can well nourish hair. Therefore, regularly take care of it with the help of folk remedies. Remove the swelling will help quick mask of cucumber or potato, which should be used raw.
    • Eat right. During the year, do not forget about a balanced, rich in vitamins nutrition. And in the winter in the diet include vitamin complexes. Your lashes need vitamins A and E, and vitamins of group B.

    And finally, don’t forget to give your lashes a rest. Once a week, for example, this weekend, paint them with ink. It is better to make caring a mask and tonic compress.

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