Mediterranean style in the interior

Female site being a fan of all the original and interesting thing in the world, have repeatedly written about various styles in interior design, for example, on the majestic English, Scandinavian rational. And now we offer you to join us back in the Sunny summer days and dive into a warm and colorful atmosphere of the Mediterranean! Tuscan, or as it is called, the Mediterranean style in the interior – it’s what we ready today tell!

What is it, Mediterranean style in the interior?

The basic idea of the Mediterranean style to create an atmosphere of peaceful tranquility and comfort. The founders of the style were Italy and Greece where the situation of the house is largely predetermined by climate and traditions.

Naturalness, restraint and even a certain simplicity and naivety are traits that distinguish the Mediterranean interior. He does not aspire to pretentiousness and excessive luxury, but with the right design can look elegant and even aristocratic. Convenience and functionality when it has not been canceled.


The main finishing materials – natural stone and wood, however, with them main thing is not to overdo it, and use only as decorative elements.

As in coastal homes, floor in all rooms paved with water-resistant tile (usually beige or terracotta) or mosaic. Mediterranean style in home interior in Russian conditions we recommend adding “warm” floors, laid under the tiles.

As for the tiles on the walls, mosaics or decorative panels to decorate the bathroom, balcony or kitchen. Very elegant and original kitchen “apron” looks tile with Tuscan types or still life with traditional food.

Hardwood floors are also acceptable, but color and texture should be as neutral as possible, because the main emphasis in the interior is on the walls. They have a lot of arched openings (doors, Windows), many of which are faux murals and lighting.

If you allow the height, the ceiling is constructed with wooden beams. Stairs and balconies are decorated with delicate wrought iron. Walls covered with textured plaster.

Mediterranean style in your interior will be recognizable especially if you put flowering exotic plants in large ceramic pots. While traveling, you probably noticed that the inhabitants of Italy and Greece with love to decorate their homes with flowers: put them on the porch, the windowsills, the stairs, on the roofs and everywhere, with plenty of space and sunlight.

What colors you can use in creating a Mediterranean (Italian) style in the interior?

Here your imagination is limited only by nature itself. Strive to ensure that shades were the most natural, no toxic and synthetic colors.

Use all shades of blue and turquoise as a reminder of the sea, cream, ochre, terracotta, olive green– symbolizing the stone, sand and southern plants. If you tend more to the Greek colours, you can use pink, raspberry, mellow yellow, cobalt blue.

Do not forget about the important traditions of the Mediterranean style in local interior: in their homes, the Italians and Greeks are prominently placed national decorative items – ceramic vases, dishes, wall plates, assorted sea shells, Murano glass, paintings with views of the sea.

Decorative bottles of olive oil, set of spices, a rack of wine bottles adorn the kitchen.

Textiles must necessarily be natural (cotton, linen, wool), preferably handmade, ethnic elements and embroidery. However, it is better not to abuse, because the Maritime climate, the idea, implies a high humidity.

To finally impress guests Mediterranean style traditional city apartment interior design – decorate a balcony. Put wicker furniture or hanging chair egg canopy, ornamental street lanterns, flower pots.

And the last tip! Before you actually going to create Mediterranean style in your home interiors, try first to go on vacation to fully migrate in a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere with its light sea breezes caressing the warm sun.

Team women’s website sincerely believes that the appeal to the original source always brings inspiration and creative ideas! And don’t forget to call us for company! ?

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