Mesotherapy for hair reviews, effectiveness, contraindications

To stop hair loss by conventional means is often impossible. No shampoos and masks can not cope with the disease, if the cause lies within the body. Poor circulation to the tissues of the scalp, seborrhea, absence of sufficient nutrients are the main stimulants of alopecia (hair loss, baldness). And eliminate them can mesotherapy for hair, reviews on the procedure to confirm its effectiveness.

Mesotherapy is a procedure for injection administration into the body of therapeutic drugs consisting of a set of nutrients. Most “cocktails” include vitamins, amino acids, trace elements that stimulate the metabolic processes and solve problems through direct action of their hearth. According to this principle works the mesotherapy for weight loss for face for hair.

Indications and contraindications of mesotherapy for hair

The indication for a course of mesotherapy is not only hair loss (although with this problem often turn to trichologists). The procedure demonstrates the efficacy in such diseases:

  • ringworm (or alopecia areata);
  • seborrhea (excessive oiliness of the scalp);
  • weak, thinning hair, split ends;
  • dandruff and itchy scalp.

This should take into account that hair mesotherapy is able to eliminate problems that are directly in the scalp. If the cause intense the loss of hair has become hormonal failure (which often happens in pregnant women and lactating young mothers), high stress, or chronic disease (e.g. diabetes), the procedure will not give a noticeable effect.

A contraindication to the use sessions are:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual allergic to the components of “cocktail”;
  • cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, cholelithiasis;
  • blood disorders, including clotting disorders;
  • inflammatory processes in the skin, infections viral, bacterial, fungal characters.

Features of mesotherapy for hair

Reviews on mesotherapy for hair highlight some of its features.

  • Soreness. Injections into the scalp to a depth of 1.5-4 mm and at intervals of 1-1,5 see Despite the fact that the procedure uses a thin needle, it would still hurt. So just tune in to the discomfort. Some cosmetic clinics offer a local anesthetic in a cream. But according to most women who have tried the method on himself, it is ineffective.
  • The intensity of the course. Visit one treatment of mesotherapy and wait for a miracle does not make sense. You need to complete a full course of treatment, which usually involves 8 treatments. The first 4 runs each week, the remaining 4 — 1 time in 2 weeks. In the future, as a maintenance therapy should visit a beautician once a month 1 to administer medications.
  • Effectiveness of mesotherapy for hair reviews confirm that after completion of the course, the hair loss stops and activates their growth and improves appearance. The hair acquires strength, healthy Shine and improves condition of the scalp.
  • The period of rehabilitation. The result will be noticeable immediately. According to cosmetologists, the maximum effect of the course is evident within 6 months. The beginning of the recovery there after 1 month.

Technology the procedure

The preliminary step of treatment should be to consult trichologist or cosmetologist, which will clarify the cause of the problem and recommend the drug for injection. Currently there are 5 types of therapeutic “cocktails”: some action aimed at improving the tone of the vessels of the head, others stimulate hair follicles, and others reduce inflammation and nourish the skin with vitamins, trace elements.

Before the procedure you must follow several rules:

Individual selection of drugs, and the particulars of their injections completely eliminate mesotherapy for hair at home. As with any drug, vitamin cocktail if used improperly, can harm the health.

  • eliminate the use of aspirin or ibuprofen for 7 days prior to session;
  • to hold allergodil on the components of the composition — up to 1 day before the session;
  • treating the scalp with an antiseptic before injections.

Session time is from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the size of the treatment area. Injections can be performed with a disposable syringe or medical gun. If acupuncture is too palpable, ask the doctor to change the needle. After the procedure the skin is treated with alcoholic solution.

Within 2 days of touching the skin of the head will be painful, may be visible redness, and rarely bruising. You should also observe safety precautions:

  • not to undergo other medical procedures — immediately after the session;
  • not to wash my hair and take a shower within 12 hours after the procedure;
  • no sunbathing for 2 days.

Will there be effective if compliance with these requirements mesotherapy for hair? Reviews suggest that will. It is extremely important to find an experienced professional cosmetologist and follow its recommendations.

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