Mesotherapy for hair reviews, pros and cons, effects and possible consequences of use of drugs, contraindications

The hair is called the indicator of internal processes in the organism, as well as the person’s lifestyle. Add to that bad ecology, solar radiation, severe cold. Thus, the hair is subjected to continuous comprehensive attack, the consequences of which are loss of hair, growth retardation, cross section, fragility, dandruff and early graying. If the curls are, will help them “shots”. Reviews on mesotherapy for hair growth allow you to evaluate the results and possible risks of the procedure.

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The content of the article

  • 1 the Essence of the procedure
    • 1.1 How it works: 5 steps
    • 1.2 3 the method of administration of a cocktail
  • 2 preparing for the session and rehabilitation after him
    • 3 rule 2.1 of the preliminary stage
    • 2.2 6 taboo after the “shots”
  • 3 Treatment of the main types of baldness
  • 4 Contraindications
  • 5 Arguments “for” and “against”
    • 5.1 Advantages
    • 5.2 Disadvantages
  • 6 Reviews on mesotherapy for hair growth: “Even 3 sessions the effect was stunning”

A balanced diet, daily eight hours of sleep, quality of care – all it takes to maintain the beauty and health of hair. But, sometimes, the basic measures are not enough. Hair treatment mesotherapy are shown in the following cases:

  • the absence of gloss;
  • breakage and cross-section;
  • strong hair loss;
  • increased oiliness or excessive dryness;
  • dandruff;
  • stunted growth;
  • early graying of hair;
  • psoriasis;
  • ringworm;
  • preparing for hair transplant.

The essence of the procedure

Mesotherapy of the scalp is an injection procedure in which under the skin are small doses of drugs, promotes healing of hair. Optimal insertion depth is 3-4 mm. It allows to deliver nutrients directly to the hair follicles and to achieve an instant reaction.

As it happens: 5 stages

Mesotherapy for hair growth does not require any special techniques. All that is required of expert – level skills with a syringe and the ability to insert the needle to the desired depth. The procedure includes five steps.

  • Consultation. The first thing the specialist examines the health of the scalp. Usually do a scraping of the skin. It is important that you told not only about the main problem, but also about violations in the body, if any. On this basis, the optimal composition of mezokokteyl.
  • Allergic test. The day before the procedure, the specialist needs to do a test on tolerability of drugs for mesotherapy.
  • Disinfection. Before operating the scalp treated with an alcohol or chlorhexidine.
  • Injection. With the help of fine needles specialist makes a lot of punctures of the skin, accompanied by injection of a cocktail.
  • Re-disinfection. The treated surface is again wiped with an antiseptic to prevent the penetration of germs into the puncture.
  • Mesotherapy hair loss, typically, does not require anesthesia, as it is considered that the fine needles cause minimal discomfort. Moreover, anesthetics may weaken the effect of mezokokteyl. In extreme cases the possible treatment is lidocaine.3 the method of administration of a cocktail

    During the procedure, it is important to deliver the drug to the desired depth, a minimal damage to tissue. At the moment the most common three ways.

  • Injection manually. Performed using a syringe with a mild course and with the finest needle for micro-injection. This procedure is the most lengthy (30-60 minutes), but the least painful. Distinct discomfort is felt only in the sensitive areas at the nape and near the ears.
  • Gun. The specialist uses a semi-automatic device, which significantly reduces the time spent on the procedure. But the pain worse. Besides, trichologists say that this method is very traumatic for the skin and hair follicles. So the masters, not possessing special knowledge and skills, gun use is not worth it.
  • The dermaroller. This hand-held device consisting of a handle and roller, to which is attached a plurality of thin needles. The principle of operation is that first applied to the skin the drug, and then a lot of punctures through which it needs to get inside. As a rule, with a “roller” is mesotherapy for hair at home. The procedure is quick, but quite painful.
  • We should also highlight fractional mesotherapy at which a drug penetrates the skin without puncture. Cocktail first applied on the epidermis, after which the treated surface is exposed to the laser device.Preparing for the session and rehabilitation after him

    Effectiveness of mesotherapy for hair loss depends not only on professionalism of the master quality drugs, but also from your responsible approach to the procedure. You must pay enough attention to preparing for the session and to take precautions after it.

    3 rules of the preliminary stage

    The course of mesotherapy for hair growth must be carefully prepared. There are three main rules.

  • No aspirin. A week before the scheduled procedure, refrain from taking aspirin and other medications that thin the blood.
  • Refrain from styling products. A few days before mesotherapy eliminate the use of lacquers, foams and gels. They clog the pores of the scalp and may enter into undesirable interaction with components of mezokokteyl.
  • Wash your head. It is better to use shampoo without sulfates and silicones. Wash your tresses carefully, because the first couple of days after your session and hygiene procedures will be banned.
  • Before going for mesotherapy, be sure to visit a trichologist and other specialists to determine the true causes of hair loss. If it is caused by some internal problems in the body, mesotherapy will be useless without comprehensive treatment.6 taboo after the “shots”

    After completion of the procedure on the scalp remains many small wounds from punctures. Their healing will take some time. During this period, there are six strict taboo.

  • Don’t wash your hair. A couple days after the procedure, you will have to walk around with dirty hair. Exposure to water and detergents can reduce the effectiveness of treatments and slow healing.
  • Do not sunbathe. At least two days refrain from walking under the scorching sun and trips to the Solarium. This will lead to moisture evaporation from the skin and, consequently, to the deceleration regeneration.
  • Do not swim. The first eight hours after your session, please refrain from bathing in a hot bath or shower. Let the punctures well places to dry.
  • Do not go to the bath, the sauna or the pool. For at least a week should refuse to visit such places. As a rule, where there is a lot of people, there are many bacteria and fungi. They easily penetrate damaged tissues punctures.
  • Don’t do massage. While the puncture won’t heal properly, the mechanical effect is contraindicated. Otherwise, the regeneration process will be delayed.
  • Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol provokes vasodilation. It may have a negative impact on the overall results of the procedure.
  • Treatment of the main types of baldness

    There is no universal drug that can cope with all the problems of the hair and to heal all kinds of alopecia. Each problem needs an individual approach. The following table contains information about the main types of baldness and the means for their treatment.

    Table – the Main types of baldness, and drugs

    The problemSignsTools
    Diffuse alopecia– The hair falls out evenly over the entire area of the head;
    – after a while you begin to grow a new hair;
    hair loss has a specific cause (e.g., stress, starvation, medications, climate change);
    – hair loss is seasonal
    – Vitamin A;
    – vitamin E;
    – b vitamins;
    – “Ginkgo biloba”;
    – “Pentoxifylline”;
    – peptides;
    – antioxidants
    Alopecia areata– Hair falls out unevenly;
    – the formation of pronounced bald spots;
    – receding hairline are rounded and do not merge with each other;
    – on the affected area for a long time can be maintained down
    “Diprospan” (has many side effects, so the hypodermic injection can be replaced by intramuscular injection)
    Postpartum alopecia– Hair loss does not stop for more than a year since the birth;
    – noticeable reduction of density;
    – there is no growth of new hair;
    – there receding hairline
    Same as with diffuse alopecia
    Androgenic alopeciaHair loss is noticeable mainly at the crown and in the temporal region;
    – there is a pronounced receding hairline;
    – the partings become wider;
    – not observed new hair growth
    – Antiandrogens;
    – “Minoxidil”
    Traction alopecia– The hair falls out due to mechanical impact;
    – affects those areas that have the greatest burden (elastics, headbands, barrettes, etc.);
    – pain in the root region
    – “Finasteride”;
    – zinc;
    – copper peptides

    Women and men mesotherapy acts differently. Thanks to estrogen, women can hope to restore hair. Men are able to stop hair loss, but new growth should be expected.Contraindications

    Unfortunately, beauty injections for hair is not available to all. Between beauty and health you should always choose health. Remember eight major contraindications to mesotherapy for the hair.

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Mezokokteyl into the blood, which leads to its spread throughout the body. It may have a negative impact on the health of the child.
  • Individual intolerance. Before the procedure, the specialist should do an Allergy test.
  • Cancer. Part of mezokokteyley usually includes drugs that stimulate the process of cell division. This can lead to growth of tumors.
  • The critical days. During menstruation the pain threshold decreases, and the discomfort from the procedure significantly enhanced.
  • Fungal and inflammatory diseases of the scalp. Compromising the integrity of the skin, you will contribute to the extension of the area affected.
  • Poor blood clotting. If the vascular injury appears the risk of bleeding.
  • Diabetes. Some drugs can adversely affect the health of the patient.
  • Medication. Be sure to tell the technician what medicines you take. They may not be compatible with components of mezokokteyl.
  • Arguments “for” and “against”

    Before you decide to mesotherapy, it is important to examine the pros and cons of the procedure. She has both supporters and opponents. The views of both parties worthy of attention.


    The main advantage is that only with the help of injections to deliver nutrients directly to the hair follicles. No shampoos, no conditioners, no masks, no the most expensive serums do not provide this effect. There are three more plus.

  • Time savings. On average, a session lasts 40 minutes with a frequency of one to two times a week. And all sorts of lotions and balms are applied on a daily basis or even several times a day. Do not forget about pills and other drugs that need to be taken on schedule.
  • The additional stimulation. Violation of the integrity of the skin leads to activation of regeneration processes. It additionally stimulates the hair follicles.
  • Local impact. The drug acts exactly where necessary. No risk of eating disorders, as is the case with the pill. The tool also does not fall on the face and other parts of the body, as happens in the case of lotions and balms.
  • Usually, the hair comes alive and starts to look better after the first session. But the first significant results can be noticed not earlier than a month. To evaluate the effect of mesotherapy in full measure (growth, plant density, new hair) approximately six months after completing the course.


    There is always a risk of lack of effect. No one can guarantee that mesotherapy will save you from hair loss and the money will not be wasted. This still at least three problems may await you on your way to luxurious hair.

  • Soreness. Puncture of the scalp – a procedure not from pleasant. Moreover, if these piercings many. Someone the pain seem bearable, and someone compares them to the torture. All depends on the individual threshold of sensitivity, professionalism of the master and composition of the drug.
  • Possible negative consequences. After the session, as a rule, there is swelling of the skin, and place puncture some time remain painful. Also discomfort deliver the bruises, peel and itch.
  • High cost. Mesotherapy is not a cheap pleasure. Quality products are expensive, and need a lot of sessions (up to 20). The full course is a serious blow to the budget.
  • Pain depends not only on the way of skin puncture, but also from the drugs used. Usually the most discomfort causes the introduction of the cocktails, which include ascorbic acid or vitamin B2.

    During the procedure, it is important to trust the specialist. But we should not absolve themselves of responsibility. Watch over the observance of sanitary conditions. Demand that gloves, syringes and drugs for mesotherapy hair was revealed. Interested in the origin, composition and shelf life of the funds. Also ask the wizard to during procedures periodic replacement of the needle. After eight perforations, the tip begins to blunt, making the session more painful.

    Reviews on mesotherapy for hair growth: “Even 3 sessions the effect was stunning”

    I had very big problems with the hair. Much fell straight to his bald head was just beginning to rise, and again fell. I went to a trichologist, she advised a course of mesotherapy 3-5 times. 1 session — 3000 RUB, I agreed. Vitabile only 3 times. Very sorry, I said it was due to low pain threshold, who is sitting quietly… Even 3 sessions the effect was stunning!!!! Hair stopped falling out, started to grow quickly!!!! All licence quickly overgrown. But + to therapy, I changed my shampoo to “sulphate”. I was told by the doctor-triholog that mesotherapy you need to do 10 sessions 1 time per year, and then you will have amazing hair.

    Olga Malakhova,

    The dermatologist was diagnosed with diffuse alopecia, which must be the bangs, I had straight billiard ball hair out with incredible force, advised mezo to do, have done 10 sessions of hair to go stop..hope that soon I zarastet, cosmetologist says that the new is already starting to grow, offers in addition to meso to do PRP…so I think now))


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