Metabolism: what is, how to improve at home, foods and exercises

Metabolism is a complex concept, involving complex biochemical processes in the body. Conditionally this process can be divided into anabolism and catabolism. The first process involves the decomposition of substances into more simple and the second is the formation of new chemical compounds. From the normal course of metabolic processes depends largely on the health, emotional state and appearance of a person. It is the latter factor often causes people to think about the acceleration of metabolism.

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The content of the article

  • 1. What is metabolism
    • 1.1 Key factors
    • 1.2 3 myths and their debunking
  • 2 Motor activity
    • 2.1 Everyday tips
    • 2.2 5 exercises
  • 3 Food
    • 3.1 Products-activators
    • 3.2 3 recipe smoothie
    • 3.3 About the mode of eating
  • 4 6 rules good metabolism

Calorie consumption may differ significantly depending on the time of day, activity, and biological rhythms of the person. In this regard, metabolism can be divided into five categories.

  • The basal level. The rate of metabolism at rest or during sleep. Energy is spent only on breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation and brain work.
  • The main exchange.The minimum energy consumption to maintain the normal functioning of the body. It accounts for up to 75% of the calories entering the body with food.
  • Thermic effect of digestion. Is 10% of the total volume of energy consumed. Is spent for processing food. This indicator has the highest value in the morning for several hours after waking up. Therefore, Breakfast should account for the lion’s share of daily caloric intake (35%).
  • Thermic effect of exercise. The number of calories burned during sports training.
  • Exchange of daily activity. The energy burned during all physical activities except for sports training. This walking, and household chores, and mental work, and a static position.
  • What is the metabolism

    Normal operation of all body systems depends largely on the speed of metabolism. The activity of each internal organ is accompanied by energy consumption, so resources must be ingested regularly, and be spent uninterrupted.

    Key factors

    To understand how to speed up your metabolism, you need to understand what factors influence it. It is necessary to highlight nine key points.

  • Age. The older the person becomes, the slower consumed calories entering the body. That is why the vast majority of older people suffering from excess weight.
  • Muscle mass. Muscle growth is accompanied by enhanced energy expenditure.
  • The parameters of the body. A person with a large physique calorie consumption more than people with miniature settings. According to statistics, undersized men are more likely to suffer from obesity than high.
  • The temperature of the air. Being in the cold, the body uses more energy to maintain normal functioning.
  • A way of life. The more active a person is, the more energy it requires during the day. It is not only about physical activity but also mental activity.
  • The food culture. The main source of energy for the body is food. Depending on the quality and frequency of admission, the rate of metabolism can vary significantly.
  • Genetics. As a rule, children inherit the metabolic rate from our parents. The figure may vary by about 10%.
  • Hormones. Deviations can cause slowing of the metabolism and, as consequence, increase of body weight. First of all, it relates to thyroid hormones and the reproductive system.
  • Paul. Women, unlike men, the body is more prone to accumulation of resources. That is why women often face the problem of excess weight.
  • According to statistics, only 2% of all cases of metabolic disorders have hormonal nature. The remaining 98% are caused by unhealthy lifestyle and hereditary factors.3 myths and their debunking

    Around the specifics of metabolic processes have created many myths. The most widely three misconceptions that have no basis.

  • Fasting promotes weight loss. Indeed, the first few days you will be rapidly losing weight. But as you return to normal diet, weight will rise twice as fast. Besides a tough diet is the right way to anorexia and bulimia.
  • Lazy stomach is a bad metabolism. Don’t confuse digestion with metabolic processes. If you feel that your stomach slowly digests the food, it is enough to adjust the diet towards lighter products.
  • You cannot change the speed of metabolism. In most cases, people can shake up the metabolism. It is enough just to eat right and move more.
  • Interestingly, regular physical activity lead to increase metabolism not only during your activity but also in a passive state. So, if within six months to pay the exercise for ten minutes three times a week, calorie consumption at rest, will increase by almost 8%.Motor activity

    To increase physical activity is the surest way to improve metabolism. The fact is that any gesture is accompanied by a calorie consumption. Therefore, to begin to deal with stagnation need in this direction.

    Everyday tips

    The phrase “physical activity” in most people is associated with a gym. In fact, this concept combines any physical activity during the day. It is necessary to highlight four tips how to overclock the metabolism at home.

  • More often go on foot. Possible, refrain from public transport and lifts. In between work you have to pace. In his spare time do not miss the opportunity to get some fresh air.
  • Do chores around the house. Make it a rule every weekend to arrange General cleaning. Or distribute the processes evenly on all week.
  • Move without moving. If you have to sit a lot, provide at least minimal activity. For example, tap fingers on the table, shake your leg, turn the head.
  • Work standing up. Write, type, read, watch TV, cook — do all in a standing position. This will allow you to spend almost 200 calories more than if you performed the same operation sitting.
  • The results depend in particular from the speed of the movements. Performing a particular job that periodically (every 40 minutes), increase the tempo, keeping it for approximately 40-60 seconds. Then gradually return to normal mode.5 exercises

    If you seriously aim to recover the metabolism, you can not do without training. In this regard, the most effective strength exercises and cardio. To accelerate metabolism can be reduced thanks to the five techniques. The number of repetitions from ten and above, depending on health.

  • Squats. Widely having placed feet and stretching his arms forward for balance, slowly squat and slowly return to starting position. Focusing back on the heel. People in good physical shape, you can squat with weights (e.g., dumbbells).
  • Push-UPS. Toes and palms rest on the floor, keeping the body smooth. Bending your elbows, Breasts pressed to the floor and come back. If your muscles are weak, exercise from the wall.
  • Press. Lying on your back, place your hands under your head, and bend your knees. Raising his head and shoulders, reach to the knees.
  • The rise of the case. Lying on stomach, extend hands forward. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, lift arms, head and body from the floor, marking the position for five seconds. Hips and legs should stay on the floor.
  • Running on the spot. Within three to five minutes run on the spot, working half-bent legs. If physical fitness allows, do the exercise while lifting knees as high as possible.
  • People suffering from lack of time, it is recommended that a four-minute TABATA complex, replacing a full hour session For four minutes to perform the exercises in the most rapid pace. Activity for 20 seconds alternated with 10-second breaks. Contraindication — diseases of the heart and blood vessels.Food

    To lose weight and improve health, do not set a rigid framework in the diet. Just adjust the menu with the amendment to healthy food.


    Products, accelerating the metabolism, certainly present in your menu. Just now they should be the basis of the ration, not an addition to it. Isolated nine key activators.

  • Coffee and green tea. These beverages have a high content of caffeine, which is, in turn, can increase the rate of metabolism to 11%.
  • Whole wheat bread. The absorption of such a product requires a lot of energy. Besides, it contains many micronutrients and dietary fiber.
  • Red beans. Vitamins b speed up the biochemical processes in the body, and zinc is involved in the formation of muscle fibers. Also the product has a positive effect on the intestines.
  • Poultry. This is the main source of protein, which, in turn, acts as a building material for muscles.
  • Seafood. Inhibit the synthesis of leptin. This hormone plays a key role in the formation of adipose tissue.
  • Citrus. Ascorbic acid contained in fruits, stimulates the digestion and has a fat burning effect. Citrus tends to neutralize the cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.
  • The fruits and vegetables. This is a valuable source of vitamins. But most importantly, fruits are an essential source of fiber that naturally cleanses the body.
  • Spices. Hot pepper, ginger, cinnamon and other spices warm the body from the inside, forcing his system to work faster.
  • Dairy products. Saturate the body with calcium, which, in turn, acts as a catalyst for the process of breakdown of fats.
  • The basis of the diet should be protein foods. And all because of its processing of the body spends twice more energy than fats and carbohydrates. Daily rate — 2 g of protein for every 1 kg of body weight.3 recipe smoothie

    Smoothies are perfect for Breakfast or snack that will help satisfy your hunger, not stuffing the stomach, and to normalize metabolism. Just perebeyte all ingredients in a blender until smooth. The table lists three recipes for those who want to lose weight, build muscle mass and to disperse the metabolism.

    Table — Recipes smoothies for the metabolism

    To start metabolismFor muscle growthFor weight loss
    — A glass of low-fat milk;
    — 4 tablespoons of oatmeal;
    — large ripe banana;
    — 10 strawberries (fresh and frozen);
    — half a teaspoon of vanilla extract;
    — tablespoon of honey
    — Half Cup of plain yogurt;
    — the same low-fat milk;
    — 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese;
    — large ripe banana;
    — tablespoon of honey;
    — 3 tablespoons of oatmeal;
    — a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon
    — A glass of water;
    the same pitted cherries;
    — large ripe banana (pre-frozen);
    — tablespoon of honey;
    — teaspoon of cinnamon;
    — half teaspoon of nutmeg

    About the mode of eating

    Ignoring the rules of healthy nutrition, the person themselves is causing himself harm. It is important not only diet, but also the mode of consumption of food. Six tips will help to regulate metabolic processes.

  • The rejection of a low-calorie diet. You need to consume as many calories as requests the body. If he within several days will feel a shortage of energy, aktiviziruyutsya “economy mode”. The body will reduce energy costs and to accumulate resources in the form of fat deposits.
  • Shorten breaks between meals. Do not let your body feel the hunger. Even if you do not get a full meal, provide at least a small snack. If you leave the body without food for five hours or more, the metabolism will slow to conserve energy resources.
  • Do not neglect Breakfast.Exactly the morning meal sets the tone for the exchange processes and the whole organism, and therefore should have a high carbohydrate content. Besides, the food eaten in the morning, is absorbed best.
  • Eat and drink cold. If the product doesn’t lose palatability, being cold, no need to heat it. So you will force the body to spend more energy on processing food.
  • Drink liquid.This is best done before eating. First, the water will start the digestive process. Second, the liquid partially fills the stomach, reducing the feeling of hunger.
  • Eat at the same time. Messy food is a stress to the body. Not having a clear schedule for the receipt of food, metabolism begins to operate in the accumulation mode.
  • If you still prefer to stick to the diet once a week allow yourself to deviate from the set diet and eat more high-calorie foods. Thus, you will not allow the metabolism to go into “power saving mode”, in connection with insufficient intake of nutrients.

    6 rules good metabolism

    A quick metabolism is the result of the whole complex of measures concerning nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle. As to the last point, observe six rules.

  • Get enough sleep. Constant sleep deprivation may lead not only to chronic fatigue, but also metabolic disorders. If within five days you will sleep at least seven to eight hours, the rate of metabolism will fall by 5%. This is not the limit. Remember that adequate sleep is especially important. The optimal time from 23:00 to 7:00.
  • Don’t be nervous. In a state of nervous tension the body synthesizes cortisol. It is the hormone that destroys muscle tissue. In addition, stress increases the appetite.
  • Do not take questionable drugs. Examine reviews of doctors, you will realize that there are no medicines or nutritional Supplements, is able to normalize the metabolism without any extra efforts. Moreover, they can further slow the metabolism.
  • Do the massage. The procedure tones the body and accelerates blood circulation. It is not only about occupational therapy, but also about self-massage.
  • Take a contrast shower. Change the water temperature every 30 seconds. At the end of the procedure well RUB a rough towel.
  • Spend aromatherapy. If you are allergic daily for 15-20 minutes include aroma lamp with esters of orange, cypress, rosemary, cinnamon, grapefruit or juniper. Inhaling fumes, you increase blood circulation, accelerate lymph flow and eliminate stagnant processes.
  • Scientists have found that laughter increases the production of body heat. Thus, ten minutes of laughter a day will greatly enhance the effectiveness of diets and workouts.

    After 20 years all people without exception, the metabolism begins to slow down. This is due to the completion of the active growth stage of the cells and a decrease in physical activity. In addition, the cell mass of internal organs gradually decreases, which reduces the energy consumption for maintaining their livelihoods. If you want for many years to keep the harmony and well-being, you should do everything possible to speed up the metabolism in the body for weight loss.

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