Microwave oven harmful to health?

Such household appliance as a microwave can be found today in almost any kitchen. We all benefit daily from a microwave, though, and heard that it may be harmful to health.

Is it really so, let’s deal.

Harmful microwave?

Opponents of microwave ovens advise against the use of this household appliance on the basis of two theses.

  • First, the radiation of this household appliance can prove to be harmful for the next person.
  • Second, the microwave radiation leads to accumulation of TRANS fats in food, carcinogens and even radiation.
  • But when it comes about the harm of microwave ovens, truth and fiction too closely intertwined with each other.

    Harmful radiation

    Before deciding, microwave oven harmful or not, is to understand how it works.

    Heating food inside the oven is due to the fact that electromagnetic radiation causes a rapid oscillation of polar molecules. Including water molecules. The more intense fluctuation, the faster heats the appropriate product.

    This radiation provides heating only, that includes water. Are no exception and tissue of the human body. The man himself with this radiation does not feel, even though it has a definite effect on his body.

    Of course, it is only in the case that microwave radiation outside the oven. But, as a rule, this is not happening, because it stops the walls of the household appliance, which are designed to effectively screen the respective wave.

    That’s why the microwave can be considered safe for humans. But only if it is not damaged and its integrity is not violated. Otherwise, definitely microwave harmful to health.

    It is therefore important to monitor the serviceability and age of this appliance. Special attention should be given to the door, which is the weak point of the microwave and may eventually unravel and stop adjacent to the furnace body tight enough.

    That’s why experts recommend is at least a meter away from a working microwave.

    But people with pacemakers better to the microwave oven is not even close to suitable, as microwave radiation can really bring this device down.

    The accumulation in food of TRANS fats, carcinogens and radiation

    And if the previous thesis is partially justified, that the negative impact of microwave ovens to heat foods in it is nothing more than rumors. Carcinogens and spenders are formed only under the influence of very high temperature, which is achieved only in the process of cooking.

    As for radiation, it is the result of a very different kind of radiation.

    But warm up in the microwave products do not have time to lose they contained vitamins. And all thanks to the fact that cooking in a microwave oven leaves a record low time. Because in this situation the truth about using microwave ovens to scare not capable.

    Key myths about microwave ovens

    There are many myths and rumors associated with microwaves. And not always these rumors is true about the operation of microwave ovens. Female site sympaty.net offers you to get acquainted with the main ones.

    Myth # 1: microwave radiation changes the DNA inside the microwave products

    To change the molecular structure capable of ionizing radiation and microwaves are not. But to reheat food in plastic containers isn’t really worth it as poor quality under high temperatures becomes toxic.

    Myth # 2: Emission of the microwave oven causing the mutations

    Again, in order to cause mutations requires a strong ionizing radiation, which microwave not able. But constant exposure to direct microwave rays still can cause headaches, sleeplessness and even hair loss.

    Are they harmful to humans microwave? If Yes, microwave radiation, Yes.

    Myth # 3: Metal utensils inside the microwave may explode

    If you use metal utensils for microwave to explode it will not. But the appliance may be damaged. Since metal is a conductor, it creates a field that does not pass the appropriate radiation inward. This can cause the appearance of the discharge, which will break the stove.

    Thus, proper use of does a microwave totally safe for human health. But the key word in this situation is the word “competent”.

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

    Microwave oven harmful to health?

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